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Narcissism Exposed: How to Spot and Avoid Narcissistic Individuals

Be aware of narcissists nearby you.

By Vortex Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Narcissism Exposed: How to Spot and Avoid Narcissistic Individuals
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Are you always worrying about your relationship that your partner / friend will leave you. The talks are only focused on them and they don't acknowledge your efforts. Maybe you are dealing with a narcissist.

According to dark psychology there are 3-4 (dark triad or dark tetrad)
‌Sadism .

In this blog we will only discussing about narcissism.
Those with narcissistic personality traits often display symptoms which include being boastful, selfish and arrogant, thinking only of themselves and nothing else.
Traits of narcissism:
‌1. lack empathy(Lack the power to respond to the emotions of others properly)
Lack of empathy refers to the inability or difficulty in understanding and sharing the feelings of others. It's characterized by an inability to recognize or understand the emotions of others, which can make it difficult for people with this trait to form healthy relationships or empathize with other.

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‌2. Extremely sensitive (one might even say hypersensitive to any form of criticism)

3. Grandiosity

They have an inflated sense of their own abilities and accomplishments, and may be preoccupied with fantasies of power, success, and attractiveness.

‌4. Superiority (Superiority is a feeling or belief that one is better or more important than others.)
They may believe that they are superior to others in terms of intelligence, abilities, wealth, status, or physical appearance. They may also believe that they are entitled to special treatment and privileges, and that they are above the rules that apply to others.

‌5. Entitlement(often believe they are entitled to special treatment and may have unrealistic expectations of others.)

‌6. Arrogance ( display arrogant, haughty, or patronizing attitudes towards others.)

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‌7. Exploitativeness (may use or exploit others to achieve their own goals, and may have no remorse for the harm they cause others.)

8. Manipulative ( refers to the act of controlling or influencing a person or situation to one's advantage, often in an unethical or deceitful manner.)

‌9. Low self-esteem ( undervaluing themselves/ negative thoughts about themselves)

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‌10. Self-centeredness (refers to a person who is primarily focused on their own needs, desires, and interests, rather than those of others.)

Even if you have identified the above 10 traits in someone it doesn't mean the person is a definitely a narcissist. Because a narcissist is very good in hiding it's true intentions/agendas . They are always very well aware about environment ( even smallest details ) they seems to be enjoying around people but they are actually analysing them so that they can use them in their own favour.
Narcissistic individuals may also have difficulty accepting responsibility for their actions and may blame others for their mistakes, while they may also be prone to exaggerating their achievements.

Don't worry
Being narcissist isn't a choice for everyone. Sometimes a person who has a traumatized past can have narcissism. Or sometimes suffering for something ( attention from some one , devalued by people in past , loneliness, etc can trigger some extent of narcissism )
Don't worry if you identified your self as a narcissist because without a psychology test no one can say that you are a narcissist even if possess all the above traits.

Deal with narcissist

Let's move forward to the main point. How to deal with narcissists. Since, they are hard to identify and very difficult to handle because they uses high level of manipulation techniques to control the surrounding environment.

‌You have to understand that the process is not easy

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Don't Let Them exploit you:
This is extremely important. It is not right or healthy if you have to withstand verbal or physical abuse. If you are in such a situation, you have to take a stand against it and take some action.

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‌Identify the Manipulators:
They will always find some excuse or another for their hurtful behavior and try to make you say yes to things you don't want to do.

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Learn New Skills:
Increase emotional intelligence, rational thinking, etc. they will probably give a upper hand . the motive of this is to beat them in their own game. if you learn certain skill and arrange them in a order they will act as a solid wall (defence mechanism) against narcissists.
In next blog we will discuss about Machiavellianism.
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