Karina Nistal

A lover of life...always thankful!

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4 days ago
We underestimate ourselves. We live in a society that conditions us to believe in something greater than ourselves. Sometimes it has an effect to believe in something bigger than us. It can give us ho...
Go Against the Grain
8 days ago
To go against the grain really feels like a rebellious term. Why would anyone want to go against the grain? To test the waters. To break out of normality. To deviate from the routine. To give yourself...
11 days ago
To be a mother has to be the greatest privilege. I know it's a lot of work, and probably the hardest job a woman will ever have, but I believe it is the most rewarding one. I've watched my mother be a...
Ode to Spring
15 days ago
I've always had a long time love affair with Spring. There's something about the longer days, bluer skies, warmer weather, the scents getting sweeter, and flowers blooming that really remind me how be...
Intense Changes
8 months ago
It's been a while and it truly sucks to be away from the things you love. For me it's writing, among other things. I've had some intense life changes happening all year long. I've moved cross country ...
Keep Digging
10 months ago
There are so many things no one is talking about and so much no one feels they can address. I've had a few weeks of feeling blah. Work has been slow and I've been finding it harder to stay focused. A ...