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My Eulogy

By DamianPublished about a month ago 3 min read

“Decisions are the currency of life”- the one phrase my father would begin with, whenever it was time for a stern lecture.

From the dull choices of what to wear, or what to eat, to the important choices we have to make concerning career interests or relationships, our lives are a constant stream of decisions and choices. Yet, despite the conscious or unconscious effort to make these decisions, the process itself could be very nerve wrecking. The fear of making the wrong choice could paralyze us or lead us to indecision... but I believe with a few strategies we could make easier decisions when it comes to navigating this thing we call ‘LIFE’.

Firstly, understanding the probe of a decision is very important. Every decision involves carefully considering and evaluating options and their desired outcomes. You need to start by understanding the decision to be made and making clear your objectives.

“Lead them to paradise” — as Paul Muad’Dib Atreides said, coming to terms with the decision he had made, to lead the people of Arrakis to a better future, but of course, only after he carefully analyzed the potential outcomes. If you’ve watched Dune, you would understand my point in the previous paragraph is very similar to the messianic figure in the film. Therefore, I put to you these questions. What do you hope to achieve? What are your priorities and values?

Secondly…. you need to understand that informed decisions would always be the better decisions. Research relatable facts and expert opinions to be able to possess diverse perspectives. However you should only focus on collecting essential information so that you can directly hit the decision you need to make at that moment.

Now, with all the information at hand, weigh the options. Always consider the potential risk or rewards of each choice carefully. Never shy away from uncertainty, instead accept it as an inherent part of decision making. Remember! Not all decisions should be definite, sometimes.... take that leap of faith!

In addition to being rational, I would dearly and always advice you to listen to you intuition. Sometimes our subconscious mind processes information way faster than our conscious mind. Your intuition may provide very valuable insight that logic and rationality alone may not provide. However, be very careful to not allow emotions cloud your judgement. Strive for balance between the two phenomena; reason and intuition.

Consider the bigger picture also. "How would this choice align with my goals and objectives? Will it contribute to long term fulfillment and happiness?". Don’t be brought down by short term gratification, instead let the bigger picture take place in your thoughts.

Also… never be afraid or too proud to seek advice. Talk to close friends, family or mentors, so they may offer fresh ideas and bring the blind spots to sight. However, remember that the decision at the end of the day is yours and only yours to make. Take responsibility of the choice made and the outcome, whether positive or negative.

Lastly, practice self-compassion because not every decision you will make, will turn out as planned, and that’s okay. Mistakes are opportunities to learn new things and most importantly for growth. Reflect on past decisions, celebrate successes, and acknowledge areas that need improvement.

To conclude, mastering the art of decision-making is a lifelong journey — it never really ends, never! But by understanding the decision-making process, gathering information, weighing your options, trusting your intuition, considering the bigger picture, seeking advice from close ones and practicing self-compassion, you can make better choices in your everyday life.

Make a choice today!!

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