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The Carb & Fiber Myth: Your Body and Mind Do Not Need Carbs or Fiber – Empirical Science, Facts, and Experts Do Not Lie!

Why we still must have this debate, I don’t know. It’s long since been debunked by scientists and medical doctors that carbs and fiber are non-essential nutrients and can cause illnesses.

By Rob Hourmont Published 5 months ago 4 min read
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Sadly, this latest attack on me and defamation of character was written by an educated man — a Ph.D.

He is not a nutritionist but a microbiome scientist and says he specializes in “gut health.” He has not studied food as I have and condescendingly calls me a so-called “health guru.”

He referenced and linked my story in his while saying half of my title is a lie – that’s not nice!

Here’s my title and article:

Your Body and Brain Do Not Need Whole Grains, Carbohydrates, And Fiber — Stop Believing The Scams

“As a microbiome scientist, I can tell you that this is dangerous. Half of this title is totally fine. The other half is a lie that could be devastating to many people’s health.” Sam Westreich

He’s blatantly and publically calling me a liar and claiming I’m endangering people’s health! That's actually defamation and slander!

The truth is, he’s wrong, I’m right.

He is not a certified nutritionist as I am and fooling you with his degree!

I'm an MBA, by the way, but I guess that's not as grandiose as a Ph.D.

You may read his faulty article about fiber and then come back to mine here.

We Desperately Need to See the Difference Between Carbs and Fiber

Well, I’m sorry to say, but I am not the liar here, Mr. Westreich — think again, and maybe study again too!

I always speak and write the truth, which is backed up by plenty of science and modern “switched-on” medical doctors.

Please view the Doctors and Ph.D’s supporting my case about fiber:

Many more credible doctors and scientists believe that fiber is not the panacea that works for some and not for others!

Dr. Paul Mason — “From fiber to the microbiome: low carb gut health.”

Dr. Paul Mason talks about fiber.

“Paul Saladino MD on Why We Don’t Need Fiber for a Healthy Microbiome.”

Dr. Paul Saladino talks about fiber.

“Don’t we need fiber for a healthy microbiome? No, this is probably one of the most absurd discussions.” Dr. Paul Saladino.

Dr. Zoe Harcombe Ph.D, presents the indisputable facts about Fiber!

"No data supports that we need fiber for a healthy microbiome!" Dr. Zoe Hardcome Ph.D

Now let’s take a look at what Dr. Georgia Ede has to say about the fiber myth:

Pulp Fiction: The Truth about Fiber – Diagnosis Diet

“Why do experts believe that fiber is essential for health? It is a simple misunderstanding of the research. Well-meaning, intelligent scientists looked at all the data and came to the wrong conclusion by making a single, critically flawed assumption that led them in the wrong direction.” Dr. Georgia Ede

The word fiber conjures up wholesome, earthy-crunchy images of squeaky clean intestines and free-flowing coronary arteries. Yet fiber is not a nutrient at all, and is not absorbed by our bodies. What is fiber? What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber, is it really healthy for us, and do we even need to eat it? Dr. Georgia Ede

Enough said, dear Ph.D. Sam Westreich – you are wrong!

Your outdated views and misleading advice pose serious health risks.

It’s time you move on, stop decorating your stories with your Ph.D., while making false claims that make people sick, when you know nothing about actual nutrition and how food affects the body and mind!

Fiber is NOT a nutrient — Fiber is in most cases an anti-nutrient!

If you don’t believe me, please argue with specialized experts and medical doctors who, like me, have not eaten fiber in years!

My take on food and fiber. Video by Rob Hourmont

Final Thoughts

Please be careful who you listen to and believe about healthy food. If someone has a Ph.D. behind their name, it doesn’t mean a thing.

What matters is empirical evidence based on human studies that these doctors and I have generated over many years.

We have proven it on ourselves — not just mice — and many others who follow our advice.

The less fiber you eat, the better — the more protein and animal fats you eat — that’s even better!


MBA from Robert Kennedy College & University of Cumbria, UK.

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach | Trainer | Blogger | Copywriter | Author

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Blogger | Writer | Nutritionist | Health Coach | former Olympic Skier. I wish to inspire, inform and help others build a stronger mind & body, and live a fulfilled life!

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