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TCoE: Short Stories

Tales Within The Chronicles of Enchantments

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
TCoE: Short Stories
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Adara's Curse


[ Prologue ] [ Love's Rupture ] [ Cost of Conspiring ]

Status: WIP



The depths of the ocean are home to dangerous beasts, many still undiscovered. Despite the efforts of two powerful young merfolk, many mysteries remain unsolved. The threats of possessed evil creatures are rising as they barely escape with their lives from a scouting trip. One strange attacker reaches out with demands for the young mermaid, Calypsia.

What is Demise wanting with the young hybrid woman?

* Based in the same time frame as the second book of The Legend of Evaleana saga, The Prophecy of Elements.


Emerald Flames


[ Emerald Flames ] [ Divine Killer ] [ Moments In Darkness ]

[ Ancient Friends & New Ventures ]

Series: The Chronicles of Enchantments

Status: WIP


Emerald Flames is the first chapter to a short story mini-saga about a young elven goddess known as Florafilia Alyssia Fulguris. The following pieces of this series reveal a lot of Florafilia's ambitions to pursue dangerous adventures to save as many innocent lives across the universe as she can.

Ancient Friends & New Ventures is based around the same time frame (Year 1,044 A.T.) as Moments In Darkness.


Suam Novam Vitam


[ Suam Novam Vitam ] [ 1.2 Emissio ] [ 1.3 Praegressus ]

Series: The Chronicles of Enchantments

Status: WIP


Suam Novam Vitam is Latin, and in the name of this story, it means "his new life."

The events below occur after Sotan's Fall, the tragic downfall of a kingdom in The Deity Jewels, the first book of my YA epic fantasy series. The short story you're about to read is based in the point of view of the villain from Part One: The Prophecy. His mission from that night was sinister, and as he battles his mental state, he struggles to continue to follow his orders from the cult that manipulated him by threatening him and his family.


Cythia's New Path


[ Eam Novam Viam ] [ coming soon ]

Series: The Chronicles of Enchantments

Status: WIP


(Eam Novam Viam - Latin for Her New Path)

* This short story mini-series features a crossover with another mini-series, Suam Novam Vitam. Based shortly after The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel, this follows Cythia's life; from the present, glimpses of her past, to glances of what the future holds.


A Widow's Hunt

Flash Fiction


An Unexpected Friendship


Short Stories on Amazon:

Healing Scars of the Past

"His story after The Fall of The Sotan Kingdom is one of survival and courage. It's never easy being a friend to a fault, but in the end, loyalty is all he knows, and it has its own rewards."

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The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel

Following the tragic events of The Final Battle of The Dark War, Fitin must find their lost son, whom they believed to be dead. His journey will end with more than he expected.

“A broken family is reunited; however, it comes at a steep price. An oath that was sworn in the shadows of the abyss ties a desperate mother to an eternal service. How long can she play the part, going against everything she’s ever fought for before she gets caught?”

What is Flare planning?

This short story picks up immediately after The Deity Jewels’ event, The Final Battle.

> ebook <

> paperback <

TSoaGA Reviews:

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars - Reels you in quickly- recommend

"Fitin and Cynthia were loved characters in The Deity Jewels books. This short story we get to find out what happens with Fitin and their lost son. Loved this short story where different characters make a reappearance in the end leaving the reader curious of what is coming next. I can not wait to see what is going to happen. If you have not read The Deity Jewels, I highly recommend them. This story line takes the reader to a different magical world full of hope, promise, lies, deals, secrets, love, war and more!

Anxiously waiting reader...…keep it up Mel E. Furnish."


Dayne & Darzith

> ebook <

> paperback <

This short story features events that happened many years prior to The Deity Jewels and Shadow of Secrets. Chronologically, this book is the first in the series so far.


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Most Read Story: Rick's Suicide Attempt

Most Liked Story: The Cursed Hand


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For a breakdown of the universe within The Chronicles of Enchantments, be sure to check out this guide!


The Legend of Evaleana

~ The Deity Jewels

> Part One: The Prophecy <

> Part Two: Omen of Demise <

> Part Three: The Final Battle <

~ The Prophecy of Elements


> Shadow of Secrets <


> Healing Scars of the Past <

> The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel <

> TCoE: Calypsia <

> TCoE: Adara's Curse <

> Emerald Flames <

> TCoE: Suam Novam Vitam <


> Reading Sample <

> Cythia <

> TCoE: Dragons - Sneak Peek <

> TCoE: Backstory Blogs <


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To explore deeper into TCoE information, check out the TCoE Wiki!


About the Creator

Mel E. Furnish

I'm a self-published author, raised on a family farm in Indiana.

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