Unveiling the Winners of the 2023 Vocal Writing Awards 🥁

A round of applause for the winners and a huge thank you to all who participated in our first ever community judging round

By Vocal Curation TeamPublished 15 days ago 2 min read

We've judged, you've judged, and we've all waited... It's finally time to announce the winners of the 2023 Vocal Writing Awards! This year's winners, comprised of the highest caliber works across 8 categories — haiku poetry, free verse poetry, romance fiction, young adult fiction, horror fiction, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and flash fiction — are so worth the read.

Each entry surprised and delighted us, and we seriously enjoyed watching the community judging round results trickle in. Lead Editorial Innovator, Erica Wagner, shared her reflection on the Awards:

"Flash fiction, free verse, horror, romance… it was a truly epic experience to judge the Vocal Writing Awards, a challenge that showcased the rich variety of our Creators’ talents. I loved jumping from category to category and seeing such energy and invention in the entries — and seeing that energy expressed in the community judging process was really special. We’ve always known our creators supported and valued each others’ work: these results were even more proof of that."

Without further ado...

⭐ The Winners ⭐

🥇 First Place: Nature's Morse Code by Jessica Dowding

🥈 Second Place: Heaven's Curtain by Cathy holmes

🥉 Third Place: Rock Bottom Mantra by Alexis Wellmaker

🥇 First Place: Nôhkom by Jen Gossoo

🥈 Second Place: Loss and Gain by F Cade Swanson

🥉 Third Place: Reasons for waking up by Mesh Toraskar

🥇 First Place: The Pavement Kids by Kelsey Syble

🥈 Second Place: Sideswiped by david love

🥉 Third Place: What Shall I Take With Me by Stephanie Ginger

🥇 First Place: The View from the Sails by Lena Folkert

🥈 Second Place: Forecast by Erin Shea

🥉 Third Place: Waiting to go to School by R. J. Rani

🥇 First Place: The Lion and the Pilot by Zack Graham

🥈 Second Place: Deepest, Darkest by Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock

🥉 Third Place: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Caroline Jane

🥇 First Place: Meat, Walking by L.C. Schäfer

🥈 Second Place: The Siren's Purse by EJ Ferguson

🥉 Third Place: Red by Lauren Everdell

🥇 First Place: The Little Coffee Shoppe at the End of the World by Suze Kay

🥈 Second Place: Holy Terra by Alexander McEvoy

🥉 Third Place: Rise High by SC Wells

🥇 First Place: French Onion Soup by Matty Long

🥈 Second Place: I Fall to Pieces by Catsidhe

🥉 Third Place: Always on my Mind by Megan Anderson

As we celebrate the conclusion of the 2023 Vocal Writing Awards, we extend our sincerest congratulations to each winner. Your stories did not only earn recognition from the Vocal judges, but captured the hearts and minds of the Vocal community.

Until our paths cross in the next chapter, keep writing, keep sharing, and keep bringing your unique voices to Vocal. To the winners and to all who participated – thank you again, and here's to the next year of absolutely brilliant written word! 🥂


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  • Yoga Phratam2 days ago

    Congratulation to Everyone, Great Job

  • A big congratulations to all the Winners.

  • Lamar Wiggins12 days ago

    Congrats to everyone last one who participated. Including the voters. This felt like a night at the Oscar’s.

  • Jerry Liang13 days ago

    Have a huge problem with the Haiku category. People are writing 5-5-7 and just sticking them in a 5-7-5 format. The first two places need to be automatically disqualified. Haiku MUST be 5-7-5. What's the point of writing 6-4-7 and just sticking them into 5-7-5 format. Poetry is not an arithmetic game for rule bending. If you want to bend the rules, then do it in freeverse.

  • Alexis Wellmaker13 days ago

    💖 Thank you. It is so uplifting and humbling to belong to this community of such talented writers. Thank you for keeping me inspired. I hope to do the same for you!😊

  • Isaac John13 days ago


  • AIMK khan13 days ago

    Being a member of this platform, Proud of you all ,congratulations.

  • george Dotse13 days ago


  • Right Choice14 days ago

    Congratulations to all

  • Amanda Starks14 days ago

    Congrats to everyone!! This was an incredible experience. SO happy to see names I recognize and don't recognize. <3

  • congratulations to all

  • Dana Crandell14 days ago

    Congratulations to all the winners! I'm happy to see some names I recognize!

  • L.C. Schäfer14 days ago

    Quite stunned 😱 Thank you!!!! Well done to all those who placed. I read as many as I could and the quality was top tier. If you shortlisted, please feel very proud of yourself 🏆

  • Anna14 days ago

    Congrats to you all :-)

  • Novel Allen14 days ago

    Well done all. Congrats.

  • Congratulations to all the winners. This was a great opportunity for everyone to enter. Now the competition is over, I'm wondering about all the entries which didn't win or place. I didn't participate in the judging myself, but as this was a blind competition, I assume readers would not know who wrote stories they liked or loved that didn't come first, second or third. It may be hard to find a story they liked again. And there could be many deserving stories, written by many writers, that sort of got discovered for a while, but slip back into obscurity again. Is there some plan to counter this? Perhaps a list of all the entries in all the categories, with their authors credited?

  • Marc Wilks14 days ago

    Congrats to you all!

  • Naveed14 days ago

    Congratulations all winners 🤦‍♂️👌👍❤

  • Mr Ahsan15 days ago

    Congratulations all winners 🏆. Keep writing up.

  • Teresa Renton15 days ago

    Massive congratulations to all who placed, as well as those who made the shortlists! 🥳. Xx

  • LC Minniti15 days ago

    Congratulations to the winners! Well done!

  • ThatWriterWoman15 days ago

    Well done everyone!!

  • Li Ma15 days ago

    Congratulations to all Winner!!

  • Mesh Toraskar15 days ago

    I'm overwhelmed to see my name there. Thank you so much to everyone who turned up to vote and made it possible. I was honoured to get shortlisted among some brilliant artists and have my work stand with theirs and my words fail me how ecstatic I am, now that I've placed. ❤️ But that brings me to the thing that bothers me in this post - not seeing everyone's names who were shortlisted by the Vocal Team and Erica from the thousands of entries to the awards. I would really like the Vocal Team to put out another article commemorating everyone who was shortlisted and possibly a word from Erica to congratulate all the nominees. We want everyone on the platform to know that their favourite creators were shortlisted and go congratulate them to show their love and support as well! Please make it happen :)

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