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Weird Facts About Male Nipples

Normal Or Super Weird?

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Weird Facts About Male Nipples
Photo by Glib Albovsky on Unsplash

Nipples!Nearly each of us, man or women, has them. They feed mothers' babies, and have been known to come in handy on steamy nights. On the other hand, similar to any other part of the human body, nipples can be freaky weird. In today's Infographics Show, we present the marvels of the male nipples!

Two sexes, which are a male (man) and a female (woman), have nipples as this is the way the embryo is formed. Several genes control the sex of a baby, irrespective of the gender of the parents. It is the SRY gene that rests on the short arm, chromosome Y. It will be turned on when the embryo is around seven weeks, and it will result in the formation of the organs and structures of the male reproductive system while the ones of the female disappear. Breasts and nipples form prior to the expression of SRY gene. This is because a mammary ridge and nipples are almost universal in all sexes.

Male nipples can lactate. It is rare, yes, it does, though. Men more often have a decline in prolactin which is the hormone which stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. Occasionally, the level of prolactin may increase unexpectedly in men too. The problem is hypothyroidism, as the pituitary gland is involved. Men's pulsation of prolactin may also be caused by some medical drugs like antipsychotics, chlorpromazine, steroids, and heart treatment digoxin too. This can also happen when men take female hormones estrogen and prolactin.

Nipples can be sensitive. This is despite a lot of people failing to consider nipples as erogenous zones, research shows that nipple stimulation can activate the same areas of the brain as genital stimulation, helping strengthen sexual arousal.

While playing, nipples can become pinched and bleed. If you‘re a runner and feel chafing at some point in your course of running, there are some tips you can follow to keep the discomfort at a minimum.

Have you heard the fascinating fact that as much as only 1% of men have pterygium (extra nipple)?Apart from that, they are about the same as nipples, but the most unusual difference is that they are too many or supernumerary nipples. Sometime, you can have an extra nipple on your body, which could serve as the third nipple, or simply referred to as polymastia or polythelia. The average American population with 200,000 individuals having one or more extra nipples is only a tiny part of the population, and it can even go higher as much as eight extra ones are possible.

Breast cancer is not a women disease, men can get it too. It might be few, but on average approximately 2,400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. This fact, however, due to partial or full absence of breast tissue, only 1% of those affected with breast cancer are men.

The article in question dwells on these sorts of male nipples, from the supposed lactation to ones whose stimulation provoke electrifying orgasmic feelings, from nipple injuries to one rarely diagnosed gynecomastia. It also takes into account the general understandings, pressures, and legalities into the fact that men can or not show their nipples. In doing so, it uses relevant illustrations and scientific knowledge and shows that something as simple as a head can be quite complex and a complex organ.

In a nutshell, those male nipples, normally neglected though, reflect a variety of unique, at in some cases mysterious features. They go way back, as male nipples have an undeniable embryonic link with female breasts which also have their own nipples. In addition, the male nipples can lactate and may be sensitive too. This further reveals the confusion that these male nipples bring in this regard. Other situations such as polythelia (supernumerary nipples) and male breast cancer also point to this diversity and importance making it mandatory to examine male nipple well-being. As we continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding this seemingly mundane aspect of human anatomy, one thing remains clear: it is worth noting that contrary to popular belief, the male mammary system is vastly intricate and interesting more than anyone can imagine.


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