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Foods that cause migraines

Dr. Yekaterina Demyanovskaya, a neurologist, declared that citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate, smoked meats and fatty cheese stimulate migraines.

By News CorrectPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

In an interview with "Izvestia" newspaper, the doctor points out that if the cause of the headache is another disease, then nutrition should not affect the severity or duration of the attack. This happens, for example, in cases of influenza, ear infection and high blood pressure.

According to her, if we are talking about a regular headache that occurs by itself, then sometimes it is related to nutrition. This was especially noted in the case of migraine - a severe chronic headache, the attacks of which are largely dependent on external factors.

She says, "Scientists have discovered that citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate, bananas, smoked meats, and fatty cheese can stimulate migraines. That is, these substances should be avoided, and the patient should take care of his health and open a record to find out the substances that stimulate his migraine attacks to exclude them from his diet. He should also know." Hunger and improper nutrition can trigger migraine attacks.

According to her, the researchers discovered that consuming alcoholic beverages, especially red wine and champagne, stimulates migraine attacks in people suffering from this disease.

She adds that patients suffering from migraines and tension headaches are not advised to go hungry or follow a strict diet. Because this is a stress for the body, because tension headaches occur due to stress.

She says: “There is a mechanism that links headaches with drinking, as it turns out that the brain membranes are sensitive to a decrease in the volume of cerebrospinal fluid, which caffeine stimulates its production. Therefore, a sharp and complete rejection of coffee and tea can cause headaches. For the same reasons, people who suffer from headaches can suffer from headaches.” They drink a small amount of fluids. Source: newspaper "Izvestia"

Who should avoid eating meat?

Dr. Irina Pissarova, a Russian nutritionist, has identified four categories of people who should avoid eating meat.

According to the expert, the first category includes people who suffer from digestion problems. Because meat contains a high percentage of proteins.

And the second category includes people who suffer from a disorder in the functioning of the urinary system and difficulty excreting uric acid because the kidneys do not function normally.

The third and fourth categories include people who suffer from high blood cholesterol or suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

The expert advises to avoid eating fatty meat and replace it with fat-free beef or poultry meat.

And stresses the need to consult a specialist doctor when the need to adjust the daily diet. Source:

Why might playing video games be good for your child?

Are you worried that your child is playing too many video games? Do not be afraid, you can help him get a job in the future.

A survey showed that employers are increasingly impressed with young candidates who play games.

More than half said they were more likely to hire someone who showed how the hobby had helped them develop skills in the world of work.

The poll, conducted by YouTube, also asked Gen Z how they feel the hours they spend playing games like Minecraft and Roblox can help their future job prospects.

Among the reported benefits are improved communication and problem-solving, with learning how to handle well under pressure.

Research by Ofcom last year revealed that 71% of Britons aged 16-24 have played computer games online.

And the average time they spent doing this was more than eight hours a week — the vast majority of parents reporting an increase since the pandemic.

A YouTube poll of 500 recruits found that more than two-thirds had seen a rise in the number of young people adding it to their bio as a hobby.

And more than two in five - 63% - said they would be impressed with using the candidate to show how they built key skills. While 56% said this would make them more likely to be hired.

The researchers also asked about 1,500 Gen Z how to help them prepare for the world of work.

And one in two said it taught them to think more strategically to solve problems.

And while around a third said it helped them keep calm in stressful situations, and with many online games now requiring users to interact with fellow users, it made them more confident to communicate.

Dr Matthew Parr, who founded the first game studies course at the University of Glasgow, said his research showed that playing video games helped "develop important employability skills, such as communication, resourcefulness and adaptability".

A smart gamer can see the similarities between what they do in a game and what they might have to do at work or at university or college, and feel confident that they have tools at their disposal to succeed, because they did something similar in their favorite game.

For decades, he said, team sports such as soccer have been viewed as a positive way for young people to acquire certain skills, and "the same can be said of team video games".

Ian Storey, Hays Director of Recruitment and Human Resources, said: “The skills gained through gaming can be very relevant in today's job market, and the gaming industry can be credited with helping to encourage people to get involved in the technology sector, especially in areas that require skills. - In short, like development.

And when it comes to including games as part of your resume, it's more about how you can make it relevant to the job you're applying for, or how it can make you more interesting as a potential employee. Source: Daily Mail

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