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Backstory Blogs Pt. 6 - Wistria


By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 21 min read


Excerpts from: The Deity Jewels, Part One: The Prophecy


Wistria's first appearance


Chapter Ten: Prisoner Breakout and a Runaway

pages: 111-112

“Ello,” called a soft and welcoming voice from above. Kaynen swiftly looked up at the bars to see a young girl, her long black hair in a ponytail that slipped over her shoulder and fell to her hips. Her ruby red lips stretched in a greeting smile. Her face was thin with high cheekbones. She had green-blue eyes that seemed to glow with joy.

“Hello,” Kaynen replied flatly.

“Why so gloomy?” asked the girl.

“I’m in a cell,” Kaynen retorted, his eyes narrowed.

“Yeah, maybe so… will this cheer you up?” she questioned, pulling a big tray of food out from behind her.

“Maybe,” Kaynen responded.

“Okay!” smiled the girl.

“This is a game, isn’t it?” Kaynen interrogated.

“Nope!” the girl replied joyfully.

“Why are you so kind? You’re a Sithmora, ain’t ya?” Kaynen quizzed, keeping his eyes on her.

“Oh, heavens, no!” laughed the girl.

“Then what are you?” asked Kaynen.

“I’m an elf!” answered the stranger. Kaynen looked closer and now saw that she had long ears.

“Elves?” Kaynen replied.

“No! Of course, silly! Never heard of an elf before?” teased the girl.

“Never talked to one before,” Kaynen replied.

“Well, now one is about to give you some help,” the girl smirked. She stood tall in front of the bars. “You may want to scoot over a little.”


First introduced as a quirky young woman, mysterious and intelligent, Wistria helps Kaynen escape because she believes his path needs to be pushed in a direction that will lead him to Torrick.


Wistria disappears as mysteriously as she appeared...


Chapter Eleven: Separated and Reunited

pages: 119-121

Kaynen blinked his droopy eyes open slowly; that was the first time in a while that he had slept. He looked across the room to see the elf girl sitting by a tattered window. The sun must have been tall in the sky, for bright daylight poured through the opening like a wave crashing into the old building. The girl turned to face him.

“Good morning, sunshine,” she smirked.

“How long have you been up?” Kaynen asked, rubbing his eyes then opening them again to see her reaction.

“Since early dawn,” answered the girl, looking away, scouting out the window.

“You never told me your name,” Kaynen stated, curious as to the reply.

“You never told me yours,” she said, smiling, “I am Duchess Wistria Kenzli Morrin of the Calivin Providence in Socrana Forest, but you can just call me Wistria.”

“My name is Kaynen. It’s nice to meet you, Wistria,” Kaynen jibed.

“Yeah, too bad, our first impressions almost included getting killed,” grinned the girl, Wistria.

“Yep! Nothing like living on the edge, eh?” Kaynen responded, his tone relaxed.

“Oh yeah!” laughed Wistria. She seemed to tense up when she spoke again. “Night isn’t far away.”

“Right!” replied Kaynen, getting up, standing, and stretching.

“What are you doing?” Wistria asked, now standing and facing him.

“I’m getting ready to go. Ain’t we going?” Kaynen questioned.

“I’m going. Not you. I need to go alone,” clarified Wistria.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! No, we are in this together. I’m going too,” Kaynen refused.

“No, you’re leaving Domorda. You and your friends need to get out of here. I am going after Eva. You need to go after that raven that took her,” explained Wistria.

“Wait a minute, how do you know about that? Why do you need to find Evaleana?” Kaynen quizzed.

“Word gets around faster than you think. It is my mission. The many previous Enchantresses were good friends with my people, and it is my task to find her,” Wistria pressed, turning away and heading for the door, motioning that the discussion was over.

“Hey! Wait!” Kaynen exclaimed, dashing over to the door and blocking her way out.

“What?” Wistria snapped.

“Why can’t I go? I’ve known Eva for a long time. We’re good friends, and I have a responsibility to protect her,” Kaynen demanded.

“It’s too dangerous!” protested Wistria.

“Why?” Kaynen grumbled, loud enough for her to hear but too quiet for any eavesdroppers.

“She isn’t the same person! She would kill you in a heartbeat! Now leave!” retorted Wistria.

“What are you talking about?” quizzed Kaynen, still standing firmly in front of her.

“You wouldn’t understand! Now go!” hissed Wistria. She dashed over to the window and jumped out of it into the back alleyway. Abruptly, she bolted off down the passageway.


Wistria is having to sneak around because her father is strongly against her mission. The young elf duchess vanishes again only to return later to disobey her father's wishes again.


Wistria prepares to help Evaleana in secret.


Chapter Twenty-Four: Rebel

pages: 245-249

A strange-cloaked person calmly walked along with the shadows of a darkened forest. Momentarily, another slipped out of the shade of a nearby tree and removed its hood to reveal a young man, his short black hair spiky in the front but smooth in the back; his sharp eyes were a pair of sparkling sapphire pools. He had pointed ears; he was an elf.

“Do you have everything?” the man softly whispered.

“Of course. Everything is in order. She has hidden, and the rest have headed into another kingdom,” replied the cloaked person, their voice smooth and girlish.

“Good. Are you ready, Duchess Wistria?” questioned the man, his smooth voice gentle and calming. Quickly, the strange-cloaked figure removed its hood to show that it was the pretty Duchess Wistria under the cloak. Her long black hair pulled into a bun with her bangs braided into it, and the rest of it slipped over her right shoulder like a shimmering waterfall. Her green-blue eyes filled with excitement and determination.

“I’m glad that boy and his friends left Domorda. If they hadn’t, none of this would’ve happened. The Prophecy of The Deity Jewels has now reached the group, but not her. We must be quick. But, if we take horses, my father’s men will catch us right away; we need to take a Tyva. We should be able to get out quickly and unnoticed. Follow me,” smiled Wistria. The two young elves dashed through the healthy forest silently. Soon, they reached a mushroom staircase that was big even for them to climb without worries of destroying it.

The trees all around them were enormous, massive trunks, and they all stretched very high into the sky. The elves were light-footed and quiet as they sprinted up the mushroom spiral ladder that swirled around the massive tree’s trunk. The higher they went, the smaller down below got, and sometimes they would run out of mushrooms to climb, but there was always a hole in the trunk that was a door into the healthy tree. Inside, fireflies speckled the whole place, lighting up the way as they walked across high walkways inside the tree. Soon, they reached the other side of the tree and exited the inside.

Once outside, they stood on a giant mushroom that was an excellent platform for what they were about to do. Wistria then pulled out a strange wooden flute with many parts; each piece played a unique sound. She closed her eyes as she blew into the holes and played a beautiful lullaby. It may have been quiet, but no matter what, many creatures in the forest could hear it well. Soon, the sound of silent flapping came toward them. Wistria opened her eyes and put her instrument back into a pocket in her cloak.

Suddenly, a creature about the size of a one-story house landed in front of the young lady elf. The beast had the skin of a lizard and the wings of a dragon, but it was smaller than an adult dragon. It had a lithe body, thin but tough. Its body was a dark green, its eyes were all white, and the irises were snake-like and colored black. It had a long tail, and its neck was short. It had four long and stable legs. Its long claws retracted inside its feet like a cat’s. It had a long tongue like a lizard’s, only it was a blue color.

She smiled and mounted the smooth and curved back of the creature. She gently patted the spot behind her, signaling for the other elf to sit behind her. He smiled in return at her and swiftly jumped up onto the creature’s back. She grabbed hold of the reins and lashed them gently, letting the beast know it was time to leave. The beast turned to face the edge of the mushroom and gazed down at the ground that almost seemed miles away. It backed up a little, and soon it crouched low to the ground.

“I did tell you before that I hated this sort of transportation, right?” the man asked, his voice a little shaky.

“Nope,” Wistria replied, a smirk soon slipping across her face.

“Well, let’s just say I prefer—” the man started before the beast took off at rapid speed. Suddenly, it leaped off the edge of the mushroom, and they were falling, and the creature leaned forward, its nose pointed at the ground. The man was about to yell in surprise when Wistria turned around and slapped him. She held a finger to her lips and soon whipped back around to lean forward with the creature.

The man grabbed onto her hips and closed his eyes tightly, for the wind was making her hair slap his face. He tried to lean his head back so her hair would stop hitting him, but it was so long that that didn’t work. The man soon stopped worrying and opened his eyes–which turned out to be a bad idea. For, they were about to crash to the ground when the beast then spread its wings, and they shot straight up into the air.

“Never do that again!” the man shouted. Wistria could barely hear him, for the wind was very loud.

“Okay,” she laughed. The man opened his mouth again to say something when suddenly a bug flew into his mouth. He began to cough, and he coughed so much that Wistria got so annoyed, so he turned around again and hit his back, sending the bug flying out of his mouth. She smirked and returned to watching as the creature flew skyward toward the treetops. Soon, they would encounter leaves and tons of branches that would slap and cut their skin. Wistria just leaned forward more and smiled brightly.

Just when the first group of leaves and thick branches were about to strike, she used magic to form a hole in the canopy, big enough for them to fly through without getting hurt. Once they passed through, she turned back around and removed the spell, sending all the branches to collide and smack each other, sending leaves gently floating to the ground below. Next, she turned back around and pulled down and forward on the reins, telling the beast to ease into a vertical flying position. Now, they were soaring in the clouds and headed south, for right now, they were in the far southeastern part of Socrana Forest, headed for Sithmora Territory.

“We will have to land soon; Tyvas aren’t powerful fliers but strong runners. Once we reach the border, we will be in Kavindo Forest!” Wistria explained, loud enough for the man to hear.

“Why again are you helping them?” the man asked.

“I told you already, Farin; I am helping them because it is my destiny, my mission. I don’t care what my father says,” Wistria answered.

“Your father is only worried about your safety; you know that right?” the young man, Farin, questioned.

“Yes... I know. But I’m not daddy’s little helpless girl anymore; I’m the Calivin Providence Duchess, and I’m soon to be its Lady. I have a destiny outside of Socrana too. Father has always kept me locked up in Calivin, and I need to show him that I am strong and that I am ready to take care of myself, by myself. You didn’t have to come, ya know,” Wistria replied.

“Yeah, but you’re my friend; I must at least give you some company,” Farin smiled. Wistria laughed and smiled brightly.

“I’m glad you came along, Farin, but it’s going to be dangerous out here. But don’t worry,” she paused to turn around to face him. “I got your back,” she smirked.


pages: 266-269

“Where are we?” Farin asked. They were in Kavindo Forest, almost near Sithmora Territory, and in the distance, they could see The Northern Sithmora Guard Tower. They stood in a grassy clearing that was surrounded by foliage and many trees.

“Ugh. That is the fifteenth time you’ve asked in five minutes!” Wistria grumbled.

“You’ve been keeping track?” teased Farin.

“Shut up,” snapped Wistria, but she couldn’t hold back a smile for very long, so she just burst into laughter. Farin laughed in return for her weak attempt to be serious.

“You’ve never been very good at that, have you?” joked Farin.

“Eh. Maybe so, but at least I don’t scream like a little girl when flying,” giggled Wistria.

“Alright, now that was harsh. You went too far that time,” Farin declared.

“Oh please,” Wistria smiled, turning around to face him. “You’re a tough guy; I know you can take it,”

“Okay, okay,” Farin responded, holding his hands up to show defeat as he walked up to Wistria, who stood tall, waiting for him to catch up. All around them, trees towered above their heads. They were not as tall or as broad as Socrana but taller than trees you would find in a typical forest. “Now, can you answer my many repeated questions?” Farin asked with a smile.

“I guess,” Wistria sighed sarcastically. “We are near the edge of Kavindo and almost at the northern border of Sithmora Territory,” she answered. She then paused and looked around and behind Farin in confusion. “Alright. What did you do to the Tyva?” Wistria interrogated.

“Oh, ya know. I cooked him up and ate him without you noticing,” jibed Farin.

“I'm serious, Farin,” Wistria pressed.

“Look, I don’t know where it went, which is strange. How can you lose something so large?” Farin questioned.

“Dragons are ten times bigger than them, and they manage to hide well,” retorted Wistria, beginning to walk around the edges of the clearing.

“I’m just saying. That Tyva was fat. Where could it hide?” Farin replied with a shrug. Suddenly, Farin felt something breathing down his back. He tensed up and froze in place as the hot breath covered him. “Um. Wistria,” Farin called timidly.

“Yeah?” Wistria responded, still looking away.

“It’s right behind me, isn’t it?” Farin asked. Wistria whipped around, and a huge smile slipped across her face. She then dashed forward toward Farin. Farin went toward her but was taken aback when she ran right by him and jumped up to hug the Tyva. He turned around to see her embracing the Tyva, and the Tyva let out a strange purr. Farin’s arms fell to his sides as he looked at Tyva, his eyes half-closed due to denial. “Oh, okay. I see how it is,” Farin grumbled. He backed off when he saw the Tyva shoot him a glare.

“Ya know what, never mind,” Farin responded as he turned away and stared out in the forest. Suddenly, something lifted off the ground and sliding down Tyva’s neck. “Whoa! Hey!” Farin exclaimed. He slid down its body and crashed to the ground behind the Tyva off its tail. Farin shook his head as he slowly heaved himself up and walked over to Wistria, who stood by the Tyva, laughing. “Why do I get the feeling this trip is going to be torture?” he quizzed half-heartily.

“Oh, lighten up, Farin. That’s how she gets payback. It’s how she shows that she cares,” Wistria declared with a smile.

“By picking people up and making them crash to the ground? That’s like a baby puking in someone’s face. How does that show ‘affection’?” Farin argued.

“Alright, the fun is over. We better be moving,” affirmed Wistria, her tone now serious.

“Thank goodness,” mumbled Farin.

“Oh, you know you’ll miss it,” Wistria replied with a sly smirk. Farin reacted to her comment with a fake laugh.

“Oh, how funny! Hahaha,” Farin laughed sarcastically.

“We need to make a detailed plan,” Wistria stated.

“If it doesn’t involve getting caught and beaten up, I’m all for it,” Farin commented.

“What if it included death? Would that be better?” Wistria questioned.

“No, no, no,” Farin shook his head, now feeling awkward. “I think I’ll stick with not getting killed.”

“Good. I’m thinking the same. Now, we need to get in without being noticed, but I highly doubt that it will be effortless, considering prisoners got away last time someone got in. So, they will have extra guards. Should we get caught, find Eva, and then fight our way out, or should we use magic now, bust in, find Eva and escape?” Wistria suggested.

“I say we use magic now and get out as soon as possible,” Farin declared.

“Alright. So, it’s decided then. We break in, get Eva, and then break out. But, we will have to be extra quick and stealth-like. Maybe steal some disguises?” Wistria suggested.

“Sure,” Farin replied. Wistria mounted the Tyva and helped Farin up on the saddle behind her. She rubbed the Tyva’s neck, and it began to move. As they rode the unique beast, they were sure to keep an eye out and listen to the sounds all around very carefully.


pages: 277-280

Wistria and Farin were running down a dark hallway. They finally made it into Sinro Prison in their disguises. Sithmora were buzzing all around; something was wrong. Finally, Wistria grabbed one Sithmora’s arm and stopped her to gather information.

“What’s going on?” Wistria demanded coolly.

“There is a visitor for the Princess. This visitor is not very nice. Whatever it is, it is very fast and out to kill certain people,” explained the Sithmora rapidly. Swiftly, she got away and sprinted down the hall. Wistria grabbed Farin’s hand and dashed down the hallway, following the girl she had just interrogated. After turning down many corridors, they found themselves in the dungeon.

“Well... this is convenient,” mumbled Farin. Wistria swiftly elbowed him in the gut.

“Shh!” Wistria hissed quietly. She darted down a long stretch of dozens of cells until finally, they came to a dark staircase hidden within a cell itself. Wistria thought the lockups were strange, being in the floor. Swiftly, the two elves were down the stairs and in a very dark hall. Wistria pulled out a weird and minor glowing bug from a pouch and held it in her balled fist as she continued walking down the corridor. She noticed that she was tightly squeezing Farin’s hand. His face twisted in pain, but he kept his mouth shut.

“Sorry,” she whispered as she loosened her grip. Farin let out a relieved sigh and continued to walk along with her.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“I feel... a presence... two...” Wistria quietly reported. The next thing they knew, they were standing before a dead end. “No, no, no! This can’t be right!” exclaimed Wistria in fear.

“Um... did you hear that?” Farin asked cautiously.

“What?” Wistria asked. A sudden snapping sound followed, and they were falling. Swiftly, their butts found the stone floor below.

“That,” Farin grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. They were in a hole, a very dark one with a faint light. The bug was dying, but light still shone from it.

“Oh, I’m so sorry little one,” Wistria sympathized.

“Hey!” Farin snapped.

“Not you! I was talking to the bug,” Wistria countered.

“Fine. Whatever,” Farin murmured as he brushed off his clothes. He stood and helped Wistria get up. Once standing, they looked in front of them to see another tunnel. “How do they get around in these places?” spat Farin.

“Not like we do. With the whole falling and almost breaking our bottoms,” Wistria chuckled.

“Ha,” Farin sarcastically chortled.

“Alright, come on,” Wistria declared with a smirk as she began to lead the way down the new hall. After a while, they came across a single wooden door at the end of the passage.

“Now we don’t know what is inside, so don’t do anything too stupid... just don’t be yourself,” teased Wistria.

“Why do you feel the need to make jokes, even when we could die?” Farin quizzed.

“I would rather die happy than die sad,” Wistria replied with a bright smile. She gripped the doorknob, and suddenly threw it open, and dashed into the room as she drew her sword. The bug flew out of her hand and buzzed around above their heads. Inside, there were two chairs. Both had someone tied to them. Each person had a dark sack over their head, their bodies as silent as snow, still as statues. The person on the left must be a lady, for it wore a tattered simple blue dress. The other one on the right must be a man, for; it had on the same uniform as a Sithtoren.

“Hurry!” Wistria ordered as she dashed over to remove the sack on the lady’s head as Farin pulled the other bag from the man. Wistria smiled as she recognized that the lady was Evaleana, The Enchantress. She looked over to see that Farin was untying Torrick, The Enchanter. Wistria swiftly untied Eva, but only to discover that she didn’t move when she shook her. Worry began to fill her as she grabbed Eva’s wrist to feel her heartbeat.

“Eva!” Wistria called. She didn’t feel a heartbeat, which only added to her escalating fear and worry.

“Torrick isn’t awaking either!” informed Farin.

“Wait! Feel his wrist! Is there a heartbeat?” Wistria suggested. Farin swiftly did as she said and paused to find out the answer. Soon, he nodded.

“It is faint, but there is a beat,” declared Farin. Wistria closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She suddenly opened her eyes and placed her palm on Eva’s forehead. Soon, Eva’s eyes flashed open, and they darted around the room in fear.

“Where am I? Who are you? Torin! Torin!” Eva demanded frightfully.

“Eva, listen to me. It’s all right. My name is Wistria; I am an elf from Socrana Forest. Please, calm down. We are here to rescue you and Torrick,” Wistria soothed calmly. Farin jumped back in surprise when suddenly Torrick awoke.

“Eva!” he exclaimed as he gazed around. He stopped when he saw her sitting nearby. He smiled brightly at the sight of her, and swiftly they both jumped up and hugged. Wistria and Farin dashed to the open door, where they heard shouts coming from down the tunnel.

“You all need to get out of here!” Wistria declared as she shot glances at Eva, Torrick, and Farin.

“No, I’m staying with you!” Farin firmly stated as he stood by her side.

“Go with them! Lead them to their friends!” ordered Wistria.

“No. You need to go. I’m just a hunter, nothing more. You are a Duchess; you must get out! You need to go with them and help them with their quest!” Farin countered. Wistria stood firmly in place, objecting to leaving. Before anyone could say anything else, Farin exchanged a glance with Torin and nodded his head. Torin dipped his in return and quickly grabbed Eva’s hand suddenly, and then they disappeared.


Pages: 287-289

Wistria slowly blinked open her eyes. The bright light coming from the close presence of a torch blinded her at first. The stars were still high in the sky, but the sun was creeping slowly up past the horizon. It was dawn when life should be seeping back into the world, but there was no sign of actual life or joy anywhere near. Her eyes grew accustomed to the light, and she could now open them thoroughly to see what happened. She realized that they were on top of the Northern Guard Tower of Sithmora Territory.

They sat on top of the tall tower, tons of torches lit around them, and right in front of her was a great platform. On the platform and above were tall massive beams. The center beam had a rope tied to it. In the loop of the rope were Farin’s hands. Both his hands were covered with fresh blood, slowly oozing out. Farin’s ribs were visible from starvation; his eyes were sunken; his face was dirty and had blood all over.

He had several whiplashes on his body, many still bleeding. He had cuts from long sharp knives as well. Two Sithmora stood on each side of him; they both had long whips in their hands. They were both smirking at Wistria. She tried to move a little but found that another Sithmora tightly gripped her hands. Two more stood at both of her sides.

The one to her right had long blonde hair and had no weapons, but she looked lethal. The other had long red hair and appeared a bit more pathetic. She looked up at the dark gray sky to see many storm clouds fanning out. It was about to rain, for Wistria could smell the moisture in the air, she felt the fierce winds, and she could hear thunder in the distance.

From here, she could see tall treetops, her home, Socrana Forest. She felt fragile and exhausted. She dared to look back up to catch Farin’s feeble and dull blue eyes that filled with pain and fear. Suddenly, the thunder roared and shook everything as lightning stretched across the sky, sending thousands of bright rays of light all around the tower.

Within seconds, the rain came crashing down, and all-around Wistria, she could feel the pain of the gods, as they seemed to mourn for the poor elf with a pouring shower. Wistria felt something tugging at her heart as she looked deeply into Farin’s eyes. He was begging her to do something, and with a heavy heart, she knew just what it was.

Tears began to stream down her face and mixed with the raindrops that splashed on her. She knew what she needed to do. She had to do it. She had to do it for Farin. She took a deep breath and prepared to scream at the top of her lungs.

“Mercy! Gods, forgive me!” Wistria screeched as loud as she could. Without waiting another moment, she unleashed her powers, and green rays of light exploded from her palms. Emerald sparks erupted from the beams, crashing into the faces of her foes, sending the Sithmora back away from Farin and herself as she lifted her right hand toward Farin.

Wistria's story improves as the series continues after this dark event of her life. She is soon banished by her father, who threatens that she will be hunted if she continues to "interfere." Despite the warnings, Wistria strives to do her best to help others as best as she can.




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