Part XXIII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

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Ladies that hoop, run, tumble and surf

Part XXIII: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Isabelle, Lauriane, Taylor

Welcome to the 23rd issue of the hottest celebration of women in the history of summer time. This issue features a WNBA hooper, a track athlete and a former tumbler who is now a surfer. A former tumbler that's a surfer? Yes, a former tumbler that's a surfer.

We're having fun throughout all of the trying times as we lift these ladies up in the 23rd installment of "Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness."

Isabelle Harrison

A 6-3 forward, Isabelle Harrison has an interesting Youtube channel that includes a video of her experience in the WNBA Bubble.

We're hearing so much about NBA players who will be competing in their own bubble due to COVID-19, that many of us may overlook the women's players. After a week the player got over 21,000 views on her Vlog. She takes viewers on a ride to where the players are staying.

Players like Satou Sabally make guest appearances with her mask as fans will be glad to know that she's continuing the fight against COVID-19. She briefly takes her mask off and shows how she resembles Harrison. Fans also get to see the Dallas Wings' training room too.

Harrison does a great job including other players such as New York's Amanda Zahui B. The two discuss how they like the league's logo and how they're eating. Harrison talks about how people from the league are going over and beyond to help meet their needs in this special time.

Harrison is very personable on her Vlog and if she should choose to continue, it could do a service to further the popularity of the league due to her inviting personality.

Taylor Robinson

Junior Taylor Robinson is one of Marshall's most consistent performers. She is a top competitor in Conference USA's 60-meter hurdles and 100-meter hurdles events.

She's finished in the top six at the conference championships a combined four times in both indoor and outdoor hurdles finals races over her career. During the 2020 indoor season, Robinson was a member of the 60-meter shuttle hurdle relay foursome that ran the fastest time in school history (34.16).

Lauriane Lamperim

Lauriane Lamperim is a former French tumbler. That's right we said tumbler. We're working our way around to as many sports as possible. Lamperim has won two bronze medals at the World Trampoline Championships in 2011 and 2017.

These days, Lamperim spends most of her time on the beach as a "surfer girl." Her 157,000 followers get to check out an action packed feed of photos of her on the sand and in the water.

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