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Pick A Card: The Divine Feminine

Has This Message For You

By Zondra Dos AnjosPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
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The Divine Feminine is very present in our lives; this energy represents qualities like intuition, nurturing, creativity, and emotional intelligence, while the Divine Masculine usually represents qualities like strength, action, logic, and rationality.

Those energies have little to do with gender; they have expressed themselves in so many ways since creation; the divine feminine is the energy that gives life and keeps our sensitive side in balance by giving us intuition or insights about what to do next.

To have a divine masculine and feminine in balance can take time, but once we do it, everything in life seems easier, we manifest easier, and things unfold almost magically.

Close your eyes and ask yourself which pile you should take, or choose the first one that comes to mind. And hey, you can select more than one pile 😉

Enjoy your reading:

Card 1 — Butterfly

Card 2 — Potion

Card 3 — Sun

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In this reading, I will use The Divine Feminine Oracle.

Card 1 — Butterfly

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Sexual energy is sacred. My pleasure is a prayer that brings me back to life.

Isis breathes life back into Osiris through the sacred act of love, a powerful metaphor symbolizing the union of opposites — life and death, body and soul, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth.

This force resides within us, permanently present, just waiting to be tapped into. Yet, more often than not, we find ourselves tiptoeing around this creative energy. It’s either feared, misunderstood, or, worse, ignored.

The truth is, it’s a potent and sacred life force, urging us to embrace it more fully. And you don’t need a partner to unlock its potential. All it takes is the awareness that it exists and a little reunion of our heart with our mind, body with our soul.

Isis, in her divine wisdom, asks us to infuse our lives with the magic of our sexuality. It’s not about societal norms, marriage, or fitting into predefined roles. No, no. Sex becomes sacred through presence — through our ability to fully embody the present.

Card 2 — Potion

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Love is Divine, and I am nothing except love.

Love is not an external force; it’s a part of our being, between our experiences of the divine and our souls. We don’t need external validation or approval to feel the warmth of love. The key lies in recognizing that we are, at our core, beings of love.

It’s a liberating realization that clarifies the need to prove ourselves or conform to others’ expectations. Instead, we stand firm in our truth, even when faced with life’s problems.

True liberation comes from understanding that love connects our soul and the divine. Embracing the love we naturally possess is a profound act that can shape our journey toward a more fulfilling and genuine existence.

A journey towards self-discovery, acceptance, and the persistent acknowledgment that we are nothing but love.

Card 3 — Sun

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I am spiritually and financially abundant. I provide heaven and earth for myself.

Many believe choosing a spiritual path means waving goodbye to the material world. But wait a minute — what if the body is the soul’s chance to experience life to the fullest?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the material world is crucial to our journey to spiritual fulfillment.

Khadijah teaches us the significance of being able to provide for ourselves, creating a solid foundation that nurtures confidence and strengthens relationships built on interdependence rather than co-dependence.

It’s about nurturing the power within us to have more freedom and make life choices based on truth, not just survival instincts.

Living our power and purpose doesn’t diminish our eligibility for love. It’s important to recognize our worthiness, embrace our power, and feel the abundance that lives.

I hope this reading resonated with you; let’s connect with our Divine Selves in 2024 and manifest our desires. I wish you an incredible Divine Feminine journey, and may you find the answers you seek.

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