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By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 8 min read

Below are some of the many beasts and beings within my book series, The Chronicles of Enchantments!

(More will be added as future stories are released.)



Blob Beetle

First introduced - Part One, page 320.


Blood Crawlers

First introduced - Part One, page 340.


Cornicapus Widow

- Half-spider, half-woman, this creature has a snake-like tongue, four long fangs, the face of a woman, and the many eyes and legs of a spider. Two large eyes are purple. Its venom immerses the victim in a hallucinating state where they experience their worst fears for hours, days, sometimes even weeks.

The first mention of this beast is in Part Two, Omen of Demise, page 372. The first appearance in the books is on page 459.

A Cornicapus Widow is featured in the thrilling short story, A Widow's Hunt.

Artist: Olivia Courtney



- a beast that is commonly hunted like deer - Riann's people believed the heart was good luck.

The first encounter is in Part One, page 291, Riann hunting with Kyano.

Kyano knelt too and soon saw what she was stalking. A strange creature about the size of a human munching on some berries on a bush ten feet from where Riann approached cautiously. The peculiar animal had smooth blue-purple skin and four legs. It had a small head and long legs.

Its little ears twitched, and it blinked its large green eyes as it ripped and tore away at its meal. It had a very long lizard-like tail that swished above the ground, so it didn’t brush the forest floor to give away its position. The creature didn’t notice Riann, even when about seven feet from it, not hiding behind anything. Without warning, Riann sent her dagger flying.



- mutants - they were once people who became cannibals and over time morphed into a monster. Tall, scrawny, smooth-skinned, six long fingers with long, thorn-sharp nails, dark-purple skin with dark crimson bumps.

Two long, thin legs, four long arms, stands like a human and still, has a human-like head, however, its ears are bigger and like a cat's. Huge four white eyes, two long, jagged fangs, and a long, thin, snake-like purple tongue.

The first one introduced to the series is in Shadow of Secrets, page 80.



IveyArt - Jordan Ivey



Aqua Drac

- Water Dragon - a dragon that lives within the water, some have a vast set of abilities, others are limited. Many can manipulate the water around them and a rare few are solely made up of water.

There is a possessed Aqua Drac that chases Calypsia and Kefortis in the short story, Calypsia.


Fulgur Drac

- Lightning Dragon - a dragon made up of electrical energy with lightning abilities.

The first time a fulgur drac is mentioned in the series is in the short story, Dayne & Darzith, page 18 - Fulgarith - is Flare's fulgur drac.

Fulgarith - KristyArt - Kristy Smithparnell


Harenae Drac

- Sand Dragon - able to burrow into the sand and disappear in a cloud of dust, the harenae drac hunts by summoning a sandstorm to blind its prey.

The first appearance in the books - Dayne & Darzith, page 10, a sand dragon attacks Dayne.


Ignis Drac

- Fire Dragon - a dragon with abilities to manipulate and breath fire, some rare ones are entirely made up of Fire.

In Dayne & Darzith, page 10, Dayne is saved by Darzithlius, one of the first ignis dracs in the series.

In Part 3 Laythia tells Eva that her sym is an Ignis Drac.

Darzithlius - KristyArt - Kristy Smithparnell


Sanguis Drac

- Blood Dragon - these dragons also have various skills - some can manipulate the blood within their prey to take control over their body. They suck out the blood/insides of their prey like vampires and spiders.


Silva Drac

- Forest Dragon - some of these dragons can manipulate plants and nature around them to their will. Many appear to have bodies made up of vibrant plant life.


Umbra Drac

- Shadow Dragon - the dragons that can shift into a shadow form and also manipulate the shadows around them to create illusions to distort their victim's sight.



First mentioned in Part Two, Omen of Demise, page 285.



- winged-magma-felines - these cute creatures have wings and look like cats, but they are entirely made up of lava.

They first appear in the books in Dayne & Darzith, page 30, when Dayne marries his first wife.



- these creatures are typically released by Sithmora, they are lethal centipede-like beasts. A narrow head, long, sharp tail, forked tongue, scales, dozens of little sharp legs, and a pair of fangs.

Zyro battles with a Nexmora in Part Three, page 200.

These creatures bleed a blue hue.


Shadow Giant(s)



- dog-like -

First mentioned in Part One, page 33

Long muzzle, small purple noses, excellent eyesight, terrible hearing - small ears flat against their head - they move quickly with six legs. Strong bite, no tail, small-thin chest.

Page 37: Tyrena curses a trivelnor with a spell in an anceint tongue, "See mor da fro," so the creature gains Aura Sight to track down the Azure Aura that Evaleana carries.


Elemental Siphers

Dragons - Ignis Dracs

- Elemental Ancients of Fire - the Ignis Dracs and many of the more "normal" dragons. However, there are (as shown above) many breeds of dragons that are derived from another element, many of them can also breathe fire.



- Elemental Ancients of Terra - these creatures have the ability to control the minerals around them, dirt, rock, etc.

A Terria is first mentioned by Torrick in Part Three, page 17. According to ancient scripts he has read, they describe a Terria as a cunning creature, skilled with escaping and hiding. They have a high speed for their odd structure--eight legs, each a bulky build. They were fluffy with short tails, long muzzles, sharp claws, and fangs that can cleave through flesh and bone with ease.

Most have purple eyes, their fur along their thick muscular bodies was typically brown, gray, or even white. Reports of them traveling in packs and supporting one another like wolves were once frequent. When they reached the age of one year, they were chased off to find or start a new family. The scripts he read implied that a Terria could become roughly the size of a small house.



- Elemental Ancients of Air -


Merfolk (Mermaids & Mermen)

- Elemental Ancients of Water - they are the kin of Sirens and most, but not all, have the ability to siph water.


- Elemental Ancients of Water - they are the kin of Merfolk and most, but not all, have the ability to siph water.


Light Angels

- Elemental Ancients of Life - they serve Vitality, Goddess of Life, and have the capability to siph Life.

Dark Angels

- Elemental Ancients of Death - they serve Demise, God of Death, and have the capability to siph Death.

Shadow Angels

- a hybrid of Dark Angel and Shadow Spirit - their wings are tattered and end with a shadowy mist that envelopes them when they shift to another form.


Soul Eaters


- looks like a battered and creepy butterfly - they suck souls up with their elongated tongue when souls are in "Twilight" which is where Dark Angels and Light Angels also battle over souls.

First mentioned in The Sacrifice of a Guardian Angel - Cythia describes them to Fitin.


The Cursed


- First mentioned in Part Three, page 126, by Scarlettia, Queen of The Damned.

Deadheads are corpses that have been summoned from the ground by a necromancer.


- First mentioned in Part Three, page 126, by Scarlettia, Queen of The Damned.

Introduced in Book Two, The Prophecy of Elements - these are beings who have been murdered within a cursed tower that are locked in a state between life and death. Every full moon, they are forced to return to the tower and relive their death until the sun rises.


- First mentioned in Part Three, page 126, by Scarlettia, Queen of The Damned.

Skellies are skeletons cursed to rise from the ground by a necromancer.


The Damned



Shadow Spirits


Groups of Trindavin





Florafilia - DALL*E x Melissa




Nymphs - Fairies

- some are born out of death, one example is Lamira who is first introduced in Part One, page 49.



- smaller human-like beings, some believe they're a hybrid of dwarf and human.

First introduced in Part One, The Prophecy.



- evolved humans with abilities considered to be magical by the common tongue.



- A group of elite warrior women who are well-trained assassins that are brutally tormented throughout their growth. They serve the King of Domorda.

Read more about them here:

> <



- A group of vigorously-trained men that are guards, spies, and hunters for the Queen of Domorda.


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