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Backstory Blogs Pt. 5 - Torrick


By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 11 min read


The Deity Jewels

Part One: The Prophecy


Torrick's first appearance


Chapter One: The Journey Begins

pages: 26-28

“Ah. He’s here, right on time,” Cythia declared, ignoring Eva’s repeated question. Suddenly, the flapping of wings came, and a silhouetted bird appeared. A raven perched on her windowsill. It suddenly swooped into the room and landed on the floor where Eva couldn’t see. Without warning, a strange swooshing sound reached Eva’s ears, soon followed by a dark cloaked figure rising from the floor. The shrouded being walked around the bed's edges and came to stand beside Cythia.

“Is this him?” asked Evaleana; her eyes narrowed; she was ready to act if something went wrong. The figure removed its dark hood to reveal a young man’s clean white face. He looked to be in his late teens. He had slick, smooth black hair matched with strange and menacing red eyes. He only looked at Eva, his face expressionless. Eva barely could catch what he wore underneath the dark cloak, but she concluded that he had black leather pants and dark leather adventure boots that stretched up to his knees.

“Show him the necklace,” Cythia whispered.

“Why?” Evaleana defensively asked.

“To prove…” Cythia trailed off as she faced the man. In return, he nodded. “To prove that you are the next Enchantress.”

“The what?” Evaleana exclaimed with disbelief and fear edging her tone.

“Listen, we need to leave soon, show him,” ordered Cythia.

“Leave? What do you mean, leave?” Eva demanded.

Cythia sighed. “It is no longer safe here.”

Eva gave them both a sharply concerned glower. Her eyes narrowed after her blue gaze drifted from the man back to Cythia. “Why is it not safe?”

Without warning, the man took a step closer. Eva shot him a dirty look, her eyes threatening him not to come any further. “What is your darkest fear?” Evaleana was shocked. She wasn’t expecting him to ask such a question.

She paused as she considered whether to tell him or not. Soon she gave in. “In town today, I caught word of a man…” The man swiftly shot Cythia a sideways glance. “The Shadow King is what I think they called him.” Relief flooded over Cythia’s previously worried expression. Eva was perplexed as to why she acted so.

The man continued to interrogate her. “Did you catch any word of another name?”

“Well… there was something about a banished prince hunting some strange but powerful thing. I wasn’t able to hear it all.”

Cythia nodded. “It seems the crude rumors of you have spread, even to the small parts of this world.” Eva’s head began to spin. Many questions bounced around within her mind after listening to Cythia’s words.

“Your darkest fear is the bearer of that title?” The man scoffed. “There are many things we’ll have to work on.”

“The sooner we get started, the better.” Cythia turned her attention back to Evaleana. “Please, show him the necklace.”

Evaleana hesitated but lifted the jewel, showing him. The young man still wore no expression, just gazed into Cythia’s eyes. It seemed that minutes were decades until they finally broke their gaze.

“Give me your right hand,” implored the young man; his smooth voice seemed to calm her for some reason. For a split second, she caught his gaze. It was strange—his scarlet eyes seemed to pierce into her soul. She pulled away and glanced back at Cythia.

“Why do I need to give this stranger my hand?” Evaleana questioned.

“You’ll just have to trust us,” soothed Cythia, placing her left hand on her shoulder. Evaleana slowly offered him her right hand. He took it with his right hand and squeezed her wrist tightly with her palm pressed against his own. The crimson irises of his gaze suddenly appeared to expand, covering his eyes, making them gradually become bloody scarlet pools.

The next thing Eva knew, their conjoined hands pushed closer together promptly. It felt as if a large, sharp knife cut deeply into her skin in a large circle around the joints at the core of the palm. Abruptly, piercing pain flew through her arm; her veins soon turned burgundy and appeared to express themselves more than usual. Evaleana commenced to scream, but Cythia covered her mouth.

Shh! Your parents mustn’t see or hear from you. You won’t see them again,” appeased Cythia. Evaleana’s blue eyes curtly began to do what the young boy’s gaze did when the ruby veins spread to her neck, chin and soon extended into her face. Once her eyes were blue pools, their intertwined hands began to glow. While the radiance developed, it rapidly embarked to illuminate the room. Immediately, the glare swallowed their surroundings.


Torrick's first impression is pretty vague; after all, that is his character, mysterious and reserved. He isn't too revealing often, and when he does open up finally, he's not himself.


Torrick introduces himself


Chapter 2: Followed and Imprisoned

pages: 29-30

“Where am I?” she (Eva) breathed to herself silently as she continued shaking her head.

“We’re in Sohana Pines,” answered a familiar voice. Evaleana twisted around to see the strange man who came to her and Cythia the night before. He was sitting on the forest floor; his legs partially bent in front of him as he leaned against a tree. Eva noticed he appeared to be glaring at his right hand as if he was angry about its look.

“What is your name?” asked Evaleana, tilting her head slightly to the right and narrowing her curious bright sapphire eyes. The cloaked man casually turned his head and ripped his scarlet gaze away from the ground in front of him as he caught Evaleana’s glance. She noticed that his cloak was off to his sides, revealing his tight thin black leather jacket.

“Prince Torrick of Domorda,” answered the young man; his gaze slipped away into the pines.


Torrick's frustration is unclear here, but later he explains they were missing a crucial piece of the process, so he is upset because the "ritual" they endured the night before wasn't a success.


Torrick gains The Enchanter's Power


Chapter 17: A Memory and Competition

Pages: 168 - 172

Suddenly, she(Eva) heard voices talking. The noise was coming from the end of a long hall where Eva stood. She was in Torrick’s memory, and he was there too. He walked over to her and grabbed her wrist again.

“No one can understand or see us here, so don’t bother,” Torrick said to Eva. She dipped her head, letting him know she understood. They both walked down the long hall. When they got closer, they saw a young boy, thirteen years old, standing behind a big wooden door. He had black hair, and it was wavy; the hairs jutted out left and right.

“Torrick, what are you doing? called a soft voice. The young boy, Torrick, and Eva turned around to see a beautiful woman standing there at the end of the hall. She had very long wavy black hair that seemed to stream down over her left shoulder, and it continued to reach her hip. Eva looked at her pretty face to see shimmering blue eyes.

“I want to go in there, mother. I want to hear father’s big plan,” the boy replied, his voice smooth. The woman let out a soft giggle. She walked down the hall to the little boy and grabbed his left hand with her right, and she led the way. They walked right through Eva and Torrick as if they were ghosts. Eva and Torrick turned around and followed the pair. The woman carefully pushed open the door, walked in front of the boy, and led him inside.

“What are you doing here? And why is he here?” roared a male’s voice, deep and rough.

“He wants to hear what is happening… show your son some respect, at least a little,” the woman replied. Eva went to step into the room to see what was happening, but Torrick held her back. Eva turned to face him and gave him a questioning look. He only shook his head no. Suddenly, a loud crack erupted from inside, making Eva’s head jerk around to see what happened, but she couldn’t. Rapidly, the mother and son briskly walked out. She was sure to close the door behind her. She grabbed her son’s hand again and walked with him back to the front of the hall. Suddenly, a little girl jumped out in front of young Torrick and laughed at him.

The little girl sneered at Torrick, “You’re such a pathetic weasel—!”

“Bite your tongue Lilymay! That was rude!” snapped the woman. The little girl walked to the big door towards Eva and Torrick, but she suddenly dashed up to young Torrick and whispered in his ear.

“What did she say?” asked Eva. Torrick then lifted his chin high.

“Mother isn’t going to live forever; you shall see, you won’t have a shield anymore,” Torrick answered.

“Why?” Eva questioned, shaking her head.

“She was jealous that I got more attention from our mother. Even though she got attention from our father, but it didn’t include being praised and cared for,” Torrick replied.

“Oh…” Eva whispered. They walked after the woman and her son, following them down a few long halls to a bedroom — Torrick’s room. Inside, the mother was tucking in young Torrick. Soon, she kissed him on the forehead, whispered something into his ear, and slowly slipped away and headed toward where they stood at the doorway. After she left, Eva and Torrick stood inside his room, and Eva turned to face Torrick.

“What did your mother whisper?” Eva quizzed softly.

“Something about the dumbwaiter and about how I can use it to get to the kitchen, then to the meeting room where father was. So, I followed the instructions,” Torrick explained. Suddenly, they were in a small area, a room beside the meeting room. A tiny vent revealed the table where the members of the meeting sat and discussed.

“Now, what’s going on?” Eva whispered.

“I am about to find out what his brilliant plan is,” Torrick sarcastically answered.

“Tonight, we will take Sotan and its King and Queen. You two know what your job is – kill them and be quick about it. I want you back here immediately, and you will receive your reward,” explained the male voice from earlier, still rough and deep. Suddenly, the shuffling of a few members of the meeting rushing to leave erupted, and young Torrick began to follow. Suddenly, Eva and Torrick were in a dark forest. The moon was high in the sky and shone brightly.

“We are in Sotan after the attack… here he comes,” Torrick stated. Suddenly, out of the bushes came a man crashing into the clearing as Eva and Torrick watched. The man wore ragged and bloody clothes, his brown hair messy, and his blue eyes were a fire fueled by crazed feelings.

“Okay… now. I j—just n—need to re—return. To Domorda,” stammered the man, his body shaking from the adrenaline. Suddenly, something tackled him to the ground. It was young Torrick, his fists slamming into the man’s face many times; the force of his rage was surprising.

“I saw what you did! You evil man! I won’t let you return to my father! He doesn’t deserve it! He’ll kill you anyway!” spat young Torrick. Eva looked at the Torrick she knew, wondering what his reaction was to his previous behavior. He only stood there and watched, his expression blank.

“No! NO!” cried the man. Rapidly the man started to reach for a dagger in his belt. Young Torrick suddenly pulled a knife out of his sleeve and stabbed the man in his gut. The man slowly twitched but soon stopped. Young Torrick stood up straight, the knife dripping blood as he held it in front of him. Suddenly, he fell to the ground on his knees and threw his head back, his arms twitching by his sides. For several minutes, his body shuddered violently as his blue irises began to expand. Suddenly, they glowed. After a few moments, he stopped trembling, his irises shrank back to normal, and he fell over on his side. He slowly heaved himself up. He stumbled, but he soon managed to walk away.

“What…” Eva mumbled.

“Eva… I didn’t show you what the man did, but I wanted to show you how I got The Enchanter’s Power. I swear, I didn’t hurt your father; your real father,” Torrick explained.

“What…?” breathed Eva; she shook her head in confusion. She looked at the ground for a moment, but her gaze jerked up, and she looked deep into Torrick’s gaze. “Show me… show me what the man did,” begged Eva, determination, and anxiety glowing within the two blue pools of her eyes.

“Alright,” Torrick sighed. Suddenly, they were just outside of Sotan’s Castle near the outer sector of some gardens; everything was in a rush. Young Torrick was bolting down a corridor of bushes, darting toward a clearing. He could hear yelling. Once there, he peeked through some plants, watching the man that wore ragged and bloody clothes with the messy brown hair and wild blue eyes strangling another man. The man he had struggled, had a crown on his head that soon fell off.

Suddenly before they could see the faces and more of the memory, everything went blurry, and soon they were back in the real world, the present time.


Prince Torrick gained The Enchanter's Power by killing the man who had killed Evaleana's real father. He had meddled with his possessed father's plans, and so this of course this is soon followed by a nightmare of a night for Young Torrick.


Stay tuned for more recaps or reread the books! :D




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