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How To Get Rid Of Gout

The #1 Best Protocol for Gout

By amarjeetsingh jandawarPublished about a year ago 4 min read
How To Get Rid Of Gout Crystals

Today I'm going to give you how to get rid of gout crystals gout and so the question that I get a lot of times with remedies is like if it's so effective why don't doctors recommend it well because it's not.

Medical Care there's not a lot of money in these natural remedies you can't actually patent some of these remedies well actually that's not true because I find a lot of great protocols from patents which in this case I'm going to put a link down below with a patent on a certain combination but we're not using the whole combination we're using something very specific to help with gout.

So why am I doing this what's wrong with the current medical treatment for gout well the medication that they recommend has side effects whereas natural remedies have much less side effects if any and so let's just Dive Right In so what is gout gout is a situation where you have a buildup of uric acid and for some reason it's building up crystals in certain places in your body.

Primarily it's in the big toe but it can be in other places as well they've determined that almost 24 percent of the cases is genetic related but even if you have a genetic propensity to get gout there's still things you can do we're going to use a strategy okay we want to use natural remedies things that will help excrete uric acid and we also want things that will help get rid of pain directly if there's a gout attack now allopurinol in the main medication for gout works by inhibiting an enzyme it's called xanthine oxidase.

So this medication inhibits that enzyme but I want to give you some natural Inhibitors that have virtually no side effects the other thing to talk about is your diet if you look up gout they're going to have you recommend a lot of different foods especially proteins but I found that if you eliminate sugar especially fructose and of course alcohol especially beer you're going to be a lot more successful and generally speaking there's two things that can be done to reduce the intensity of gout number.

One is just drinking more water to dilute the concentration of uric acid and number two raising the pH of your urine you'll have less precipitation of this uric acid forming in the joints one more really important point.

I want to mention this protocol I'm going to give you I would recommend to do it for at least two to three weeks number one is called White Chinese Mulberry extract there's some great research on this and all the research I'm just going to put links down below well this remedy Mulberry has a certain phytonutrient that inhibit that enzyme that forms uric acid the next recommendation is Chinese cinnamon.

The scientific name is called cinnamon cassia and you can probably find this in a powder or a capsule Chinese cinnamon has some fascinating principles that related to other types of cinnamon but it's a little bit different cinnamon also has some other additional properties to help with blood sugars.

Okay and insulin resistance and so it can help you in various ways diabetics for example or people that are pre-diabetic or have insulin resistance have a much greater risk of getting gout than people that don't and the third would be omega-3 fatty acids and yes you can use fish oils.

I recommend cod liver oil because it adds two additional things vitamin A and vitamin d and vitamin A is good for your kidneys and vitamin D is also good as a natural anti-inflammatory but there's some interesting research that shows that when you take omega-3 in in sufficient quantities it can act as an anti-inflammatory but it can also inhibit the enzyme that forms uric acid.

All right so the next remedy and this is specifically to help excrete excessive amounts of uric acid I would recommend alpha lipoic acid alpha lipoic acid is also beneficial for peripheral neuropathy if you're a diabetic and you have nerve pain but it can help get rid of uric acid and as a side note there's many theories about why people get gout

I think what happens with people's gout their kidney just has a very difficult time getting rid of uric acid so the more you can improve excretion of this uric acid and improve kidney function you're going to have much less gout but with gout patients they're just reabsorbing a lot more uric acid than they should the last two remedies are mainly for gout attacks so the first remedy is Devil's claw.

Another name for this would be cat's claw because the flowers look like a claw but Devil's claw is in one study just as effective as viax which they took off the market but it's a very potent anti-inflammatory and so you can take it to get rid of really any type of pain arthritis pain but definitely gout pain in the last remedy is from the Brazilian Rainforest it's called IPO root room and this herb is also another potent anti-inflammatory and it can act as a cox-2 inhibitor so that's how Aspen works and when someone has gout a lot of times they're recommended aspirin or other types of NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatories but this remedy from the Brazil rainforest can act as a natural NSAID to help decrease pain now the last point.

I want to bring up there's some great data on your microbes in your gut helping you break down the uric acid and so one thing I would add to your diet to help bring up certain microbes to help you fight this would be eating certain foods that are more probiotic like the sauerkraut the kimchi.

I would highly recommend doing that as well as consuming enough good salad that's healthy that can feed the microbes because there's some additional data that when the microbes eat this fiber they make something called a small chain fatty acid called butyrate which is also great for gout now before you go to get more information on how to alkalize your urine.

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