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The Worst Advice Ever?

The common practice that could be responsible for the majority of your pain and suffering

By Aaron Waddell - Pickleball PhilosopherPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
The Worst Advice Ever?
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I know you've gotten this advice at some point. Maybe it was a friend who was trying to help you cope with a difficult situation. Or maybe it was just your inner voice speaking to you.

I know I have.

You were having a tough time at home. Kids aren't listening, your spouse is nagging you about some trivial thing you could care less about, or debt is creeping up on you, and consuming your waking thoughts.

So you decided that to make it through your work day, you need to "compartmentalize". Just push those negative thoughts, worries, and anxiety into a little box, place it on a shelf in your brain, and set yourself to the task at hand.

Or maybe it was the reverse. Work is stressing you out, so you pack it up and put it away while you're at home. Or it was pain - physical or psychological - that spurred you to take this action. Hurtful comments, abuse, or any other form of trauma are also common causes of this type of response.

At first glance, It seems perfectly reasonable. And possibly there are those times when it is necessary - when the pain is so raw and immediate, and incapacitating, and you are required to take some action - not in a day, not in an hour - but NOW.

It allows you to go on. To survive. To function.

The Folly of "Compartmentalization"

But here's the thing. You were not meant to merely survive. to function. to serve your purpose like some kind of robot.

Your destiny is to THRIVE!

You were meant to lead an amazing life. You were meant to be in vibrant health. You were meant to be great and to share that greatness with the world.

And by "compartmentalizing" your pain, you are…

Suppressing it.

Repressing it.

You are taking that boiling pot of stew, jamming a lid on it, taping it shut, and pushing it deep into your subconscious mind for it to deal with. And once it gets there, it does not just sit there. Not even close.

It is interpreted by your subconscious as literal truth. And whatever your subconscious perceives as truth WILL be made manifest. It will be made manifest in the people, circumstances, and events in your life.

What you resist, persists

Allow me to illustrate this with some examples:

Let's say you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. But as you get the kids ready for school, you notice that they did not finish cleaning their room like they promised they would last night. (I know - never happens 😁 ) And you feel a surge of anger for this lack of respect. But you push that feeling down - tuck it away - so that you can have a productive day at work.

But that's not what happens.

First, you get stuck in traffic, making you upset, and late! As you rush in the door, on the way to your office, John tells you he will late getting that report to you, and you start to seethe, thinking "What is his problem? He has no respect for my time!"

Finally, after an absolutely exhausting day that consists of fighting fire after fire, a customer calls 5 minutes before you had planned to leave. The conversation goes on and on, and you can barely contain your rage in the 30 minutes it takes to satisfy her request.

Here's another:

let's say you have back pain - severe tightness in your upper back. You ignore the pain - distracting yourself by burying yourself in your work. (I did this all the time - for years! )

Then, a week or several months later you develop a persistent cough. After a week it turns into pneumonia, or bronchitis. Or maybe your colonoscopy reveals a worrisome growth. Or you are diagnosed with IBS, Diabetes, or Heart Disease. You curse your bad luck. You curse your family and your genetics. You even curse God.

The Law is the Cause of all Effect

We like to think that these situations are just a chance. That they are attributable to genetics, resistant microbes, or a million other causes.

But there is no such thing as chance. It does not exist. There is only Law. There is nothing outside of The Law. What we define as chance is merely The Law misunderstood or insufficiently understood.

The Law we misunderstand is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Creation.

The Law states that the only subjective truth is "I am". What we experience as "reality" we create in our mind. And by that law, what we consider as truth - what we consider ourselves to be - must be. And our reality must reflect that awareness.

And when take what we are aware of by our senses, and push it into our subconscious mind, we do not destroy it, or weaken it. We merely let it do its sinful work under cover of darkness. Allowing it to surprise it at the most inopportune time with the fruits of its conception.

In short, this compartmentalization becomes a recipe for a lifetime of suffering.

There is a Better Way

Fortunately, there is a better way. A far, far better way. A way that releases those negative feelings - the anger, the sadness, the worry - and dissolves them. Allowing you to be free. Allowing you to know the peace of god.

Instead of pushing the pain away…

Welcome it!

Open your arms. Embrace the feeling. Call it by name. And say "I welcome you!"

"I welcome you Anger, with the greatest love."

"I welcome you Sadness, with all the love in my heart."

"I acknowledge you Worry, Hate, Anxiety, Fear. You are welcome here."

And when you do this, something utterly miraculous happens. That negative feeling - which felt so real, so solid, so irresistible…

dissolves into nothingness.

I know, for I have experienced it. Repeatedly.

How is this possible?

Because you are using the most powerful force in the universe. You are giving love. And, as scripture tells us…

Perfect Love banishes Fear

All negative feelings - be it Anger, Envy, Fear, Worry, Jealousy, Boredom, or Sadness - all stem from one thing.

A lack of love.

But there is something else that happens when you welcome. Something equally miraculous. Every time you welcome a negative feeling, you release a bit of the repressed feeling that generated your current response.

And little by little, you find these feelings occur less frequently. You discover their power has been diminished. They Are no longer the masters of your life.

And then one day, you find that they are no more. They are no longer a part of your life, replaced by boundless love.

Now I know that you doubt this. That your inner skeptic says it is not possible. You can not yet imagine the possibility of living a life absent of fear and worry.

And that is why you must experience it. Take this message that I'm delivering to you on faith. Welcome, and experience the magic for yourself. See the true possibilities for your life.

Become aware of who - and what - you are.

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