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TCoE: Suam Novam Vitam 1.2


By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated 4 months ago 7 min read
TCoE: Suam Novam Vitam 1.2
Photo by Christine Makhlouf on Unsplash

Suam Novam Vitam 1.2: Emissio (His New Life 1.2: Letting Go)

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Trindavin Map - Artist: Alfurny (c) 2019


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Year 993 - Winter

Cythia’s emerald eyes darted around the clearing as they slipped through the shadows of the night. The night of the full moon in the bitter cold of winter was the best opportunity for their escape. As Trinth trudged through the piling snow with Evaleana wrapped in a blanket in his arms, Cythia led the way from Sithmora Territory east to Kavindo Forest, then south to Sotan’s borders.

They managed to sneak west through Sotan and Kovan’s Kingdoms without being sighted. Cythia ensured to cover their tracks by dragging a branch behind them while occasionally using her powers to manipulate their surroundings in different directions to misdirect any potential threats tracking them further.

Once they reached Rymia Forest within a day, they quickly passed over the creek and slipped through the Meadow of Nyrins underground through tunnels that Cythia knew of after living with the Nyrins when she was about ten. She graciously thanked them for their help as they traveled north to the border with Sohana Pines.

By Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Cythia insisted they hurry west to reach Tavar before a patrol seeking them beyond Domorda’s Walls caught sight or word of them. As they trekked through the mild snowfall, Cythia couldn’t help but notice Trinth was struggling to suppress tears as he carried Evaleana. She frowned as she remained closer to him on the path and commenced to console him.

“What are their names?” Cythia asked softly.

Trinth froze. "Who?”

“Your kids? I’m sorry if you don’t want to talk—”

“My wife and I had twins. A boy named Archyvis and a girl named Aryvia… I saw what they’ve done to them…” he trailed off as his face twisted in pain and rage.

“There’s nothing I can do to help them, which is the worst possible torture they could’ve used against me…."

Cythia frowned as she cringed. "Sithmora-born she-devils are the deadliest; unfortunately, that's Pazia and her daughter, Yula. They were bred to kill and torture. Lyren is another who slaughtered my mother and little sister right in front of me…."

Trinth turned away. "They are heartless… My condolences for your losses… my son is out there too, somewhere… right?"

Cythia frowned as she pulled her soft gaze away from him. "I'm afraid they're using similar merciless tactics to indoctrinate him to become an agent of Demise. They already started the mutation process… they will continue to push him to commit evil deeds to prove himself worthy. They will manipulate him into believing you are the enemy… they will order him to hunt you down and kill you. You must disappear and not go looking for him… do you understand?"

Trinth slowly inhaled as he felt his lungs tighten, his blood run cold, and his heart skipped beats. "I…" his vision blurred with tears.


Trinth faded into a memory as he recalled a beautiful sunny day when his twins were born. His wife, Ellanora, smiling brightly as sweat streamed down her flustered face as they embraced their children for the first time.

Abruptly Cythia's voice brought him back as she called out his name. His eyes widened as he snapped back to the present and realized Cythia was staring at him with sincere concern.

He parted his lips to speak as he narrowed his blue eyes. "I understand. You believe they are lost causes… I won't give up on them, but I understand that I must let them go… I can't stand the thought of fighting for my life against one of them…."

Cythia froze as his words sent chills down her spine. "Between the desert and the pines, we can remain unchecked and still be close enough to the enemy where they'll least expect it. Tavar is a quiet town; Eva will be safer there, in the outskirts."

Trinth grumbled, "So we'll just set up camp there and pretend everything didn't happen?"

Cythia locked gazes with him as she turned serious. "We will move on and make the best out of what we can. We both have darkness in our lives, we can either give up and let it corrupt and weaken us, or we can use it as a reminder to stay strong and continue fighting for what we believe in."

"This world is unforgiving… what's the use?" Trinth muttered.

"I'm sorry about what they had Aryvia do to your wife… their sick mind-scrambling tricks are cruel. I assure you, they are manipulating your little girl into remembering her mother as an abusive and cutthroat woman. Their tests for young girls in training are twisted… they will continue to break her into one of them…."

Trinth frowned as he sighed. "It's all my fault…."

"No, it's not. They are the ones who believe that torment and mutilation are necessary to mold children into heartless soldiers, mere pieces in their games. Their twisted perception and immoral methods are to blame for your situation. You were born into a society where authority, fear, and violence heavily shaped your culture.

"Domorda's youth is educated to a narrow mindset, like the Sithmora-born girls. The majority are born to kill. These monsters are raised to become sinister assassins. They used any failed tests or challenges to cull the weak by using the failure like a hunting target for the next girl. They are indoctrinated to be ruthless; you are not to blame for the dark choices they made or the dark place where you were born. However, you can choose now to pursue a life of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, your children are victims of their cruelty, but you've stopped it from happening to another child. We have managed to escape with Evaleana. It won't get any easier right away, but we've made progress."

"Ellanora would've wanted this….'' Trinth whispered as his heart sank. "She was my best friend, the love of my life. Now she's gone by the hand of her own daughter, all based on lies. I can't stand that she spent her last moments in such agonizing insanity… unable to explain… unable to…." Tears gushed down his cheeks as he cupped his face in his hands.

"I promised Ellanora we would leave Domorda after that mission. I swore to her I would find a way to get us somewhere better…."

"Trinth, she's watching you now, and she's proud of you for what you're doing now. The path you've chosen is what she wanted you to take."

Trinth lowered his hands and looked at Cythia with a grave expression. "I'll make this right. And if either of our children ever find me, I will remain hopeful to spark the good within them."

Cythia forced a smile as she did her best to block the dark thoughts racing through her mind. "He still has hope for them… I pray that it doesn't beckon his end…."




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