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Divine Killer

A TCoE Short Story

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 9 min read
Divine Killer
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"Florafilia Alyssia Fulguris!"


Cries helped breach the surface of consciousness to the young goddess as she sprang awake. Her crimson hair was tangled and messy around her alarmed expression. Mystic emerald eyes rapidly skimmed over her surroundings. Florafilia was sitting upright on rocky terrain, her head bleeding as an abrupt pounding overwhelmed her.

A battle raged in the background of the others that stood over her battered form, shook with concern. She frowned as she caught fear glistening in their eyes as they watched her wipe her divine blood from her brow. The unique fluid was dark purple, and occasionally in the light, it shimmered with blue sparks. With sapphire eyes and untidy brown hair, a young man promptly offered his hand to help her to her feet. His face was shrouded with determination, but she caught a glimmer of despair deep within his gaze.

"Jake, go and lead everyone out of here. Get them to safety!" Flora ordered sternly. They froze as they all locked their confused glances at her. Suddenly, her veins began to glow green, and her fiery emerald glare promptly burst with energy as she prepared to unleash her power. Without hesitation, the majority of the surrounding men fled.

As Flora fixed her menacing glower at the enemy, she swiftly waved her hands around her as she manipulated nearby plantlife to swarm closer. Within seconds, vines and thorns wrapped around her arms as she directed them towards the frontline of armed forces.

An echo of sinister laughter erupted as dozens of strange demonic beasts prowled closer and closer to ambush Flora as she held off the army to allow her allies to escape. Despite Flora's powers, the odds rose vastly against her as she spun around inside waves of plants. As they swallowed and crushed men and demons, she grew weak. Waiting for the perfect moment, a strange being slipped through the undergrowth from beyond the battle. Its eerie presence caught Jake's attention as he remained near Flora, no matter her orders.

The young man followed the stranger cautiously, knowing it was sneaking up behind Florafilia as she slowed down. The plants began to fall around her as she started to fade. The green flames seeping from her irises started to ease to smoke as she crashed to her knees.

The world seemed to freeze around Jake. The shady figure with a dark tattered cloak scrambled to reach Florafilia and raised a glowing crimson dagger high above her. Before the attacker struck, Jake flung himself into the being's body. As they crashed to the ground, Jake struggled to snatch the weapon from the enemy. Abruptly, a flash of lightning ripped through the sky and struck Flora's attacker; the blast sent Jake flying backward into a tree.

Within seconds, Cyrus appeared in another bolt of plasma striking nearby. The loud explosions startled Flora awake as she hoisted herself off the ground. Her green eyes widened with fear as her heart leaped into her throat, lodged so tight it took her breath away. She darted for Jake's side as a tear started forming in her eye. "No, no, no. Please," she breathed as she inspected his crippled body.

"Flo-Flora?" Jake struggled to call her name as he slowly blinked at her. Florafilia's eyes welled with tears as she grinned brightly.

"You need to stay still," she declared softly. "Your body is a little broken, but don't worry, I am, after all, also descended from Sage, The God of Healing," she chuckled. "Thanks to my mother, she taught me a lot about the body, as well as certain tricks and remedies to use-"

"Flora," Jake's ragged breath sent chills down Flora's spine. "I want to thank you, for-"

"Stop, you need to rest. You can thank me later; in the meantime, I need you to remain still."

"I don't think-"

Suddenly Flora's eyes erupted into emerald flames as her veins glowed green. Jake's jaw dropped as she slowly pressed her right hand against his chest. Promptly, he felt a sharp initial pang, quickly followed by a blissful, soothing sensation surging through him. His eyes widened as he realized his veins started to glow the same green gleam.

Rapidly, his body commenced to repair itself with accelerated growth in cells. He remained frozen as she continued to heal him with her evolved skill. Soon her eyes slowly faded back to normal as she gradually rocked back and forth from fatigue.

Cyrus shook his head as he approached. "I saved thine mortal shell again, Flora. Please, why doth thou repetitively risk it for these foul, unevolved bast--?"

"Enough!" spat Florafilia as she whipped her head around to face him. "I deeply appreciate thine support and care, brother; however," she paused as she rolled her eyes. "This is my passion, I need this. This is how I pursue my fulfillment in this cursed universe. I yearn for more while everyone else in our 'blessed family' does nothing but start the wars that plague these lands across the galaxies." Flora smiled as she shrugged. "I'm going to end them. Even if I have to do it myself," she sternly retorted.

Cyrus shook his head as it lowered. "You're going to make a lot of enemies, Flora. I just want you to be careful-"

"I can't just sit around in some haven or essence-generator; I want action because that's what people need. Flare is responsible for our name, Fulguris. She knew that she alone couldn't stop what darkness was breeding."

"So you're good with being a pawn in a long-term wargame of hers?" Cyrus countered with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't serve Flare; I serve myself," Florafilia curtly replied with a click of her tongue and raised brows. She spun on her heels to return to Jake's side. "I won't speak on this matter again, Cyrus. If you wish to continue to join me for the fighting practice, or whatever your main reason is, then respect my passion. Enough challenging me," she demanded.

"Lia, I'm just worried about you. This attacker... I used my lightning to tap into his soul when I electrocuted him. He is an assassin, sent from someone... I couldn't retrieve who; they only met with the hunter once, and they remained unseen... The weapon they were going to use against you..." he paused as he fished it out of his cloak. "It's an ancient artifact that was rumored to have been destroyed by Blaze; however, it's clearly not, and someone's been lying. Someone really wants you dead... this weapon is deadly to Divine. I'm not sure how it works exactly, but legend has it that it drains your divine essence from your blood. According to the scrolls I read, it transfers your evolved essence to the wielder of the dagger."

Florafilia's emerald eyes shook with fear as her heart pounded against her chest. Her blood ran cold as she glimpsed at the cursed weapon in Cyrus's hands. Cyrus held the knife up for them both to investigate. The assassin’s grip activated the crimson glow that misted around it earlier; now, it was reduced to a weak and faded shimmer around its edges without their touch.

Engraved runes covered its handle and blade. The Eye of Death insignia was centered in the hilt. Flora's spine prickled with anxiety as she stared at the dark mark. "I have some questions that demand answers from one of our siblings," she hesitated as she caught his cobalt gaze. "How close are you to Blaze's side of the family?" She quizzed with a sly smirk.

Cyrus's jaw dropped as he titled his head, narrowed his eyes, and prepared to argue. "Flora, c'mon, you can't seriously want to keep digging yourself deeper-"

"I want to know who sent this killer after me, don't you?" she grilled with a furrowed brow. "It doesn't matter to me if you don't care to investigate; it's my mortal shell, as you so poorly put it, not yours."

Cyrus chuckled. "That's what it is," he shrugged as he shook his head. He turned grave as he stared at the ground. "I'll have your back; you’re my little sister. I don't care that we don't share the same mother; you’re not any less of a sibling to me. I admire your passion and your fire. Just be careful," he insisted as he glimpsed at her with a severe gaze.

"You're the best brother I have," Florafilia smirked as she nodded. "I need your support, now more than ever. Thank you for helping me." Cyrus dipped his head in response as he grinned.

"I don't think you like who we are going to see."

Flora groaned. "Family," she chuckled as she turned to check on Jake. He remained peacefully resting as they bantered. "Dare I ask for a name?"

"I'll give you a hint," Cyrus paused as he smirked. "The first name starts with a Z."

Florafilia cursed under her breath as she rested with her back against dying grass. She gazed up into the sky through the canopy as she frowned. Her green eyes flashed as moss promptly grew underneath her body, providing a soft surface, soon spreading to the ground under Jake's body. The abrupt growth of the spore-spewing plant brought a small smirk to Flora's lips. "Zori, oh, and let me guess," she hesitated as she sat back up and furrowed her brows at her brother. "Her brother, Zythris?"

Cyrus shrugged with a grin stretched across his face. "You're too intelligent; no one can get anything past you."




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