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(It will take a lot of Self-Development & Changes)

By ROME_XCIXPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

This one is really testing my selfishness to my self development routine. We have to Change. It’s a tough inner battle. Know that your not the only one. Know you have a purpose. Know you are loved.

If you’re not speaking to someone, I understand. I still haven’t spoke with a licensed therapist. The only person I’m talking to is myself, both my journals, and now God. Yes I have shared a lot with my better half(wife) which I am extremely grateful for, but I am still considering speaking with someone who is in the frontlines of this field.

Our sons are the reason I’m still alive this year. I have had 3 attempts over my life span. An I want you to understand this is not a victim story, and if your in the same boat it shouldn’t be for you either. We are in control of ourselves, take it back, an let the old you disappear. You have to find that last bit of the light, whatever it may be for you, and don’t let it go. If your a Christian like myself, God will listen to you, An God will hold your hand. If your not a Christian then you take whatever beliefs you may have and do the same. Listen to yourself, I mean truly listen and understand you have a purpose on this earth. Sometimes some of us are just more stubborn than others, and it takes some really dark stuff that will finally wake us up.

It’s very hard to be in this mindset of thoughts entering all the time. Whether you’re driving, in a public setting, or isolated to yourself. It is very real, and the thoughts 99% of the time are so powerful you can visualize very easily. Ignoring the signs in the thoughts however, is when it comes more natural to feel like your existence should be no more. Being here on planet earth, should not be the toughest journey in this life. It should be the most graceful journey, guided by self discipline, self positivity's, excellent motivators, and excellent mentors.

This platform can be used for this. There are many writers, poets, readers, and artist that put their all into it here. Consider writing these thoughts out, feel the emotions as your letting it all out of your mind. Focus on what makes you happy, and be delighted we have a part of us to share to this world. Sharing our thoughts and experiences with others does prove healing. An it may take a long time to realize that, it indeed did for myself.

It has also taken me awhile to piece this story together. Seeing as life always wants to be crowed with many activities. Finding the right moments is essential to achieving impactful stories, and this is a perfect placement for using the “Reflect Regularly” tool. We have to dedicate our time for our self reflections,so we can progress towards our goals, as well as identify old/new areas of improvement. Cultivating the desire to learn by seeking these improvements out,to gain our new knowledge and experiences of ourselves.

How about routines? I’m definitely OCD with everything I do. Which has especially paid off in my Self-Dev journey. So building a healthy habit/routine is great for us. As long as we have the consistency to do so, it will provide the energy and mindset needed to stay committed to our personal growth. These routines can be anything! Writing, reading, praying, drawing, hiking, walking, lifting, meditating, sleeping, and staying disciplined with all routines is needed!

So let’s engage with this community of like-minded individuals who can support us in Self-Development! Let’s inspire each other to be the best we can be! An let’s shape our life’s for our greatest fulfillments, purposes, and achievements!


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Let’s bring out the writing side. Especially for Self-Development.

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  • Crystal Kennedy12 days ago

    This one really hit home for me and my struggle with isolation and personal mental health battles.. You are so true Everyone has a purpose!!! Everyone is somebody's someone!!! Very good article!!!! 😊

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