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Pick a Card: What is Coming Next?

Timeless Tarot Predictions

By Zondra Dos AnjosPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
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It’s crucial to know where we are in life and where to go next, and to be able to do this, we must know what energies are coming into our lives. So, what is coming next in your life? In this reading, I will explore what might happen soon.

This is a general reading, some information might not be suitable for you, filter out the messages that don’t serve you and allow the ones who serve you to come into your awareness with an open mind. This is also a timeless reading, you can come back anytime.

I want to thank everyone who read, applauded, and commented on the previous readings articles, your feedback is important.

Choose a Pile…

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Pile 1 — Crystals

Pile 2 — Candle

This time, I will be using The Light Seers Tarot and The Urban Tarot; by clicking the link, you support me to get a small commission.

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Pile 1 — Crystals

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This pile shows good news after a time of planning and learning. Proposals, contracts, interviews, and partnerships are on the horizon. I sense, for some, that you will dig deep into the lessons you had for the past two years and realize things that will open your mind about a situation you are currently living in.

In love, if you are single, this time is a good time to get to know your date better or go out there and meet someone new.

Don’t hold back too much because by now you have already learned the lessons, don't be afraid to jump into a casual flirt.

If you are in a relationship, the near future requires that you get to know your partner's preferences and take them out on a date more often.

Regards love in general, you might meet someone clever, who likes to have good conversations while preserving a romantic atmosphere. This person is a go-getter and values charm, so this connection requires a lot of flirting and healthy fun mind games.

Financially, it's time for you to keep your mind calm and rely on what you know about your spending patterns and how you manage your money.

This is not a time to have doubts about finances, if you are not sure about what decision to make, wait a bit more because time gives the best answer.

The near future holds equal patterns, behaviors, or situations that are up to you to change or give them a new direction. You must practice what you have learned in experiences.

Because of the wheel of fortune, I sense that for some, your past will knock on your door again, and you will feel good about it. For some, a friend from another city, that you saw at the beginning of last year, might be coming to visit.

Otherwise, this moment is great for studying, starting a new course, and taking exams and tests in general because the energy is of fast learning. I also sense that it's a good time to take driver's license tests or apply for things in general.

Pile 2 — Candle

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The satisfaction, leadership, and generosity I am seeing in this pile is just wow! If you have chosen this pile, I can tell you right away that, if you have been struggling with self-esteem or receiving what you want to manifest, this pile is for you…

In your career, the time now requires that you complain less and focus more on what you are doing well in your workplace, you have the talents and the necessary skills, don't focus on what you don't have.

I also sense that you will be given more opportunities in your career in general because you have been a great team worker for people when they most needed you and your boss saw it.

If you haven't been so generous lately, it's important that you contribute to something or someone every day, so you can keep receiving from the universe what you desire. Sharing is caring.

Soon in your finances, I sense a time of fewer worries. You can finally get your mind out of the bills a bit and concentrate on the gratitude of what you have built until now, and this elevates your mood, inspiring you.

The time is to be in control of your finances, and before you pay everyone when your salary hits your bank account, pay yourself first. Keep this promise of putting aside a small monthly amount of your income in a place where you won't touch it.

It's okay if you haven't been good at putting money aside. Times are difficult at the moment for everybody, but The Emperor brings the energy of determination, courage, and self-control so you can start the savings plan or emergency fund.

For some, you will get help to pay your electric bill, I sense the energy of a mother, an aunt, or a grandmother coming with this help to you. In general, in your finances, the time is to control your impulses and be open to receiving the possibilities the Universe has prepared for you.

In love, the 9 of Cups brings a strong energy of joy into your life, meaning that soon you are going to have a lot of fun in your love life, laughing about what you once cried about.

You will feel that the choice you made, made your life lighter, and therefore you will allow yourself to get into dating again, congratulations, you are healed.

A person in an Aries sign can spice up your life or if you are an Aries, prepare yourself for a wave of passion and self-esteem when it comes to single life in general.

If you are in a relationship, the balance will be amazing between you, and conversations will flow with a better energy, so this time might be good to talk about sensitive points in the relationship and solve those situations.

In general, it's time to enjoy your life, give what you have to give in the relationship be conscious about your emotional control, and determine what you want out of this connection but don't hurry with things.

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