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Read This If You're Having a Bad Day


By Karina NistalPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

This one goes out to you. To the person who is trying to stay positive. To the person who is trying to make ends meet. To the single mom working doubles and overtime to provide for her kids. To the dad who was misjudged hoping to be granted visitation. To the person working long hours to prove themselves to a boss that keeps overlooking them. To the person who's been saving money to buy a car or put a deposit on a new place and something keeps coming up. To the lonely person who wishes they had a partner to be able to rely on. To the person who keeps fighting for their health day after day. To the person who feels like giving up. This one's for you.

What if I told you: This is all a part of your story. All the times you questioned if you would make it. All the years you put in to study and learn your craft or business. The days you didn't have one penny to your name and you were trying to find a way to pay the bills to cover your household. All the doctors you had to see to finally find a successful treatment. All the court dates you had to attend to finally be liberated. All the late nights you had studying for that degree you needed those credits for. All the time it took you to recover from that injury. Every single difficult person you came across who made you second guess if it was all worth it and if you were on the right path.

This hardship, this pain, this adversity was all intended to make you see how strong you truly are. How much you are able to withstand. How far you're willing to go or how much you're willing to tolerate. There are times we act out of character because we've reached our limit. We've had enough. What approach would you take or how would you react? How far would you go or how hard would you push? What if most of this is a demonstration of your faith? How much do you believe in yourself?

You have to power through. You have to believe. Believe there's something greater guiding you to the next level; to the promised land. Believe in your dreams. Believe in everything you've set out to do and how much you've sacrificed or invested to get there. Believe that even during difficult times you have what it takes. You're intended to overcome all the odds.

Remember that promise that you made? The promise you made to yourself or the person who had to go? Maybe it was someone you loved or respected that gave you the strength when you didn't have it. The person who always believed in you when you couldn't believe in yourself. That person is still rooting for you, and they are in your corner. You are forever connected to their spirit. They are always a part of you. They are there energetically, even if they are not physically.

Nothing can stand in your way. No amount of resistance, doubt, or fear. Nothing can stop what is meant for you. Make your desires clear! What you want is already yours and you have to believe it. You are a star in the Universe intended to shine. Your energy is like a supernova lighting the way for others to do the same, becoming brighter and brighter with every act or intention. You have more than enough to accomplish being who you want, being authentically you, and your courage will empower others to do the same.

There is nothing that is missing from this perfect moment. Take a deep breath. Feel your lungs fill up to capacity then release the breath slowly. You are able to breathe and love. Count your blessings as simple as they may be. You have everything you need within you. You have enough resources around you to move to the next step. The Universe is fully supporting your desires. Don't externalize your power when it all comes from within. Step forward without any kind of doubt and realize you have what it takes. Every dream, goal, and desire in your heart was planted there with the vision to pursue it. There's nothing to fear. You are alive, your heart is beating, and you have purpose. Is that not enough reason to pursue the life you dream of and a life you should always love?

This is all a part of your journey. This is not where the story ends. Most of the time it is a new beginning. We often spend so much time trying to open the doors that are closed that we don't see the ones that are opening for us. There are plenty of opportunities in the making for you. Be ready at all times to live the life of your dreams and never ever settle for less.


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