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How to Stop Reacting and Start Living

Unleashing Your Inner Observer: Discovering the Key to a Peaceful Life

By KamyaPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
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Often, when a thought or emotion arises, we automatically react to it without even realizing it. We become completely consumed by our thoughts and emotions, and we lose control. We are essentially on autopilot, allowing our thoughts and emotions to dictate our actions.

When we start thinking about the future, our attention becomes focused on the various scenarios that could unfold. As we direct our energy towards these thoughts, more and more begin to surface, leading to a flood of fake scenarios playing out in our minds. We begin to conjure up completely delusional solutions, and we become slaves to a false reality.

These attacks on the mind can be incredibly debilitating, causing unnecessary suffering.

Reacting to things can be complicated, and sometimes not reacting is the best response. Imagine you're alone in your room, and suddenly, anxiety sets in. You feel those thoughts and sensations creeping up on you, and you might automatically fall into them without realizing it. You start identifying with those thoughts, thinking they define you, and the same goes for those sensations. All of a sudden, the anxiety seems so real, and you're suffering because of it.

But the truth is, this only happens because you're giving it all your attention. You start believing in it and reacting to it. If you simply don't react, those thoughts, those sensations would just come and go. They'd soon realize that they're not getting your attention and leave. Those emotions would flow through your body without getting stuck, and you'd feel peaceful again.

The key is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and to avoid identifying with them. Remember that you're not your thoughts, and you're not your emotions. You're the observer, and you have the power to choose how you react.

It's like a kid runs up to you and starts slapping your leg while yelling at you. This kid craves attention, and if you give in to their actions, they'll notice that their behavior gets your attention. From then on, whenever they want your attention, they'll repeat the same actions.

Your habits and ego work the same way. You've trained them to grab your attention, and they know just how to do it.

But what if you stopped reacting? What if you stopped giving them your energy? The kid may get more violent at first, but eventually, they'll realize that it's not working and move on. The same goes for your thoughts and habits. If you stop reacting and giving them your energy, they'll eventually lose their power and go away.

Now, you may be wondering, how do you stop reacting? It's simple. You just don't react. Don't resist, don't try to get rid of anything, just be present.

Release all efforts and trust in your being. When you're able to observe what's going on in your mind and body without identifying with it or reacting to it, you can begin to heal.

When you're more consciously aligned with your being, everything within you will begin healing itself.

It's like directing God's attention to them, and they'll naturally heal. And remember, this is possible for all of us. If you have doubts, don't react to them. If you have thoughts that say it's too hard, don't react to them either. Just focus on the experience of not reacting.

At first, you may only be able to maintain a state of stillness and calm for a few fleeting seconds. It can be daunting to release the tension and effort that you're used to carrying, and it may even feel uncomfortable for your body and mind.

However, if you keep releasing that effort, you'll soon discover something incredible: you are not your body, and you are not your mind.

As you begin to let go of your reactive tendencies, you'll start to see that you're not actually in control of what's happening around you. Thoughts arise spontaneously within your consciousness, and emotions in your body come and go on their own. You are merely a witness to these experiences, rather than their master or victim. Everything is simply happening, and there is no need for you to try to control or understand it all.

This realization can be truly transformative. Instead of resisting the flow of life, you can learn to embrace it and allow it to move through you.

When you stop trying to solve problems that aren't even present at the moment, you free up your energy to be fully present in the here and now. You become the peaceful observer of life's ebb and flow, rather than getting caught up in the drama of it all.

By not reacting to external stimuli, you reclaim your power and become more attuned to your inner self. No matter what storms may come your way, you can weather them with grace and ease, knowing that they will eventually pass. You are infinite awareness, a manifestation of divine consciousness.

You are not defined by the objects and experiences that come and go within your field of awareness. Instead, you are the boundless space in which these experiences arise.

When you know yourself deeply and without doubt, you can tap into a wellspring of inner peace and love. You are not defined by external beliefs or expectations. You are simply existing, being fully and authentically yourself.

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