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The Instruction

A "What's in my Pocket?" Microfiction Prompt

By Brannan K.Published 29 days ago Updated 28 days ago 1 min read
Top Story - April 2024
The Instruction
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“All sales are final!” the shop keeper yelled after him as the jingle announced his departure from the second-hand shop. He shrugged and felt the leather bomber-jacket gripping his shoulders tightly. It was satisfying.

What a steal for twenty-bucks, he thought.

Strolling down the sidewalk, something jostled free underneath, jabbing into his ribs as he walked. He paused on the busy street-corner, drawing down the zipper.

Amused befuddlement adorned his face. He fished a worn envelope from an inside pocket he had not thoroughly inspected. Delicately opening the flap, he removed a photograph.

The polaroid depicted a dark-haired man with studious glasses in a compromised position; sprawled naked on a hotel-bed, arm draped over a younger, unclad mistress.

The nightstand was littered with empty liquor bottles and lines of powder. They appeared to be asleep in their embrace, no doubt comatose from the binge of lust and vice.

That’s embarrassing, he mused.

He turned the photograph over, spying writing on the backside; the cursive scrawl was neatly feminine. His eyes grew wider with each syllable as he mouthed the words silently.

“I want the bastard dead, his bitch too. Check drop for payment. However you get it done is fine. If the cash is gone tomorrow, I’ll assume you got this instruction and accepted.”

Still processing the morbid message, an unexpected tap on his shoulder sent him into orbit.

Turning, he found himself face to face with a monster of a man; tall, muscular, and bald, with eyes gray as ice. Well groomed, he wore a tailored, tight-fitting suit. His professional facade belied the lethality underneath.

He could see it in those eyes; calculating and cruel. He was reminded of the lifeless look of a shark as its eyes rolled back mid-bite.

“I believe you have my jacket,” he said coldly.


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Brannan K.

****Vivid prose and thrills****

Favorite Reads:

Terry Brooks - The Shannara Trilogy

J.R.R.Tolkien - Lord of the Rings

James Rollins - Ice Hunt

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises

Cormac McCarthy - Blood Meridian

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  • Kalina Bethany17 days ago

    Outright creeped! Great story Brannan 😊

  • Anna 23 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story!

  • Kindred Soul23 days ago

    wow! this got me to sit… Brilliantly writte…

  • Rachel Deeming27 days ago

    Great microfiction! I'm checking pockets before I buy from now on!

  • Belle28 days ago

    Short but ever so edgy! Loved it! Congrats on top story! Well deserved.

  • Caroline Craven28 days ago

    So good!! What a great top story!

  • D. D. Lee28 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story.

  • Andrea Corwin 28 days ago

    Holy crapola!! This is an amazing story 👏😍❤️

  • Gail Wylie28 days ago

    Wow - love it!!!!

  • This an excellent microfiction, you fit so much into so few words. This deserves a Top Story, it really does

  • Zack Graham29 days ago

    Super creative--this touches on a lot in a very shallow breath. You have a knack for micro fiction, I'd like to see you explore a whole narrative in 200 word pieces.

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