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In The Public Eye

{In this arena, We stand exposed}

By ROME_XCIXPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
In The Public Eye
Photo by Richard Tao on Unsplash

Standing in the glare of the public sphere, our every stride is scrutinized, our every move is not over looked.

We can hear whispers treading through the day and night, applause and critique in one crisp.

We feel the bare of countless stares, we start crafting the mask of happiness, or crafting the mask of bravery, and wanting to be known but not yet understood.

Eyes trace paths, judgments are swift, an the air thickens up. Leaving little room for the expectations on demand.

Spectators dissect our reality, waiting and watching for a missed step, Exposed to the world, our spirits are revealed.

The curtain falls, we endure the risk. Let us stand tall. Refuse to yield.

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  • Manisha Dhalani3 months ago


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