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Lesson 40 - I Am Blessed As a Child of God

A perfect mantra for a trying day

By Aaron Waddell - Pickleball PhilosopherPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Lesson 40 - I Am Blessed As a Child of God
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As I study A Course in Miracles (see my previous post), and work my way through the accompanying lessons, I find it funny (funny interesting, not funny ha-ha) how each lesson is perfect for the day it is presented.

Maybe this is actually because each lesson is perfect for any day. But it sure seems that it is divine providence. Or I’m just deluding myself. You be the judge.

Anyway, as I went through the lesson at 7:30 this morning - the lesson for today, November 16th - it read as follows:

You are a blessed Son of God. So throughout the day, preferably at 10-minute intervals, repeat this idea, and add to it examples of how it is so.

Interesting concept. sounds good! Seems like it will be valuable. At least no super-long practice periods!

And then all Hell broke loose.

7:30 - Emily

Not but a second after reading the lesson, and repeating the idea silently, I received a call from my wife, Jennifer, asking me to take out the dog.

Rushing downstairs, and entering our bedroom, I heard my wife’s phone ring.

Listening to the conversation, I heard my daughter’s voice, and I knew something was very wrong.

“I had an accident!” I heard through her sobs.

My wife, clearly upset, hands me the phone “Here, you take care of this.”

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am patient and kind.

"Ok, honey. Settle down. Breathe. Tell me what happened."

(Frantically) "I was running late for school. and Waze said there was traffic. And it told me to go this way. And the light was green. But a guy was stopped and I HIT HIM!”

"Did you pull over?"

"Yes. He took a picture of my plate. Then he asked for my license."

"You didn’t give it to him, did you?"

"I did!"

Jennifer: "That was stupid - you don’t give anyone your license!"

“I didn’t know!”

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am loving and gentle.

Me: "It’s okay. Did the police come?"

"No. They sent a link."

Jennifer “We didn’t need this - You were just about to have your last accident drop off our insurance! And why would you go a back way?”

(Wailing) “I just wanted to get to class on time!!!”

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am peaceful and serene.

"It’s going to be okay, Emily, just go to class. Fill out the form from the link when you can. We can talk about it later."

"I love you."

(Sobs) “I love you”

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am filled with joy and happiness.

12:10 - Lauren

As I prepared for my lunchtime walk with the dogs, another crisis was to rise its ugly head.

Jennifer: "Lauren called. She said her checking account went in the negative because the power company double-charged her."

"What? How could they do that?"

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am patient and understanding.

Now my daughter Lauren has just recently moved into her first apartment - and has had more trouble than you can imagine in those few short months. Her Car was sideswiped in a hit-and-run while parked. The water turned off multiple times due to a mix-up with the sewer company and the landlord, A leaking roof, a broken microwave, and a brick falling out of the wall that narrowly missed striking her cat! So really this would be nothing new.

"So I talked to her bank, and apparently, this wasn’t the only thing that made her account negative. There was a payment from Zelle that just hit…"

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am helpful and contented.

"Also, she mentioned that she had multiple ATM withdrawals that carry with them as much as $12 in ATM fees."

"12 Dollars?"

"Yes, because the ATM owner charges a fee, and the other bank charges a fee. And we charge our own fee…"

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am calm and gentle.

(Jennifer - continuing) "I’ve told her multiple times, but she just won’t listen. It must be nice to be so rich that you don’t have to concern yourself with such things!"

I am blessed as a Son of God. I am always provided for in abundance.

The Takeaway

We assume people know things because we know them ourselves. Then we find ourselves upset when they don’t. But this is insanity. And it is also exactly how the Ego thinks. How it seeks to ruin our inner peace and justify its own existence - its absolute craziness.

Everyone you deal with, as well as you yourself, is a blessed Son of God. A Perfect soul - divine in its creation.

But we also need to remember that everyone in our life is on their own journey. And while we may wish they were farther along, that is not your call. That is your ego drawing comparisons - the only thing it is capable of.

Every person is exactly where they should be. And it is of vital importance that you know that.

Your mission is to be a calming, loving presence - one who will give them the strength to find their path. You are to bring about right-mindedness in yourself - miracle-mindedness. and in so doing, bring that state to them and release them from fear.

In closing, I refer back to Lesson 37 - My Holiness Blesses the World:

My holiness blesses you, Jennifer.

My holiness blesses you, Emily.

My holiness blesses you, Lauren.

My holiness blesses you, dear reader.

May you be free from fear, and know only the light of God’s love.



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  • Tim Boxer3 months ago

    Really interesting. I agree with the power of spoken declaration to shape our thinking and attitudes. Thanks for sharing

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