Part XXVIII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

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Women with wings

Part XXVIII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Bina, Jade, Montana

We're 28 issues deep and as the heat of summer hovers over the United States, we produce a series that is even hotter. This release includes a hooper, volleyball player and a jumper from the world of track and field.

These women are proving that they can fly on the court and in real life. As always, we present to you greatness and welcome you to enjoy the "Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness."

Montana Hagstrom

Starting her collegiate days at Bellevue College, Montana Hagstrom averaged 12.2 points per game, 3.9 assists, 3.4 rebounds and 3.6 steals. Her biggest game came when she scored 26 points in a win over Olympic College.

Hagstrom went on to compete with the Washington Huskies. As a walk-on she worked to get minutes on the court and had moments where she drained threes against PAC-12 foes such as USC, Oregon and Washington State.

Bina Njikam

Now a fitness instructor, Bina Njikam made a name for herself as a star volleyball player at Texas A&M-Commerce. During her career she and her teammates went to three NCAA Tournaments.

In 2018 she registered a career best 328 kills and 126 blocks. In 2019 she averaged a career best 2.46 kills per set. Her best match of that season was when she collected 23 kills in a four set win over Arkansas-Fort Smith.

These days her followers on Instagram can see her workout clips and photos that inspires them to keep pushing towards their fitness goals.

Jade Jordan

Jade Jordan is a jumper who competed with the UNC-Charlotte 49ers. She was one of the top jumpers in Conference USA. She earned her first collegiate win at the Liberty Elite Invitational in the triple jump during the 2018 indoor season. During the outdoor season she racked up a couple more wins before finishing third in the Conference USA championship meet in the triple jump final.

During the 2019 season Jordan won the long and triple jump for the first time at the same meet. At the Thundering Herd Invitational and Multi Events meet, Jordan was the star of both events. At the end of the indoor season she placed third in the long jump and fifth in triple jump.

Jordan is also a business woman where she also dabbles as a nail tech as featured on her Instagram page: @juicynailsbyjade.

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