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Rick's Suicide Attempt

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By Mel E. FurnishPublished 4 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Almost every empathetic Rick and Morty fan shed tears in this scene. Not only does he show a side of himself that he hides and covers up so well, but he gives into it. He usually comes off as an unfeeling and careless man who can jump around without any attachments and without any regrets. After watching the show all the way through multiple times, I have come to notice more and more of his character traits that surpass the people who just watch the show assuming it has no deeper meanings and is unintelligent.

Unlike most cartoons today, this show has more in it in a few episodes than most shows do within many. Everything in this show happens for a reason and instead of every episode ending with everything perfect and resolved and happy, most end with so much more. I cannot to this day get over the power in the ending of episode six in season one, "Rick Potion #9." In the ending scene, there is the emotional song, (which also not to forget to mention, this show has amazing music that matches the lessons/feelings/situations perfectly), "Look On Down From The Bridge" by Mazzy Star playing.

We see Morty realizing just how sinister and messed up jumping to another reality is during the song. While Rick drinks and acts like everything is normal, Morty is wide-eyed and watching as this "new reality" has many similarities to the one they abandoned. The fact that just a few moments ago he buried another version of himself and has now taken its place is still settling in.

The shock is too much, and he realizes in this episode (as he explains to Summer in a later episode) that: "Don't run. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die."

In the end, thinking about all the powerful scenes in this show, I have found my favorite is in season two, episode three, "Auto Erotic Assimilation". With a cleverly written and conducted song, "Can You Feel It?" by Choas Choas, we see Rick attempt to kill himself. Was he doing it not just to end his pain or to stop himself from hurting the people in their realities, abandoning loved ones, and always running from feeling?

As he tries to appear as a drunk, numb person who can leave and not regret, he actually does feel that all, because no matter how often he praises himself and declares that he is "God," he is only human like everyone else. He feels, and he does hurt. He drinks because of the pain.

Maybe he is cold so that people will hate him, so then he doesn't have to bother with them getting attached to him?

So many ideas and thoughts behind his unusual and intelligent character.

I sincerely feel that this show does an excellent job presenting true character development, and even though it isn't real, it is relatable. The challenges and obstacles the characters in this show face, may not all be something we are bound to face in our own lives, but the emotions that are clearly expressed are things that we are likely to endure. Everyone has felt pain, everyone has felt joy. Even though we don't face them the same way, we do feel it.

Even if we all may have different problems, some may seem bigger and worse than others to us; however, for that individual, it could mean everything.

The writers of this show are geniuses. I eagerly look forward to when season four is released.

(Update: 8/6/20)

This song fits perfectly for this episode. Unity's words got to him. He comes off so tough, but he is human. I love the deep moments in this show. The creators do an excellent job of pairing songs with the stories. Now after season four, they capped it off again with another powerful scene and amazing song. I will write about the best moments (in my personal opinion) soon. I love tragic, emotional, and heart-shattering events (in entertainment, not reality); they make them more realistic and relatable - that's what captures people's hearts.


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