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Introduction to Upper Body Alignment Technique to Have A Vaginal Orgasm (Discreet)

The pelvic floor muscle can be affected by childbirth and other damage that weakens the muscles. A weak pelvic floor causes issues like female orgasm dysfunction.

By Anne UnitedPublished 11 months ago 6 min read
Introduction to Upper Body Alignment Technique to Have A Vaginal Orgasm (Discreet)

Review Female Vitality Protocol By Alex Miller Body Alignment Technique!

What is the Female Vitality Protocol?

Female Vitality Protocol is a program that aims at empowering women by helping them learn how to repair vaginal muscles naturally. The program involves body-friendly exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles without causing any harmful effects. The simple techniques help women attain optimal intercourse health.

The program is based on clinical research endorsed by medical professionals, midwives, and fitness trainers worldwide. Female Vitality Protocol is suitable for women of all ages. You can enjoy various benefits, including relief from pelvic floor disorders, bladder leakage, vaginal pain, dryness, low pleasurable desires, and more.

The revolutionary program has everything you need to know about the health of your pelvic floor muscles and how to keep your private areas healthy. You will find quizzes that will help you understand the problem you are dealing with. The program consists of gentle movements, checklists, and videos to help restore your muscles.

The Female Vitality Protocol is ideal for both beginners and experts. You get to enjoy music while solving difficult problems. The protocol addresses the root cause of female orgasm dysfunction and ensures permanent relief. According to Alex Miller, the program's creator, it only takes stretching your body and getting long-lasting effects.

All the exercises are non-invasive, and you don't need a strict diet or take medications or supplements to attain the desired results. The pocket-friendly protocol does not require a gym membership, equipment, or assistance.

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How Does the Female Vitality Protocol Work?

The pelvic floor muscle can be affected by childbirth and other damage that weakens the muscles. A weak pelvic floor causes issues like female orgasm dysfunction. The misalignment of the muscles prevents blood flow to vital hormones, which affects the pleasure area in women's brains, causing reduced intercourse desire.

Alex Miller claims that tight muscles in the upper body block the female pleasure center, which makes the vaginal area to be less sensitive. Diastasis recti is a common condition as women age that causes a separation of the abdominal muscles. If not treated, it causes layer syndrome in your abdominal canister.

The Female Vitality Protocol consists of a 3-movement sequence that improves blood and oxygen circulation, increases vaginal sensitivity, reduces vaginal dryness, increases desire, and tightens the vaginal canal.

The movements are pain-free and can be done on the floor or bed. Some stretches in the program aimed at burning fat, thus encouraging weight loss. As you perform the exercises consistently, you will correct your posture and enhance your shoulders. Besides attaining the most intense orgasms, the program enables you to breathe properly and improve overall health.

Inside the Female Vitality Protocol

The program consists of comprehensive step-by-step instructions, videos, and photos to help you achieve the best results. All the information is easy to understand and implement. Here are the five chapters in the program:

Chapter 1

Contains the introduction and explains the important role that the pelvic floor play. It has quizzes that will determine whether your pelvic floor is functional. You will find important tips on how to maintain a healthy life and have a fulfilling life.

Chapter 2

You will learn how to strengthen the vaginal canal by doing the Kegel exercise. The chapter helps you understand the role of Kegel exercises in strengthening the pelvic floor. When you know to do the exercises properly, you will get quick results within a week.

Chapter 3

The section has techniques to build a strong core and increase blood and oxygen flow in the pelvic region. You will solve your abdominal issues and reduce your belly pooch.

Chapter 4

You will understand the importance of a good posture to avoid back injuries. The chapter reveals the bad posture that leads to back pain. You will discover several techniques that will help boost upper body alignment and attain a proper neural position.

Chapter 5

Contains a 3-step movement sequence that tightens and strengthens the vagina, reduces vaginal dryness, and increases desire. You can perform the exercises anywhere, which takes less than 3 seconds. Some users attain better results within two weeks of doing the movements.

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The creator of the Female Vitality Protocol provides the following bonuses to help improve your results:

Bonus 1: Female Vitality Protocol Informational Handbook

The guide contains videos to help you naturally heal layer syndrome, improve vaginal sensitivity, blood, and oxygen circulation, and reduce belly pooch. The step-by-step movements correct diastasis recti and help track your progress in the program. The checklist allows users to monitor and improve their progress throughout the Female Vitality Protocol.

Bonus 2: Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

You will find a 10-minute quickstart video routine with exercises that help with vaginal toning. The exercises are said to be 'diastasis safe' and have been proven to treat diastasis recti and reduce belly fat. You can attain a slim figure and waist by following the routine.

Bonus 3: How-To A Vaginal Handbook

The handbook has movements you need to have an finish without external help by learning how to contract and release vaginal muscles to achieve internal vaginal sensation. The techniques will give you more pleasure and sensation than you've ever had before.

Bonus 4: Desire Hormone Enhancer

The 5-minute guided breakthrough audio tracking enables users to increase their desire. You can practice breathing techniques at any time to stimulate the proper hormones in your body. The breathing techniques will take the experience to a better level.

The program contains three stretches you can do in the comfort of your home to relieve lower back pain, sciatica, middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. The stretches can be done on the floor or your bed.

The Benefits of the Female Vitality Protocol

The program can heal all types of pelvic floor issues;

It helps repair and strengthens pelvic floor muscles to restore core alignment;

The program provides proper satisfaction and increases pleasure;

It helps remove the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, like vaginal dryness, low intercourse desire, bladder leakage, and more;

The program reveals important information about female and health;

It helps enhance mood and energy.

Pros The Female Vitalit Defect

Female Vitality Protocol is only available on the official website;

The program is only suitable for women.

Price guarantee and money back

Female Vitality Protocol is available online on the official website. For just a one-time price of $47, you get access to the full program plus a free bonus.

The creator offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. You can return the product at any time within two months if you are still waiting to see the results and get a full refund.


Female Vitality Protocol empowers women to feel confident and achieve healthy sex lives. It helps build a strong pelvic floor, increases sensitivity and blood flow to the vagina, and boosts libido.

The program helps users get results faster and eliminates all their worries. All the techniques of Female Vitality Protocol are tested and proven to give amazing results. The program uses natural, safe, legal methods to restore your health.

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