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The Weight Upon Her Beautiful Wings

The Lovely Barn Owl

By Mel E. FurnishPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
The Weight Upon Her Beautiful Wings
Photo by Michael Campos on Unsplash

A beautiful barn owl perched high on the edge of a window sill on the human's large wooden structure. The barn provided excellent shelter for her to rest. As her eyes peered over the land below, she strained her senses for the slightest scratches of prey.

Her elegant feathers glistened in the light as she gazed over the farm. Humans bustled about their daily toils as she surveyed from high above. Her favorite treat was the small field mice below scurrying amidst the dying grass and dried straw and hay bales. The musty scent of the atmosphere around her drifted throughout the barn and out into the open.

Cows and sheep called from the distance as horses trotted from the far fields. The lovely owl remained still as she waited for the night to come. As the light of the moonlight bathed the ground below in an eerie glow, a few mice darted toward spilling grains.

While they fixated their attention on the food, she prepared to silently bring them to the end of the cycle of life. As she swooped toward one of the furry little bodies, she stretched out her vast wings and sharp talons. A squeak for a split second ripped throughout the small space as she gripped it tight.

She swiftly returned to her nest in the barn with her prey. As she abruptly scarfed it down whole, she shook with satisfaction. Soon the owl crept across the floor below where her vomit-droppings littered the ground. Bones of various small creatures were crumbled together within the pellets.

As she peered across the barn's dusty floor, her talons scarcely scratched the planks. She cautiously prowled throughout the barn as she watched any signs of movement.

Within seconds the slightest swoosh of wings caught her focus as she spun her head around to spot her mate. His massive wings spread a large shadow over her as she watched him land near. He violently shook his feathers as he picked at a few, straightening up for her. She stepped closer as he greeted her with a gentle nudge.

By Ronan Furuta on Unsplash

The couple raised a small flock within the old barn walls. Their babies were fluffy and developing rather quickly. An abundant food supply helped the family thrive as the seasons changed. With the shifting of the environment, the babies soon learned to fly. As they started to practice hunting themselves, they improved while they grew.

The mother owl waited as night crept on. The barn's ancient beams groaned as powerful gusts of wind slammed against its walls. As the roaring of an oncoming storm thundered across the farm, the various critters darted about, preparing to hunker down for the barrage.

Some mice bolted across the ground as they prepared to eat their fill before hiding away for the night. The mother owl swopped across the field, her wings soaring through the air with silent ease as she successfully snatched a mouse.

As she returned to the warm loft in the barn, she began to panic. The old wood holding together the barn shrieked as fierce winds repeatedly tested the walls after generations of it standing and providing a home for many creatures. Within seconds she scrambled to the little nest where her offspring huddled together. Moments passed like years as she waited for a sign of her mate. She glanced around the surroundings as her heart fluttered with sheer terror.

Rapidly a crashing erupted from outside as lightning flashed throughout the dark stormy sky. Seconds later, she noticed her mate approaching the nest. She abruptly reached him with her heart racing. As they gently rubbed their heads together, her heart skipped beats. Once they pulled apart and returned to their nest in the barn loft corner, they reunited with their babies.


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