Part XXXIV: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

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Running (and jumping) with Women who Win

Part XXXIV: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Tyra, Jada, Najah

Issue number 34 of "Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness" features another trio of track athletes. These student athletes are striving for greatness and it's an honor to celebrate them.

Who knows, what is to come in the land of collegiate athletics for the 2020-21 season, due to the pandemic, but we're sure these ladies are going to find a way to succeed in life because they're built that way.

Tyra Gittens

Tyra Gittens is a legend at Texas A&M and she isn't even done yet. The multi-event athlete is the school's all-time best performer in the heptathlon, as well as the pentathlon and indoor high jump.

During the 2020 season, Gittens won the SEC Championship in the pentathlon. She dominated the competition earning first place finishes in the high jump, long jump and shot put portions of the event.

At the 2019 NCAA outdoor national championship meet, Gittens placed second in the heptathlon finals. She was the favorite by many win the indoor pentathlon national title this season but the NCAA championship was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID 19.

At the pause of the 2020 season Gittens ranked in the top 50 of the world among the heptathlon/pentathlon competitors.

Jada Wimberly

It's always cool when the hometown girl can perform at the local college. Jada Wimberly's hometown school is the sports giant known as Michigan. After two seasons away from action, she returned for the 2020 season. Wimberly earned first place high jump finishes in three of the five meets that she competed in this year.

Her first win of her collegiate career came at the Simmons-Harvey Invitational. She followed that up with wins at the Power 5 Invitational, which included a victory over former ACC high jump champ Alivia Ash, as well as the Tyson Invitational. She jumped a career best 1.77 meters at both meets.

Najah Whitfield

A senior, Najah Whitfield, had a fine moment during the 2019-2020 season when she won the 200-meter dash and the 60-meter hurdles at the JDL Early Bird Invitational.

The wins were her first since the 2018 season when she won the 100-meter hurdles and participated in the first place 800-meter relay at the Savannah State Tiger Relays. Whitfield won her first collegiate race during the 2018 season at the Dunamis Super Meet when she captured a victory in the 60-meter hurdles.

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