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Courage is Required to Live

Live without Limits

By Karina NistalPublished about a year ago 4 min read

It's been ages since I've blogged. I've been processing. There's so much to process right now in our world and even my own world. I've been meditating deeply, praying daily, and journaling often. I've been focused on keeping myself hopeful and happy. Sometimes I have so much to share but have a hard time organizing my thoughts. There are two themes that keep recurring for me - that's courage and power. Not only do we need courage to live this life but we have to remember to acknowledge our power often.

We've had a pandemic dominating our lives for almost two years now. We have been fearing our lives and loved one's safety. We've worn masks, washed hands, and sanitized enough for the rest of our existence, but this still isn't over. The idea of this having no end in sight even for an optimist like me is quite daunting and defeating.

I've tried to stay connected to friends and family by social media and phone, but as this pandemic has dragged on, I find us all changing and becoming more disagreeable to the point that I'd almost prefer to isolate. I've grown a little doubtful of others intentions and discouraged in some cases but I'm also finding my healing to be more and more difficult. I'll discover a breakthrough then uncover three more things I now have to work on. There have been more losses than I would've ever expected which have served as reminders of how precious life is and how much I want to be living fully.

I think I've made great strides in some cases towards my goals despite the pandemic, but there's still much more. I tried to remind myself of this as I caught COVID a few weeks back. I've tried to remind myself each day after when I've discovered other areas in my life that desperately need my attention. Mainly it is that I keep unraveling new concerns in regards to my ultimate HEALING.

This can become so heavy and deep. It's so hard to sit with yourself and that's exactly what's required when you heal. There's so many layers to peel back. You want to know what else is required? COURAGE.

Courage is needed to accept and learn to live with what you find. Courage to tell yourself it's going to be okay, and actually believe it. Courage is also needed to ask for help.

Often times it's these moments when you need more of yourself that you have to place boundaries and limits on other relationships. Especially if they are negative or draining. In other words...YOU need more of you right now. You might find that some people serve as distractions or road blocks instead. When your goal is to work on your healing you have to be fully committed to staying focused.

You deserve to take your time to heal. You're doing a huge justice for yourself by healing and by doing this work you will be able to be a better version of yourself for others who love you, need you, and depend on you. You absolutely can't pour from an empty cup.

This is helping me take my power back. This is reminding me to set intentions and set these limits with others because my time is important. If I know I'm valuable, I have to show it. This is also urging me to stay focused by giving a "better" version of myself so I can give my healed version. Recently, I have been feeling like I've been judged unfairly and judged by others. By being mindful of this energy, I remind myself I'm healing and search my heart in case I have picked up these toxic qualities. Perspective is everything so always guard your heart and mind. The opinions and disagreements with others could be things we need to remove within ourselves. Our minds are powerful and our feelings are an important part of this human experience. Managing the scope of our thoughts and feelings will save us so much conflict.

Instead of feeling like someone is against me or the world is against me I must change the narrative. You will only experience what you see in the world. That's why our view is so important. We have to be able to visualize the individual we want to become and see the world we want to live in. How do we do this with our current existence or the drab news? We have to guard our minds, change the programming, and create the world we want to live in. I've been focused on training my mind to see the things I'd like to see. Visualization is a much needed faculty for this. Seeing what we want to see encourages us to experience it in real life.

DO YOU KNOW HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE? It's easy to forget. Even for me. Let's not forget to be more inspired to live courageously. I hope you find more encouragement to live from your heart, take care of yourself, and make yourself proud. Life is too short to feel limited.


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