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How to lose up to 6 kg in 7 days

If you are suffering from gaining weight here you can Learn how to lose up to 6 kg

By ghadermPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

If you suffer from weight gain problems, congratulations, you have come to the right place

Let me give you a very fast way to lose weight about 6 kilograms in just one week

In the beginning, this method is not a diet, it is a lifestyle

Now you might ask, what is the difference between diet and lifestyle

The diet is a schedule, meaning that I specify for you how many meals you will eat per day or the amount of food available to you in one meal, you can never reduce or increase it

If you do, you will have modified the system and will not benefit from it

As for lifestyle, these are rules that you must follow, and if you follow them correctly, the result will be very good without specifying the number of meals or a specific amount

And now let's start

on the first and second days, you should eat proteins and fats only, without carbohydrates or fruits

That is, you shouldn't eat rice, bread, pasta, etc

you can get fats from oil, margarine, nuts, seeds, and more

The importance of protein lies in the fact that it suppresses the appetite for food, which is the thing that the body burns most energy in order to digest its nutritional value

As for fats, its importance lies in the fact that it activates the fat burning process in your body in general

During these two days, you can also apply the intermittent fasting system and you can eat as many meals as you want without starches and fruits

Well, if you eat large amounts of protein and fats, will you gain or lose weight

Of course, it will decrease because the weight will be reduced by a decrease in water or fat

By not eating carbohydrates, your body will emit quantities of water because for every 1 gram of carbohydrates you move away from it, 3-4 grams of water come out instead of it

Therefore, your body will excrete a large amount of water and burn a large amount of fat, and depend on your body fat as a source of energy

Now to go back to our article, on the third day you have to eat protein, fruits and vegetables only

Don't eat any fats or carbohydrates

To clarify: On the first and second days, we stimulated your body to burn fats by eating fats

On the third day, we removed all the fat from the food

That is, your body will start burning the fats stored inside it

Of course, because your body needs energy and there is no source for it because you do not eat starches or fats, so there is no source except for fats stored in your body and proteins.

 your body won't burn proteins because they are the best and remain to nourish the muscles, so it burns the fats stored inside it.

As for your intake of vegetables and fruits, it is because vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of potassium, which stimulates the body to excrete a large amount of water.

Thus, you lost a large amount of water in addition to a large amount of fat

But with this method, you have to stay away from the exercise that needs a lot of effort

The sport that you can do is a simple sport, such as walking

As for the fourth day, you should only eat vegetables and fruits

And you have to stay away from protein, carbohydrates and fats

Because the fruits and vegetables are full of water, they will help to bring out more water as well

Because your body must be nourished with water in order to excrete other quantities

The fifth day, you should eat only one meal with all kinds of carbohydrates to protein and fats

But you have to get away from unhealthy eating

Well, when you eat all types in one meal with different benefits and different nutritional value between each type and another, you combine all these nutritional values ​​in one meal, so your body benefits from all these values ​​and benefits

After this, you go all day without food

You can eat this meal at any time you want, whether it is in the morning when you wake up, or some time after that, it is not important

On the sixth day, you will be completely dependent on carbohydrates and proteins only throughout the day

Whatever the number of meals, you should stay away from fruits, vegetables and fats, and you should target protein and carbohydrates only

On the seventh and last day, you can eat anything you want as many as you want, there is no restriction

What we did on the sixth and seventh days is that by not eating carbohydrates in the first 4 days, your stress hormone secretion will increase, and thus this will cause your weight to stabilize and gradually return to eating carbohydrates, your stress hormone will start to decrease

Here, we reach the end of our article. I hope you find it useful

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  • DimitriosT8 months ago

    Interesting article!

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