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Sun Enters the First Gate of Aries

The Sun begins a new solar cycle through the 12 signs, beginning with bold and blazing Aries

By Jenna in the StarsPublished about a year ago 21 min read
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On Monday March 20th at approximately 5:13pm EST the sun will shift from 29'59" Pisces to 0'o" Aries. This is a monumental shift, one that happens every year, signifying a cycle reset and a new solar dawn, an opportunity for each of us to refocus our solar life force energy, direction, and attention, for a new cycle full of lessons, shifts, and insights, and opportunities to tackle challenges and integrate all the newness. Coinciding with the Vernal Spring Equinox, this is a significant turning point for all beings, and a marker of birth, rebirth, and the inclination towards summer and longer, warmer days for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, where this season marks the shift towards shorter days and the winter season, the element of fire and the notion of rebirth can take on very different associations.

For Northern Hemisphere dwellers, fire and rebirth lead us to the warmth of the sun and new life, the opening, extension, and blooming of natural elements, the birth of new animals and plants, themes of resurrection, and the collective awakening from winter to spring. In the Southern Hemisphere, life-giving giving fire may have an element of needing to be protected and cultivated, and providing sustenance and shelter against the coming winter elements, and may have a more inward or internal association. As a Northern Hemisphere dweller myself, I can only imagine the different resonance this may have for Southern Hemisphere dwellers. If you live in the Souther Hemisphere, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Depending on your own chart configuration and your own solar placement, the different seasons can activate different sentiments for different people, promoting more ease or challenge for you as an individual. This is why general horoscopes or algorithm-driven readings from apps can only take you so far. For someone with many planets in squares or opposition to Aries, this season could feel particularly difficult, triggering, blocked, or depleting, whereas someone with strong Aries placements or placements in trine or sextile to Aries may experience more opening, ease, and flow. And then there are the other transiting planets to consider.

Before we get into the nuances of this particular 2023 Aries season, first let's get to know Aries.

The first sign of the western zodiac, Aries is the newborn, the child, the newcomer, the warrior, the fool and the magician, full of boldness, vitality, and vigor. Often the first of its kind, Aries is a trailblazer and can be the first in many ways - the first in a career, the first in a family line, or just willing to start over, try new things, and be a beginner. Beginner's mindset is a healthy thing to keep in mind during this season, and whenever we have planets transiting this sign. Being the first, Aries is associated with all firsts, all people, inventions, items, and events that were groundbreaking, visionary, and the first of their kind.

A cardinal fire sign, Aries is infused with initiative energy, the ability to jump start or kickstart endeavors, high energy, motivation, drive, and the warmth, passion, heart, and enthusiasm of fire. Represented by the symbol of the Ram and ruling the head, Aries can be headstrong, willful, stubborn, driven, determined, and maybe also a bit blind, barreling forward into ideas, impulses, and desires without the forethought that another sign may be more inclined to take. Being the first sign, there is often much for Aries to learn, but being conjoined with Pisces through the shared border in the circle chart and placement in the sky, there is much karmic wisdom that comes before Aries.

Represented by the Ram, the notion of fleecing a sheep is one that we could all take to heart - sheering and collecting the products, wisdom, warmth, and strength of our past growth and experiences to bring with us for protection into the new era. In alignment with the theme of rebirth, the Christian holiday of Easter falls in the middle of this season, on April 9th. Bright colors and eggs, also a sign of new life, are part of this holiday and align nicely with other Aries themes. Like the resurrection of Jesus in the Christian faith, Aries is also representing a resurrection, the return of the Sun taking control of the sky after its shortened reign during the winter months. Both Aries and Sun share solar qualities of creativity, vitality, consciousness, clarity, individuality, energy, enthusiasm, courage, direction, instinct, and control.

Before one begins a new cycle, there is an entire past cycle that has been completed, full of lessons, wisdom, experiences, and knowledge to be integrated. This is where we stand, now, at the beginning of the new astrological year. In the days leading up to this seasonal transition, and the early days of it, it is wise to do a life review, a whole lifetime or just the past year, from last March, and think about where we've come from, what we've learned, the experiences we've had, and the room we still have left to grow as we enter into a whole new growth cycle. Aries is particularly connected to the individual, ruling the first house of Self and Identity. This will be a time to reconnect with yourself and align with Who You Are, and to rekindle the fires of your own passions, and what makes you You.

Of note is the season's New Moon taking place just one day into the new season, on March 21st. New Moons are strong times for solitude, isolation, integration, processing, and setting new intentions for the upcoming month. With this being the first New Moon of the entire astrological year, the intentions set under this lunation could ripple out through the whole year, so wish wisely. Protect your energy during this time, and consider the long term outlook and implications of your intentions and meditations.



March 20th - April 20th (4am) 2023


Red, orange, yellow, hot and fiery colors, burnt colors


Metals, bloodstone, jasper, vermillion, iron, arsenic, brimstone, antimony, the touchstone, adamant, loadstone




Cardinal - initiative, beginning




1st House - self, identity, appearance, face, head, individuality, physical attributes


0-30 degrees


Mars & Sun


Aries & Scorpio - day and night ruler

Capricorn - exalted

Cancer - in fall

Libra & Taurus - in detriment


Masculine, hot, dry, adventurous, pioneering, independent, freedom-loving, self-oriented, ambitious, happy, bold, warm, friendly, confident, innovative, new, fresh, athletic, fit, victorious, courageous, invincible, immovable, valiant, heroic, strong, stands up for others and for oneself, prudent, willing, willful, focused, challenging, motivated by success, victory, and acknowledgment, loyal to oneself and one's beliefs ; self-interested, impulsive, selfish, combative, argumentative, challenging, difficult, stubborn, violent, aggressive, angry, disobedient, unwilling, dishonest, a lover of war , violence, fights, and destruction, dishonest, thieving, murderous, turbulent, vulgar, obscene, brash, inhumane, cruel, ungrateful, treacherous, cheating, lying, oppressive, vengeful, furious, scornful; shy, lacking confidence, meek, diminutive, weak, wavering, unsure, self-deprecating, self-conscious, lack of trust, unable to stand on one's own.


East, like the rising sun


The head and face


Sandy dunes or plains, places where there is sand in the soil, hills, construction sites, broken ground, newly built buildings, grazing land for animals, stables, ceilings and attics, brick foundations, fireplaces, fire pits, furnaces, forges, furnaces, sources of heat, warm and hot weather places, deserts, places where the sun is strong




Princes and leaders ruling by tyranny or oppression, tyrants, rulers, usurpers, new conquerors, army generals, captains, colonels, soldiers, warriors, heroes, superheroes, doctors, physicians, apothecaries, surgeons, alchemists, blacksmiths and metal-smiths, thieves, criminals, tricksters, gamesters, armourers, weaponists, gun-dealers, cutlers and knife makers, carpenters, builders, construction workers, contractors, working with animals, working with instincts, athletes, body-builders, physical fitness instructors, aestheticians, facial surgeons, people who work or work out at gyms, all visionaries, all first of their kind


During this season maladies related to the head and face can take place, as well as accidents and injuries related to recklessness, adventure, boldness, and impulse. Be mindful about head injury and where the body is in space and time, especially if on construction sites, around machinery and equipment, or engaging in high-risk activities. Be careful when drinking or using substances and out and about. Headaches, toothaches, migraines, pimples or eruptions on the face, and skin eruptions anywhere on the body may be possible. Due to its connection with heat and fire, be mindful of fires, heat, and possible burns. Fevers, blisters, and anything having to do with a release of heat, anger, or passion. Male genitals may be of note, with Aries' connection to Mars and masculinity, sexuality, and strength, power, and virility. It will be very important to be mindful of consenting sexual relationships, and both men and women should be aware of the way they exert their own masculinity, power, and sexual drive.

Mental health troubles, particularly those connected to feelings of anger, can occur this month. Anger, frustration, and rage may also be of note this season and can be connected to health concerns like blood pressure and heart health. A good time to focus on physical fitness and health, and exploring these as healthy outlets for frustration and emotions.

I want to take a moment to point out that rage is a very powerful emotion and can lead to violent, impulsive, and destructive acts, to ourselves and to others. Aries season seems to be an exit portal for souls, with many overdoses, accidental deaths, and violent crimes occurring in this window. Several of the famous individuals listed at the end of the article either died in violence or accidents, or committed violence. If you look up the number of serial killers that are Aries, the number is pretty shocking. It is very important to manage impulses and to manage anger this season, particularly for anyone who has been struggling with their mental health and feelings of rage. Please seek a mental health professional if you are considering harming yourself or anyone else. These violent thoughts may have begun last month, when we had several planets ingress into Aries. (I am speaking now from personal experience, ha!) The Aries energy will continue for a while, especially with Jupiter (planet of expansion and growth) and Chiron (the wounded healer), two slow moving bodies, taking their time to transit Aries for another year. Physical activity, and the emotions of happiness and spiritual awe, are all antidotes to anger and rage.


Mulan (Mulan), Merdia (Brave)


The Fool & The Magician (by order) for new beginnings, initiation, beginnings, and drive

The Emperor & The Devil (by energy) for strong masculinity, vision, structure, power, and for the less-than-desirable qualities that can come with Aries, like rage, indulgence, lust, violence, all of which are forms of bondage. Aside from the obvious cloven-hoof and horns similarities.


Anything on four legs, those ruled by impulse and instinct


Consider the differences and similarities between Aries and Capricorn, who have many of the same or similar motivations and goals, but operate with very different values and modalities. Where Capricorn is willing to put in the long and steady dedicated work to achieve the desired ambitious outcome, Aries may try to take shortcuts to the satisfy that same ambition, or barrel forward without consideration of the needs, rights, and freedoms of others, more concerned with its own freedom and its own rights. Often lacking patience, Aries wants what it wants, and it wants it now. We have already experienced a taste or hints of this energy with Venus's transit through Aries, which recently ended as Venus transitioned into Taurus, one of her natural homes. With the Sun exalted in Aries or at its zenith or prime, all Aries tendencies, both good and bad, are at an all time high for this month. It is a blessing of sorts that Venus is now home in Taurus to hopefully temper some of this impatience, selfishness, impulse, and force, with Venusian and Taurean qualities of steadiness, patience, tranquility, harmony, and peace, encouraging the higher vibrational qualities of Aries to rise to the surface.

Aries season is a great time to explore ourselves and reconnect with our own identities, motivations, and drives. Though we may feel the time to leap into action is NOW, other transits may suggest that we embrace these sentiments as feelings and thought exercises, and consider very carefully the implications and short and long term outcomes of sudden or impulsive actions, even if they may be sourced from the best intentions or highest hopes for ourselves. It can also be easy to act imoulsively on frustration, rage, spite, or revenge, so be particularly mindful of dense emotions during this time.

Independence of mind, body, and spirit will be at a peak, and it may be a great time to take a solo adventure, retreat, or time away from groups and groupthink to fully explore and solidify what it is that our own unique, individual perspective needs, believes, and desires. Emerging from pisces, a season of the deep collective and collective consciousness, Aries season is a time for individuation, for breaking free fro the group, and for standing on our own two feet as we set out on our own unique journey, on our own path.

Aries is connected to the Fool card (0), the Magician Card (1), the Emperor (IV), and the Devil (XIII) in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The fool is a symbol of infinite potential and possibility. The fool is a child, a newcomer, one that has much to learn, but a million paths and potentials to go about doing so. Choice is a huge part of both Aries and the fool energy, and both are also strongly connected to the strong potential of impulse. Be sure to LOOK before you LEAP! At the same time, sometimes a blind leap of faith is exactly what is needed in a given circumstance, but do try to check in with divine guidance before making any massive life-altering changes. The funny thing about choices is that almost anything, big or small, can end up having a rippling butterfly effect on not only our own lives but the lives of those around us, and those who we cannot see or feel. This is why it is so important to do our best to temper negativity and impulse this season. The connection the The Magician (1) speaks to Aries ability to manifest and channel from the divine into the physical. Aries is a sign of action, a do-er, and a fighter.

This leads to the Emperor, the strong masculine energy of the conqueror or the ruler in charge. The emperor thinks he knows best, and sits upon a throne of stucture, logic, and control. Representing the higher octaves of masculinity, we may all be wise to connect with these refined attributes of the emperor as we navigate the high energy and intensity of this season. The Devil can lead one to follow their lower impulses, and to listen to "the devil on their shoulder." Be aware of "the seven deadly sins" of indulgence - gluttony, lust, greed, pride, envy, wrath, and sloth. The devil card reminds us of the ways in which we voluntarily place ourselves into bondage on this earthly plane, and with Aries' connection to this card, it suggests that the lower vibration of Aries can lead us easily into any of those seven tendencies. Consider instead the corresponding virtues, humility, chastity, gratitude, temperance, patience, and diligence.

Being connected to Mars, the god of war, Aries is considered a warrior spirit. Deeply competitive, at times outright combative, and with a "do or die" attitude, Aries can be prone to fight just for the heck of it, or for enjoyment, entertainment, or sport. Even if its just for a light or playful reaoson, competitive Aries can take the task very seriously. Aries may be sore losers, become depressive when they perceive they have failed or if they believe others perceive them as failures. Aries doesn't shy away from a challenge, for better or worse, and can dive headfirst into difficult situations, topics, or conversations. Think about the month of February and early March - we had 4 energies traversing Aries, so some of these topics and themes may not feel new. Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and Juno have all been in Aries for some time now, communicating directly with our sense of romance, sexuality, beauty, commitment, loyalty, value, personal fortune, abundance, and ability to expand and move forward, as well as our own healing journeys and sense of personal wounding and healing.

Now the Sun and Mercury join the Aries stellium mix as Juno and Venus depart into Taurus. It's interesting to me that Juno and Venus, two of the astrological bodies most closely connected to love, marriage, and partnership, are traveling together at this time, implying that there are many lessons and fated relationship dynamics being lived over the months of February and March. In April, Venus pulls ahead from the slower moving Juno, so everyone should pay particularly close attention now to relationship lessons and dynamics that have been at play over February and March. Relationships that broke apart or came together during this transit could have particular significance, or qualities of fate or destiny.

With the Sun and Mercury entering Aries together, this is a sign of a reset and new cycle for both our mental attitudes and overall life force energy and direction. Whenever planets enter Aries, they are entering a new astrological cycle. Pay attention to what arises in your mental space and to what enters your conscious awareness and life over the course of the next 3 weeks, or what is currently arising right now, in the early days of the Aries transit. Venus entered Aries on February 20th, beginning a new cylce for her. Venus is in detriment in Aries, so try not to take the events of late February and early march too much to heart. Venus is exalted in Pisces, in detriment in Aries, and the back home again in Taurus, so let's all just take the lessons in love of Venus's Aries transit as just that - lessons, accidents, mistakes, and moments to grow from. In Taurus, Venus should have a much smoother ride, more presence, power, and grace. We can enjoy the high priestess and empress elements of feminine power, receptivity, magnetism, allure, grounded-ness, embodiment, wealth, sensuality, spirituality, mystery, indepndance, luxury, and richness. She and Juno will also be joined with the North Node on March 20th, signifying this as a new day for commitments, love, and moving towards things, especially in love, art, creativity, romance, value, loyalty, and of the earth, that are for our highest good.

On the new moon of the 21st, sun, moon and mercury will all be joined, in addition to the recent conjunction of making venus, juno, and the north node, making his a powerful time to align our minds with our movements, emotions, action, and life direction and goals, both in life, and in love. But mianly, with the solar, lunar, and mercury energy in Aries, for ourselves as individuals on our own journeys.

This time of year is a great time for "spring cleaning" and setting new health goals and regimens. If you've been meaning to start working out again or putting more time in to your physical fitness, this could be a great time to drop in to the gym or reinstate your membership. Sexuality can really be on the mind this month, as Mars, Aries' ruling planet, has a strong connection physical intimacy. Instead of jumping to the impulse of sex, which is good, healthy, and necessary, it may be productive, safer, and more beneficial not to leap into new partnerships without proper cultivation, and instead to invest in physical exterion. Lifting weights and cardio, going on a run or a challenging hike, and spending time in the heat of a sauna could all be good options. Self pleasure could also be a safe and exciting way to explore yourself and your sexuality this month. With the rulership of the head and face, this could also be a good time to get a facial or a haircut, or just to revamp your own style, appearance, and sense of identity, whether that's through physical modification or mental/emotional/spiritual practice.

Working with fire, heat, and warmth to continue to purify, release, or "burn away" impurities in the body, mind, and spirit are recommended for this season. Fire and heat can also instigate anger and rage, which can be countered and healed with peace, gratitude and happiness, or the seven virtues listed earlier. Keep an eye on these polarized emotions and notice where you're falling on the spectrum, - do what you can to mitigate the anger, frustration and rage with cleansing, meditative, restorative practices, or with physical exertion - like a high intensity workout, cardio, a challenging hike, or something like boxing. Working with heat in the sense of creating or tending fires, putting pottery in a kiln, or spending time in a traditional or infrared sauna may all be beneficial ways to work with fiery Aries energy. Fire rituals, like burning old, unwanted, or negative items or pieces of paper where you've written what you'd like to release, may also be interesting to experiment with this season.

This is a time to be EMBOLDENED and EMBODIED, and to give yourself permission to start over, and try new things. Give yourself the time to tend to the inner fire of your own spirit during this complex season, and try to slow down. Do what you can and do what feels aligned to protect, nourish, and build yourself up during this new moon and new season, the gateway to a whole new year, and potentially, a whole new you.


Maria Sharapova, April 19, 1987 (Tennis Player)

Reese Witherspoon, March 22, 1976 (Actor)

Chaka Khan, March 23, 1953 (singer)

Thomas Jefferson, April 13, 1743 (Founding Father of the US, 3rd US President)

Sarah Jessica Parker , March 25th, 1965 (Actor, plays Carrie on Sex and the City)

Charlie Chaplin, April 16, 1889 (comedian, filmmaker)

Lita Gray, April 15, 1908 (Actress, married to Charlie Chaplin)

Elton John, March 25 1947 (Singer, pianist)

Doris Day, April 3 1922 (Singer and Actress)

William "Boss" Tweed, April 3, 1823 (New York businessman and politician)

Jair Bolsonaro, April 21, 1955 (President of Brazil, far right, populist)

Rodney King, April 2, 1965 (Construction Worker, Victim of Police Riots that started the 1991 LA Riots)

JP Morgan, April 17, 1837 (Industrialist, Banker)

Heath Ledger, April 4, 1979 (Actor, overdosed at 28)

Aretha Franklin, March 25, 1942 (Soul singer)

Otto Von Bismarck, April 1, 1815 (German Statesman and Chancellor)

Ayrton Senna, March 21, 1960 (Brazilian Formula 1 Driver)

Christopher Walken, March 31 1943 (Actor)

Joe "Crazy Joe" Gallo, April 7 1929 (Gangster)

Thomas Hobbes, April 5 1588 (Philosopher)

Nikita Khruschchev, April 15, 1894 (Soviet First Secretary after Stalin)

Vincent Van Gogh, March 30, 1853 (Visionary painter known for his unstable psychological health and cutting off his own ear)

Maisie Williams, April 15 1997 (Actor, played Arya in Game of Thrones)

Marlon Brando, April 3, 1942 (Actor, played The Godfather)

Hans Christian Anderson, April 2, 1805 (Author of fairy tales)

Leonardo Da Vinci, April 15 1452 (Painter, scientist, visionary)

Toshiro Mifune, April 1 1920 (Japanese actor and writer)

Harry Houdini, March 24 1874 (Magician, escape artist)

Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski, April 11 1935 (Murderer, contract killer)

Diana Ross, March 26 1944 (Singer, actress)

Lucy Lawless, March 29, 1968 (Actress, played Xena Warrior Princess)

Rene Descartes, March 31 1596 (Philosopher, "I think therefore I am"

Mariah Carey , March 27 1970 (Singer)

Charlemagne, April 2nd 742 (Holy Roman Emperor, conqueror)

Akira Kurosawa, March 23, 1910 (Japanese Filmmaker, Director of highly influential Samurai films)

Fergie, March 27th, 1975 (Rapper, Singer, of the Black Eyes Peas)

Lady Gaga, March 28, 1986 (Singer, musician)

Jonathan Van Ness March 28, 1987 (Queer icon, hairstylist)

Kim Il-Sung, April 15, 1912 (North Korean Founder and Dictator)

Marvin Gaye, April 2, 1939 (Singer, shot and killed by his father)

Celine Dion, March 30th 1968 (Singer)

Mehmed II The Conqueror, March 30, 1432 (Ottoman Empire Sultan)

Pope Benedict XVI, April 16 1927 (265th Pope of the Vatican)

Eddie Murphy , April 3 1961 (Comedian, Singer and Actor)

Johann Sebastian Bach, March 31 1685 (Composer)

Sophie Germain, April 1, 1776 (Mathematician)

Butch Cassidy, April 13, 1866 (Outlaw)

Lil Nas X, April 9, 1999 (American Pop Artist)

John Madden, April 10, 1936 (NFL Coach and Sportscaster)

Faisal of Saudi Arabia, April 9, 1906 (King of Saudi Arabia)

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  • Abolabout a year ago

    As an 03/30/03 aries (subtle flex i suppose) this piece ignited me. I want to say that your work is phenomenal and i truly looked forward to what you had to say about this coming season. Not to mention, you go in depth and hit EVERYTHING that needs to be said. Thank you for the translation and guidance, peace be with you!!

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    As an Aries, this was quite fascinating 😄

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