Part XXII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

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Amazing works in progress, greatness ahead

Part XXII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Cierra, Dejane, Caitlin

"Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness" is now at 22 editions. For the hottest summer with the greatest obstacles that we as a global society have seen in all of our lives, it's important to continue to showcase productive and amazing people who are pushing through all of the troubles of the world.

These ladies are winners from within and we are honored to be able to share just a piece of their stories with the entire world. Here we go again, with the 22nd release of "Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness." The summer belongs to them.

Cierra Pyles

Cierra Pyles is only the third person that we have featured twice in this series. Prior to sitting out of the 2020 indoor season, she was a key contributor to the Ohio State women's track and field squad in 2019.

As a freshman, her fifth place triple jump finish contributed to the Buckeyes' Big Ten team championship at the outdoor conference meet in 2019. She also scored points for the Buckeyes when they won the indoor title with a seventh place spot in the triple jump.

Filled with spunk and personality the 2020-21 track season may be the time where Pyles outshines all competition in the Big Ten.


This fitness trainer takes pride as she says, "I help women shred." Her excellent physique is a walking and talking advertisement for those who don't believe. Dejane has a Q&A on her IGTV section. She answered questions from her near 20,000 followers.

The Birmingham, Alabama native said she has a big mind. She decided to become a fitness trainer when regulars who came in at Planet Fitness would ask her how she got her body to look like it does, as she was working for the gym. At the time she wasn't a personal trainer but she was getting more interest than those who actually had the job.

"I just ran away with it and got my certification soon after," she said. "I definitely started hitting the gym more especially since I worked there."

She describes her dedication to being fit by saying, "I love it honestly. When you start seeing results, too, that just motivates you and you keep going ... That's what kept me committed."

Caitlin Cooper

Caitlin Cooper is a 6-4 volleyball player at Troy University. During the 2019 season she posted the school's fifth best hitting percentage at .647. Her team finished 23-10 last season and earned its first ever post-season berth when it played in the NIVC (National Invitational Volleyball Championship). Troy won its first round match over North Carolina A&T before falling to Georgia Tech.

In the second round against Georgia Tech, Cooper posted a career high seven of her team's 10 blocks that night. During her high school days in Plano, Texas, Cooper was named the Defensive MVP at the 2017-18 Nike Tournament.

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