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Depression Is Real

But you're not alone.

By Karina NistalPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Finding ways to get unstuck

Depression is attacking our generation. It's so easy to feel defeated. We can dread getting out of bed. Dread going to work at our jobs. Dread taking a long commute to get there or dread being around certain people. We can dread certain situations. Dread our obligations. There are a variety of situations that can make us completely unhappy. Especially if they seem to draw out for a long time.

We're often overworked and tired. We've been battling certain situations for a long time. Some people have a partner they've been unhappy with for a long time, or friends that don't benefit them. Some people have health situations they're dealing with. Some people have such severe grief from losing someone important to them they just can't push through it. Some of us feel alone, discouraged, tired of dealing with our finances and other things so far out of our control.

We're all looking for a way out. Depression can be heavy and toxic. It can make us feel helpless and stuck, like there's no way out. When you feel trapped in depression it's easy to want to end it all. But it's not right and it's not fair.

I recently had a friend who committed suicide. This person was always upbeat and impacted our community in such a positive way. It saddens me to learn he was dealing with something deeper that no one knew about. There were no signs. There was no conversation. Nothing leading you to believe that he needed help. One day he is here and the next day he is gone. He left an entire community shocked and at a loss. Everyone is wondering what more they could've done to prevent this? How long could he have been coping with depression?

That is what prompted me to write about this topic. This is the stuff nobody wants to admit and nobody wants to talk about: depression. Of course there are tons of helpful articles online, but if we don't discuss it, we can't bring awareness to it or even begin to try to cope with it. We have to try to explore this subject in conversation to find solutions for it. How can we expect to get past it?

Everyone gets depressed. Some states of depression are deeper than others. There are so many of us that do not know how to manage it. There are plenty of us who should be talking to someone about it. After many years of trying to manage my own depression with my creative outlet, I decided to speak to a therapist. This therapist did wonders for me. I was able to open up to her candidly. I saw her for two years. It was a healing experience, an awakening, and a blessing. I didn't feel defeated anymore.

Some people don't feel comfortable speaking to someone.

They would rather try to deal with it on their own than speak to a stranger about their issues. The problem is, there could be a breaking point. This person was trained to listen to you and help you identify the root of where this may have started to try to come up with solutions. Whether you want to take their advice or not, it could be a good exercise to hear yourself talk about it.

If you'd rather not speak to a professional, consider speaking to someone you know. Get some perspective on these life changes from someone you trust and value their opinion. Sometimes we can benefit so much by having a conversation with our best friend.

Also, think about the importance of your mental health by catching up on sleep.

Depression can come from long hours of work or just being tired. As Psychologist Ralph Smart says, "Depression means deep-rest." This makes a lot of sense. When we are cramming in too many work hours, we are not going to focus on our health much less anything else. Life requires balance. We can't work ourselves into a burn out without facing some consequences. Your body needs rest. Your mind needs rest too.

Your body also needs movement.

When we take walks, work out, dance, or make creative time, you are working on "movement." This is something that will project you moving forward. Do more of what you enjoy doing. When you do more of what you love it raises your frequency. Spend time with the ones you love. It's always great to laugh and share hobbies or share a good meal between family and friends.

Getting out into nature is very therapeutic. There are so many health benefits to being outdoors. It can relieve stress and help lower your blood pressure. It can also reduce anxiety and give you clarity. This is probably one of the best ways to fight off depression.

Eat to live don't live to eat. The more produce you can eat and green leafy vegetables, the better. Your body can always use the vitamins. Set goals for yourself and get into a routine achieving those goals. There's nothing you can't do.

Whatever it takes just remember this is your life. You have to make yourself happy. This means having absolute self love and self care. Depression is tough but you are not alone. There are so many of us out there dealing with it and fighting the good fight everyday. Find what it takes to help you move forward and recharge. Do what you must in order to be happy.


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