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Morty's Reset Backfire

Another Joke With Dramatic Effect

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read

A short story that draws you in like the first ten minutes of Up when they show their relationship over the years as they build a strong connection. One of the best love stories, even better than most that take several large books and long movies to display. Up made us fall in love and bawl right off the bat of the movie, making you wonder what the hell the rest of the story is going to entail.

Similar to here, they draw us in by showing clips of moments they spend together to build their relationship. Up took us on an emotional roller-coaster; latching us in to witness the ups of their happiest memories, to the downs of the bad news and struggles of their life together. Hearts breaking when Ellie learns she can't have children, the music shifts from happy to a very sad, dreary tone. In time, they move on and continue living their best lives and doing what they enjoy most.

While here Morty doesn't have a whole life to spend with her, he takes the time to connect with her just like Carl and Ellie. As their relationship scenes reveal laughs and tears, their bond grows more real. They take a flight, and Morty decides to pack the reset device. Things take a turn for the worst, and he freaks when his bag is ripped away from him; losing his control to go back to the start. While she is crying and holding him in, she is completely unaware that he just lost a promising alternative solution to their series of unfortunate problems. After the crash, they struggle to survive in the cold. The music matching the dark mood like the music to Ellie's doctor visit in Up.

They are pushed to eat the flesh of one of the dead. The dire circumstances leave Morty wishing to end it by trying to stab himself, but when he looks at the girl he has built relations with, he finds a newfound strength as the moments they had together replay before him. The music changes to a motivational appeal as he treks across the icy region.

(Sort of like Carl and Ellie moving on and making the best of what they have, a life together, best friends forever. The music picks up again to a happier beat as they keep having a good time with one another.)

Once he finds the back of the plane, his bag is waiting there out in the open for him. As soon as he opens it, he first grabs the reset device. He hesitates, he could've easily just pressed it. All he had to do was hit the button, but if he did, everything they had and was going through would've vanished, for her anyways.

He instead reaches in and pulls out his phone. Having to race the low battery, he quickly takes off his glove to see his rotting hand. Despite the blooding and dead skin falling off, he tries to fight to remain awake so he can attempt a call for help. Just as he loses control, a helicopter finally arrives. He awakes in the hospital and his family cheers for his return as he thinks of his girl. He notices her and she greets him sweetly.

After everything they shared together, endured, and managed to survive through, even after Morty taking the risk of his own fate by not just pressing the reset button, he ends up having her back in the infamous Smith family living room with them gathered around to celebrate their rescue.

It only just figures that a perfect twist to such a dramatic escalation of events would be caused by none other than Jerry. He happens to have Morty's bag next to him and he spots the reset device. Of course Jerry of all people mistakes this two-button sci-fi gadget to be the TV button-ridden remote. He smiles as he confidently presses the button and destroys Morty's efforts of preservation to desperately try to save a real relationship.

Instead of just trying to retrace his steps of courting her, he tries to explain everything they had. The girl of course has no idea and sees him merely as some creepy stranger with a seemingly insane story of their love. She pepper sprays him, and he lands on his butt (a swift lesson to remind you to not keep your phone or important life reset sci-fi devices in your back pocket in case of a devastating fall on your butt.) The crash resulted in him resetting his life at the very moment of pepper spray to the face. Tragic.


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