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Moments In Darkness

A TCoE Short Story

By Mel E. FurnishPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
Goddess Florafilia - DALL*E x Melissa -

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Florafilia speed-walked out of a great hall with stress radiating off her in strong waves. As she exited the garden around the courtyard, unease prickled up her spine. Promptly a woman stepped out in front of her and cut her off. Florafilia groaned as she realized who it was.

“I don’t have time for this…” Florafilia grumbled. Her mind replayed flashbacks of toxic encounters with this woman as she cringed. “I don’t need to answer to her anymore, just make that clear and move on.”

“I miss how you were before,” the elvish lady remarked with a snarky chortle. The she-elf's dark hair shimmered in the sunlight as her icy-blue eyes glared at Florafilia. She was older than Florafilia by a few hundred years, but she appeared close to Flora's age. Flora shook away her dark memories of their past and inhaled deeply to confront her.

“Of course you do,” Florafilia chucked. A smirk stretched across the goddess’s lips as she shook her head. The woman was baffled by Flora’s response. Florafilia’s sharp emerald glare narrowed as she tilted her head with an elegantly raised eyebrow.

“The little girl I used to be was easy to push around and take advantage of - so I outgrew her. Now since you’ve lost control with my rise in confidence, you attempt to manipulate me with guilt, as if I were the one who was looking for trouble. I was the one always helping you out of yours.” She paused as she smiled.

“Sometimes that little girl comes to the light of my mind, but ya know, she doesn’t feel sorry anymore, no,” Florafilia grew serious, her expression stone-cold. “She celebrates finally seeing the light ahead in the darkness. She is relieved that her future holds the freedom to be who she desires, no longer locked down to your wishes.” Florafilia calmly explained.

The woman’s jaw dropped, taken aback by Flora’s straightforward reply. Her mouth remained gaped open as she struggled to think what to say. Florafilia dipped her head and turned away.

“I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry, so whenever you see me next, we can discuss things further if you’d like. In the meantime, I have a lot to do.” Abruptly Florafilia vanished in an explosion of blossoming flowers. The sudden growth of beautiful plants left the woman silently entranced by their beauty as shame flooded her body.

Florafilia reappeared in a dark woodland far beyond the civilization she left. Her heartbeat roared in her ears as she cautiously crept through the undergrowth, seeking another clue.

“Flora, where art thee? We need to meet with Zori and Zythris,” Cyrus stopped as he analyzed Flora’s surroundings and senses. “Why art thou out there? Get out!” Cyrus’s voice frantically penetrated her mind. “Why doth thee seek to–?”

“Cyrus, please stop! I need to focus if I’m going to find the next secret lab; they’re building new ones faster than we can find them!” Florafilia retorted.

Cyrus sighed. “Florafilia, wait, please,” he begged. Florafilia frowned as her heart tugged at her to keep chasing answers. “I can’t help thee yet if something happens–”

Rapidly, a bloodcurdling scream erupted from nearby. Florafilia’s breath was taken from her as she gasped. Her blood turned cold as she fought her escalating emotions. “Cyrus, they need me. They can’t wait any longer; I won’t leave them to suffer more.”

“Florafilia, don’t!”

Without another thought, Florafilia darted toward the shrieks of sheer agony. Once the young goddess reached the edge of a clearing at the top of a hill, she gradually lowered her body to the ground. As she crawled over the grass, she soon reached the edge to see a large building stretching over many miles.

Florafilia shook as she heard more tormented souls wailing out for mercy and help. Just before the young goddess lifted herself slowly backward, she heard something snap behind her within the trees. Flora froze as she inhaled deeply, preparing to defend herself. Within a heartbeat, she flipped and jumped to her feet to spin toward the forest. As she landed, vines and thorns burst from her surroundings and wrapped around her body.

Despite Florafilia's prepared defense, a chilling presence curtly reappeared behind her. Before she could unleash a powerful wave of plants toward the threat, a strange weakness overcame the young elf's body and buckled her knees out from under her. As Florafilia crumbled to the ground with her plants, she struggled to glance up to see a woman’s silhouette towering over her.

“Ah, Florafilia,” her menacing voice paused. “I’ve been expecting thee to cross my path. They thought they needed to hunt thou down,” she laughed. “I told them thee would bring thineself.”



For more, this story is based on the same time frame (Year 1,044 A.T.):

~ Ancient Friends & New Ventures


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