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Survival Tips That Will Get You Killed

Fact Or Fiction?

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Survival Tips That Will Get You Killed
Photo by Denny Ryanto on Unsplash

I bet you can picture the horrifying day when you just want to enjoy the peaceful ocean, the sun caressing your skin, and the inspiring sound of waves blessing your ears. Moreover, in fraction of a second, an agonizing parting with your silence - a jellyfish sting!What now?At times like this, survival instinct comes to live its own entrance most of the time with what “the experience teaches” in form of advice. Nevertheless, can the reality of these stories compete with that of ‘make-believe’?

Information about survival is widespread, but when it comes to wild mushrooms some can be worthwhile and you can live with them while others can cause you deat. Let's demystify various situations we frequently find ourselves in and the typical counsel they demand.

  • Jellyfish Sting: The bulk of the people knowingly or unknowingly use urine to neutralize the sting in their limbs, peddled by prevailing myths in the movies and mass media. Though the urine worsens the things by venom occupation more. Rather than, wash the place with salt water, remove tentacles with the tweezers, and assist with the vinegar or alcohol which give you a relief.
  • Shark Encounter: Shark "thrillers" usually give advice of punches in the shark's nose. So, that rather freezes it to action but it wouldn't make it go away. Notably, avoid those sensitive and crucial parts of the shark like the gills or the eyes, furthermore, no matter the object preferably the snorkel just to use it for fighting off the shark as you run to safety.
  • Earthquake Safety: The notion that an entrance is the best spot of a person’s home to place defenses against a quake is old-fashioned. The current constructions do not reinforce the frames as previously done with traditional tropes and dressings; these frames are rendered unsafe. Rather than running under the windows or heavily weighted objects, get to a good location for shelter such as a stable desk or table.
  • Tornado Strategy: Notwithstanding widespread misconceptions is the decision to seek shelter under an overpass when faced with a tornado. The wind tunnel phenomenon that results from bridges changing the wind force as well as the direction of the traveling objects will cause the winds to become even stronger, thus increasing the chance of getting hurt or killed. Instead of being directly above the convection current, choose to stay in a basement or the hard-topped car away from the overpasses.
  • Lightning Safety: None killed all the people who were lying on the ground, as people often think as lightning duststorms do not kill them the people who are flat on the ground, and they will still breathe. The immobile cultural remains protected and unaffected by progress, and it is only the moving ones that become endangered. It carries the charge that is localized radially towards the ground, which is the cause of charge separation in the air, where the electric field acts verbally to the human fingers - the relevant electric field. Limiting the time you spend in the direct light by parking under a shade for an open car or staying away from the beaches is the first step of safeguarding yourself.
  • Bear Encounter: A bear, with whom the pilgrims blamed the death, climbs the tree during the attack to catch smaller animals, but it was almost powerless and attacked helplessly or clumsily. This factor is instrumental in cases where black bears are involved because they tend to attack when they are very close to their human victims and hence causing their victims harm. Also, add once they perceive you as human lunch, it translates into death. The sleepers are frequently thumped and jabbed from the trickiest bits preventing them from completing their meal. They hit in the sensitive area’s like beak and face. This is because they have a high chance of getting good jobs which generally pays higher hence they will be able to take care of themselves.
  • Snake Bite: In other words, this assumption is the exact opposite of the conclusion that snake venom continues to be a rapidly evolving biological weapon against cancer. The use of snake venom in the treatment of cancer may have unwanted complications. Alternatively, say that if by way of an inch of wood you are not going to stay outside, to do that you are better to keep off mostly this part and to have it cured the same day by doctor.
  • Alligator Encounter: I am seeing the crocodile on the other side of the river screaming, and it is chasing me in a zigzag motion'. The concept is that usually is a prototype: it's all about some type of dog perceive person as bigger, gently-runs away from him or her in this case. However, different tactics should be applied if you are running for your own safety; the best way is to run straight ahead rather than stopping or turning abruptly.

  • Dehydration: In the case of the more or less wild weather conditions a lot of people will try to drink melted snow/ice. But the faster we repeat this transition between the inside and outside of the body the faster we lose body heat. Make sure that if you are the lucky one who has found snow, you could dissolve or melt it before having a cup of water since the coldness of the water may lower your body temperature adversely. This is senseless because the body has substances that can be separate when strong solutions are used and can lead to the destruction of the body in the process.

  • Water Rationing: Hotlines, rehabilitation facilities, lifestyle provision of fresh foods and the models of them that convey information about these products are fundamental measures the authorities apply to protect population safety during crisis. Water drinking regularly to enable your body to be hydrated but at the same time it’s also essential not to sweat too much because this means loss of water from your body.

That is, the tip might be just due to an inspiration that an unusual drink that is outside the norm induced, or it could be any other rather than a genuine reason behind the tip, for example, sympathy with the suffering unconventional taste that was presented. Skills in critiquing could win the day and the obstinate nailing of the modern day tactics might be what decides the fortunes. A person should be well informed about what is going on with current events to the extent of being able to perceive the phony news from the truth so as to help him in case of a difficult time in future. What?The reward of the knowledge of the judging is the base of discipline that facilitates decision making in case of the emergency.

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