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How to lose weight with the power of insulin and growth hormone

If you want to lose weight and you are trying some methods then here is some secrets they will maximize your results

By ghadermPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Losing weight is a goal for everyone who want a perfect body and for this goal they try everything possible and in our previous articles we talked about how to lose weight depending on calories so in this article I will show you some secrets to maximize your results whatever the methods you are use to lose your weight

Let us first agree that in these secrets we will be concerned with two hormones in the body, insulin and growth hormone

In the case of insulin we have to take care of insulin resistance

What is insulin and what is insulin resistance?

Insulin is the hormone responsible for providing cells with the glucose they need to function That is, this glucose is the form of energy for these cells

In the case of insulin resistance, cells don't respond to this hormone, so the level of glucose in the blood increases, which then turns it into fat So we have to increase the cells' response to this hormone and at the same time reduce it in the blood through the secrets that we will share with you in the end

The second hormone is growth hormone, and we have here to increase growth hormone in the body because the more growth hormone in the body, all that helps to burn fat more, meaning that its action is completely opposite to the action of the insulin hormone

How can we do this?

Daily habits:

When you wake up, you should drink a cup of coffee without sugar or any additives, because it will help you reduce insulin resistance through the caffeine in it

The second secret that we have with us is the way of eating, where you will divide your week into consecutive days that you eat carbohydrates and days that you don't eat carbohydrates

To clarify further, take an example

Sunday you eat carbohydrates but Monday you don't Tuesday you eat carbohydrates but Wednesday don't eat and so on

On the days when you are going to eat carbohydrates, you should drink a cup of green tea because it will only help you reduce insulin resistance

The third habit with us is morning exercises When you start your day with morning exercises, you will reduce the insulin hormone and increase the growth hormone since the beginning of your day, and this matter will very help to convert your body into a fat burner for the rest of the day, so the more the difference between these two hormones is the more, the more you benefit in burning fat

The next habit with us is of course gym. Gym exercises are very effective in helping to increase growth hormone and reduce the insulin hormone

Here, of course, everyone will ask: Did I benefit from cardio more than I benefited in gym exercises more, and we will explain this to you now

It was noted in cardio exercises that they burn more fat than iron club, but at the same time gym exercises burn fat for a longer period than cardio exercises

To clarify: In cardio exercises, the burning may end at the end of the exercise, but in gym exercises, the burning may last for two or three more

The last habit with us is to walk daily for one continuous hour without stopping any second in any place you want

To clarify, I will give you this secret: in any exercise we do, the body initially burns a portion of carbohydrates and after a while it will go into burning fat tissue, and here if we stop exercising even in one second, it will return to burning carbohydrates and stop burning fat tissue, so you have to walk for a while A continuous hour without stopping in order to continue burning the fat tissue

Here we come to the end of this article, I hope it has been liked

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