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Switch Places

You are now in your prime, while me...

By Manisha DhalaniPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2024
Switch Places
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My home

Is your home

You once told me

So I made it my own.

But today,

Our lives

Have switched.

This princess,

Who left the castle of her parents

Is now in your home

Small, cosy, tiny cottage

That she calls her own.

While, due to circumstances,

You had to go far,

Finding solace in the castle

That your loved one once called hers.

Now you call it yours

You get all the spoils

Of the riches she once had

You're now Prince Charming

For her mum and dad.

While she sits quietly

Working hard

In your abode

With a smile

Because she knows

You deserve good things

And good things will come

If you have peace of mind

While working hard

Working right

Far away from the sight

Of all the naysayers

And the people who have always

Tried to take away the spoils

That you worked hard to earn.

Now the spoils are all yours

While here I hope

That one day you can spoil me

And treat me like the princess

I once was

For my parents.

We are far apart now

Due to the situations

You have placed us in

I am in your home

You are in mine

But we will reunite


And celebrate

Our love

With the fruits

Of our labour

And sacrifices.

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About the Creator

Manisha Dhalani

Content writer and marketer helping solopreneurs achieve organic growth. Loves reading, eating cake, and having insightful conversations.


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Comments (21)

  • Dawnxisoul393art2 months ago

    The imagery of switching lives and finding solace in each other's homes is both poignant and thought-provoking. The contrast between the small, cozy cottage and the castle creates a vivid picture of the changes that occur in life's journey. The resilience and determination of the narrator shine through, as they work hard and maintain a positive outlook, knowing that good things will come. It's a testament to the strength of their love and their belief in a brighter future. The poem evokes emotions and leaves a lasting impact. Thank you very much for sharing and have a nice evening mate!

  • Success2 months ago

    This is a beautiful and heartfelt piece. Your words capture the essence of love, sacrifice, and hope perfectly.Thank you for sharing such a lovely and inspiring story!

  • Victor Eaves2 months ago

    Great poem. Reminds me of the phrase, "A home away from home."

  • Sasi Kala2 months ago

    beautiful poem well done Top Story!

  • Great Top Story… I was Daddy’s little princess too! Liked: ‘ While here I hope That one day you can spoil me And treat me like the princess I once was For my parents.’ The changing phases of life.

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    Ah, the strange permutations of life!

  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    Congratulations on your Top Story

  • RAJEEV VERMA2 months ago

    Congrats...jus wow!

  • Anna 3 months ago

    Congrats on your Top Story!

  • Esala Gunathilake3 months ago

    Congratulations on your top story.

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Sad, happy and hopeful, Lovely poem. Congrats.

  • Alyssa Nicole3 months ago

    This is a beautiful poem, Manisha! Very deserving of a Top Story!

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • V Devi3 months ago

    Great work 😍 lovely read!

  • Margaret Brennan3 months ago

    Congratulations on your TS. Love works in very strange ways.

  • Christy Munson3 months ago

    Lovely piece rich with emotions. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Suzii~3 months ago

    Lovely read. Keep up the great work. ^^

  • Kendall Defoe 3 months ago

    Domestic bliss is not always a promise. Excellent Top Story!

  • Murali3 months ago

    It will happen one day♥️.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you to be treated like a princess again 🤞🤞✨️❤️

  • Kodah3 months ago

    There's something heartwarming about this piece. I loved the ending of the poem! Love it! 💝

Manisha DhalaniWritten by Manisha Dhalani

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