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Part XXXI: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

by Winners Only 6 months ago in athletics

Dominant Women Can't Be Denied

Part XXXI: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Taliyah, Alexis, Twanisha

Issue number 31 of "Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness" features three champions in the world of track and field. These young ladies live the lives of champions on a daily basis. If you need motivation to make it in whatever field you are in and have doubts in your mind about if you can make it to the top, just take a look at these young women.

The work that they put into what they do makes them undeniable and if they can defeat some of the best athletes in the world, you can overcome the challenges that you face, where your biggest opponent is more than likely yourself.

Alexis Holmes

One of the brightest stars in the future of track and field, Alexis Holmes is the walking embodiment of a winner. She kicked off her freshman year with Big Ten championship wins in the 400-meter dash in both the 2019 indoor and outdoor seasons, while at Penn State.

After transferring to Kentucky as a sophomore, Holmes won the SEC indoor title in the 400-meters just before the season was halted due to COVID-19. While she and the rest of the sport waits for the return to normalcy, Holmes can be seen on Instagram leading her near 20,000 followers in fitness routines.

Her IGTV clips have workouts that focus on the entire body as well as yoga. The funnest video includes her Kentucky teammate Chloe Abbott as the two joined up for a workout. Holmes' bright personality proves that she's got a future in front of the camera in entertainment once she's done with being an active athlete. Those days should be a long ways away as she should be a world champion and Olympian many times over. You heard it here first!

Twanisha Terry

Twanisha Terry is FAST! The USC sprinter has been dominant since she's been on the collegiate level. This year Terry took the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Indoor Track and Field championship in the 60-meter dash for the third straight year. The junior is three-for-three in MPSF indoor 60-meter crowns.

Terry's top indoor moment came in 2019, when she won the 60 meters NCAA championship. She defeated top talents such as Teahna Daniels, Ka'Tia Seymour and Sha'Carri Richardson.

In outdoor competition, Terry has gone two-for-two in the 100-meter dash at the PAC-12 championships. In 2018 she placed second in the IAAF World Under-20 Championships.

When the indoor season was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Terry was ranked 10th in the nation among 60 and 100 meters competitors.

Taliyah Brooks

The flashy lady with the flashier hair became a national champ in 2018 when she took the NCAA title in the indoor pentathlon.

A quote on her Instagram reads, "Delayed but never denied." She won her championship after twice being the NCAA runner-up. Brooks became an eight-time All-American during her collegiate career despite having to overcome six knee surgeries.

SIX KNEE SURGERIES? Yes, you read it right. Once again, "delayed but never denied."

Her near 17,000 followers on Instagram get to see her travel to places like Poland, United Kingdom and the Bahamas. She also shares her hair journey throughout the years, as it is fun to see the hairstyles she's rocked over time. Brooks is using her account to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement as well.

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