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Fitness and Nutrition

How Important Nutrition in Fitness

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Fitness and Nutrition
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The significance of nutrition and body fitness can’t be denied in terms

of keeping good shape and health. Nutrition and fitness have the

same value in helping individuals gain optimum health. Nutrition is

the procedure where organisms consume and use food materials.

Basically, nutrition comes from the liquid and solid food people take

in regularly.

Importance of Liquid in the Body

One of the most popular substances that humans need in order to live

is found in plain, clean water. This life-giving liquid is necessary in

each bodily function—from inhaling oxygen through breathing to

blinking of the eyes. Every human cell is made up of water. If there’s

no sufficient supply, cells will eventually dry out and perish.

The total weight of the body is composed roughly of 70% water.

Breaking it down into smaller amount, people’s blood is made up of

90% water, muscles 75%, brain 95%, and lungs 90%. See how useful

water is inside the human body? All vital parts of the body benefit a

lot from what water can do to the entire system.

Water consumption is a nutritious liquid food that has great direct

effects on fitness. What is needed is to drink enough water every day.

People who drink five glasses of 8-ounce water everyday are 50%

more likely to live although they have heart disease than to those who

only drink two glasses or less every day.

Water also helps the body to normalize the right temperature. The

body perspires when its temperature changes. It is the natural way of

causing the body temperature to become lower. Also, water helps in

keeping the normal pH balance inside the body.

In all possibilities, the body’s pH level must be 7 or a little bit higher.

If pH level turns acidic, the probability of getting sick and vitamin

deficiency will increase significantly. Aside from the usual water

consumption, taking one to two ounces of apple cider everyday will

turn the pH level of the body more alkaline.

For digestion purposes, water is important for vitamins and minerals

absorption. Water assists in metabolizing the body fat and in giving

recovery from physical work and exercise. Water keeps the brain

functioning well, joints to have lubrication, and blood to circulate


For nutritional value, how much amount of water should people drink

every day? The right answer will depend on different aspects, which

include the level of physical movement, surroundings, and general

condition of health including sex.

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Here are some helpful guidelines on the suitable amount of water to drink:

Required Amount of Water

1. To prevent the formation of kidney stones, it is recommended to

drink 10 glasses of water, equivalent to 2 liters.

2. For pregnant females, it is recommended to drink water at least 2.3

liters each day. For women who breastfeed, 3.1 liters are needed. It is

also suggested that men should drink 3 liters of water every day and

women 2.2 liters.

3. The quickest way to know that body has enough liquid or not is to

observe the color of your urine. Light yellow or colorless urine means

you have enough water inside the body. You should also release

about 1.5 liters or 6 cups or urine every day.

Bear in mind that consumption of water must be increased when you

are ill, especially when you have fever. You should also drink more

water during the hot summer season and while you are exercising.

With enough liquid in the body, you will get the best fitness and

nutrition you need.

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