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Go Against the Grain

Refuse to conform.

By Karina NistalPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

To go against the grain really feels like a rebellious term. Why would anyone want to go against the grain? To test the waters. To break out of normality. To deviate from the routine. To give yourself the opportunity to grow.

In fact, when you're not going against the grain, it could feel as if life has gotten way too comfortable and even dull. I don't think we are on this planet long enough to let things get stale and boring. That goes for anything you feel strongly about. Don't find yourself in a cycle of having to do what you don't want to do too long.

When we get out of bed every morning, we have to decide to be ready to take on the day. For those of us that have somewhere to rest our heads, for those of us that have a chance to eat a meal that will nourish our bodies, and clean water to drink, we have met our basic needs. That's more than half our world population. That should be enough of a reason to wake up motivated and ready to make a difference! If not for yourself, do it for the people you love and care about.

We will be tested everyday. There are challenges that won't be met most days and will carry over until it's resolved. There are difficulties you'll find yourself praying over for months, even years. Some may feel so difficult you will feel you have to surrender. You'll wonder if God is listening. Then one day, you'll wake up with a solution or a resolve. Almost as if it came overnight when really it took many nights of battling negative thoughts, praying about it, and wishing it away.

For these reasons, we go against the grain. It's when we reach a point where we can no longer bear it. We don't want to settle for any condition, feeling, or relationship that makes us feel inferior. We don't want to obligate ourselves to people, places, or situations that have worn us down or affected us adversely.

Examine the full picture because every experience—negative or positive—is meant to serve you in some way. This is the reason we repeat lessons so often. We are repeating the same lesson until we can finally overcome it. It may be instant or gradual, but the lessons we overcome will serve us somehow and teach us how to change our perspective or take a different approach.

There's so many contrasts to how we can feel and how we approach situations. Age can bring you so much wisdom and patience. It can also make some foolish and impatient. Each lesson is intended to serve us and no experience is in vain.

It's when we decide to remove our ego and come from a place of truth and love that going against the grain could mean you're standing for something important. When you stand for something that matters to you, you have the opportunity to make a change or create a difference, despite other people's opinions. This is when you leave a lasting impression or make the most impact. We can STAND for something important or we can fall for anything.

I believe when someone decides to go against the grain they've decided that they've had enough and they are going to make a change. Sometimes, it's a radical change, but most of the time it was necessary.

This is a time when all the non-believers are suddenly made believers. This is when all the critics that spoke against you wish they had the courage to pull off what you are now doing. This is when you may have a newfound respect for yourself, surprised by how you've just decided to RISE to the occasion.

The truth is there will always be people who won't like you, won't accept you, and won't support you, regardless of what you may do to have their approval, so you might as well do what is right for you. If that means going against the grain you had to expect some resistance. Although it's been said, that when you encounter some resistance you must be doing something right. Refuse to conform and keep standing for what feels right. That's what makes this a powerful existence and a confirmation that we're on this unpredictable journey living a satisfying life. I hope you always have the courage to live in alignment with the life you want, and always push towards your dreams.


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