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TCoE: Adara's Curse

Chapter One: Love's Rupture

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 18 min read
TCoE: Adara's Curse
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Chapter One

Love’s Rupture

“Sometimes things that hurt you most teach you the best lessons of life!”

- Unknown

Inside the colossal sunlit corridors, two elegant folks stood akimbo before a stained glass window. The art on the pane resembled an angel reaching for handsome and arrogant mortal men; her eyes tear-filled as she desperately cried for them. The one person flanking the skylight, a scrawny man, pointed to it with an outraged glower. His bald head shined under the bright sun while his narrowed gray glare remained dark and grim. He wore a light blue toga and lightweight brown sandals.

“Thine daughter is a doxy! A harlot! A hussy!” he accused, his ragged voice echoing within the long halls. A tall and flawless woman, the other person, wore a long and ruffled white dress laced with shimmering pearls. Despite the tension between them, she kept a relaxed posture and stone-faced expression. Reflecting the brilliant daylight that poured from the windows were dozens of embedded diamonds. The silver crown that withheld them rested on top of her head, signifying her power among those around her.

Her long, straight white hair danced in the soft, warm breeze that shifted through the few gaps along the open-air passage. The occasional untied white and golden curtains joined her hair in the graceful movement. She lifted her pale hand to silence the man when his lips parted to spit another insult. The woman’s dazzling blue eyes even seemed to smile as she did.

“Adara is young,” she softly defended.

“But, Vitality—”

She once again raised a hand to cut him off. “Enough,” she sternly interrupted. “I shall hear no more accusations. Be on thine way, scholar.” Vitality’s bare feet seemed to barely touch the stone floor as she strolled past more and more skilled paintings and openings. Outside, the sun shone brightly down from a clear blue sky. The surrounding courtyards flourished with thousands of flowers and vegetation, bushes and trees, dirt walkways, and several small gazebos for rest.

While the one advisor had left, another came rushing toward Vitality from outside. She sighed as he joined her side with wide blue eyes. His short black hair and slender figure followed hastily on exposed feet. “Milady Vitality,” he addressed her timidly. She nodded to permit him to pursue the discussion. “I believe I shalt aware thou of…” he trailed off.

Vitality froze once she twisted to face him. “Aware me of what, exactly?”

He gulped. “W—we hath a vis—visitor,” he stuttered nervously. Vitality’s eyes burned with concern. The young man lowered his head as he stepped aside. She spun on her heels to briskly walk back in the direction she came. Her feet scarcely brushed the ground as she quickly strolled toward the end of the hall. Once she reached the large wooden door, she swiftly pushed it open to enter The Sanctuary’s Gate Room. At the very top, high above her head, was the glass dome. The many floors were accessible by the two marble spiral staircases placed on the gates’ opposite sides.

Vitality’s eyes scanned the marble rails along the circular levels above to see an odd emptiness. Silence hung over the large and normally bustling space. The cold white marble beneath her feet was unclean, which also was out of the ordinary. Soot and black feathers left a trail from where the large, shimmering white, metal rod gates stood closed.

“There hath been a skirmish within our walls,” she worriedly muttered. Her eyes darted around to see the crystal chandeliers hanging from the painted ceilings of the halls were untouched by the scuffle. She inhaled deeply as her eyes closed. “A Dark Angel,” she grumbled under her breath. When she opened her eyes, she saw one of her Angels of Light approaching her with haste. His eyes were shrouded with grave unease. Like most male Light Angels, he wore a white uniform while their vast white or golden bird-like wings remained hidden by magic until needed for flight.

“An Agent of Demise stopped in,” he reported formally.

Vitality huffed in amusement. “I see that.”

The black-haired and blue-eyed Light Angel smirked. “He did leave a mess.”

Vitality nodded in agreement as she glimpsed around. “So where art our visitor?” She glanced back to the man to see him tilt his head to the East Hall. The way the building was structured was so that North was across from The Sanctuary’s Gates. The East Hall was a place for meetings between The Divine Ranks, while the West Hall (the passage she was walking through moments ago) led to The Portal of Eternal Rest. This is where souls go after giving back the borrowed Life that all living beings carry within, once blessed to their ancestors long ago when Vitality first had the other gods create them so she could bring them to existence.

“We took him into the meeting room. He carries a message.”

“I wonder what Demise insists on telling me this time,” Vitality murmured under her breath.

“Actually,” the angel paused. Vitality locked gazes with him, her expression presenting perplexity. A loud rumble snatched her gaze away from him as he mumbled.

Vitality’s head snapped back to look the Angel in the eyes. “Helma? Or Luna… surely he is not begging her to let her Children join him again?”

“No milady… for thine daughter… I’m afraid it’s for Adara.”


Scarlet-blonde waves rested sprawled about against the soft green grass. The young auburn-haired goddess slept alone with a bright smile and closed eyes as she took in the sun’s warm rays. Her long strands of hair brushed against her cheeks and nose while the grass tickled her naked toes. She wore a long, slim green dress with white lace over her shoulders.

Abruptly a hand gently ran through her hair. Her violet eyes fluttered open to see Blaze staring at her. His comforting smile brought butterflies to her stomach. “A pretty little girl like thou should not be alone,” he smirked. “A bad man could steal thou away.”

Adara laughed as she sat up to equally locked gazes with him. “And just what would this ‘bad man’ do to me?” she inquired, her tone edged with mischievousness. Her eyes released a glint of naughty flair—Blaze half-smiled as he tenderly tackled her. Adara’s heart raced as he leaned in to kiss her lips.

Just as he started to kiss her neck, the sound of forthcoming feet erupted. “Blaze,” Adara hissed.

“I’m afraid I cannot, milady,” he whispered in her ear. His words caused pleasure to spread and surge through her, but she fought her urge to give in. She shoved him off of her as she darted behind a nearby willow tree. The small pond nearby was a place the other gods knew to find her, so she wasn’t surprised to see Flare storming over. Adara pretended to be napping, but when the hotheaded goddess came near, she opened her eyes to meet Flare’s wild glare.

The blue-gray irises held thin, dark, cat-like pupils. The Goddess of Lightning had soft, tan skin. Her glowing dark blue blood vessels and lustrous light blue veins were like lightning bolts. Her fingernails always painted as an explosion of multiple sapphire hues with white tips. Flare’s long silver hair was ordinarily straight, but today it was scrunched and curly. She wore a tight red dress over her thin and curvy figure that barely covered her ankles, nearly making her a harlot among some ancient deities.

“Where hath thou been?” Flare demanded.

Adara’s jaw dropped. “I—I—”

“Never mind!” Flare spat. “Here nappin’!” Suddenly a twig snapped. Flare’s watchful glower jerked away from Adara’s gaze to scan their surroundings. When she didn’t spot anything strange around the forest, she shifted her attention back to Vitality’s daughter. “Hath thou caught sight Blaze, recently?” she coolly questioned.

“No,” Adara declared smoothly. She had practiced lying, and it seemed to have improved, for Flare did not interrogate her any further. Surprisingly, she dropped the subject and backed away from Adara.

Flare placed a hand on her hip as she defiantly stared at Adara. “I assume thou hath not the slightest inkling as to why I am here.”

The younger goddess shrugged. “No idea,” she flatly replied.

“Vitality requests thine presence.”

“Why?” Adara asked as she rose to her feet. Flare narrowed her eyes as she picked a piece of grass from Adara’s hair. She flicked it away as she held the young girl’s gaze steadily.

“That’s for thou to learn. In the meantime,” Flare paused as she glared around again. “I must find Blaze.”

“For what?” Adara subconsciously quizzed. As soon as the words tumbled out of her mouth, she regretted it deeply.

Flare’s sharp glare once again met her fretful gaze. “Nosy today, ain’t ya?” Adara sighed as she walked away, hoping to avoid any more talk with Flare. “I know what thou hath been up to,” Flare called out with a sneer. Adara froze. Her heart pounded, and the pulse roared in her ears as her blood ran cold. “Thine intervention with Enchantress Evaleana and Enchanter Torrick… I assure thou; I will not allow it to go unnoticed.” Adara felt a rush of relief as she exhaled the breath she had held in from the initial apprehension.

“Thanks for the warning,” Adara shouted back over her shoulder. She had to strain her ears to hear Flare’s chortle.

“Please,” Flare scoffed. “Anythin’ to make thine life hell after what ya did to my bloodline,” she snarled. Adara’s mind snapped back to the news of Queen Melainie and King Kaynen’s wedding. While Adara and Blaze had celebrated, Flare had vanished and wasn’t heard from for a long fortnight.

“My bad,” Adara chuckled under her breath as she left one of the many outer courtyards.


Low murmurs spread among the crowd. As the attending angels, advisors, more inferior deities, and Divine Ranks gathered in a circle around the meeting room, Adara hung her head, attempting to hide her face.

“… Demise…” Adara occasionally caught a few words from a deep and crude voice. As she got closer to the front, she could see her mother towering over a chair in the center of the room. The visitor had his back to the crowd; his vast black wings were tucked behind his shoulder blades just before they vanished with an explosion of soot. “I refuse to continue. Where is Adara?” he demanded.

Abruptly someone from behind shoved Adara out of the line of people. She stumbled and spun around to shoot the person a glare. It was Flare, and behind her stood Blaze with his head held high as he glowered at the visitor. Adara couldn’t help but smirk when she saw jealously flash in his eyes.

“I sense her presence,” the Dark Angel mumbled. The visitor remained still as Adara slowly circled to stand beside her mother and face him.

Vitality lifted an elegant eyebrow as she crossed her arms. The man dressed in black slowly raised his head; Adara’s heart froze. His eyes traced Adara’s figure as he rested his darkly seductive smolder on her. When their eyes locked, she felt a strange urge to let him do as he wished. He was handsome, for a bad guy.

“Ah, Adara,” he smirked. He maintained eye contact as he lowered and lifted his head from time to time, trying to keep her attention helplessly drawn to him and him alone. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Blaze inching closer and closer with his amber glare flaring.

“Goddess of Affection,” he paused; for a split second, his eyes left hers and drifted along with her figure as his smirk grew. Once they locked eyes again, he narrowed his gaze. “Demise has a special message for milady.” He shot a defiant glower at Vitality. “I will not finish until all of thee return to thine own business!” he spat.

Vitality opened her mouth as she crossed her arms while planting a stern stance. “How darest thou—!”

“Mother,” Adara interrupted. A few gasps erupted and spread like wildfire amongst the crowd. Adara stood tall as she addressed Vitality. “I can handle this. It is my business; let me take care of it.” Vitality prepared to object, but Adara leaned in to pled. “Mother, please… I need this,” she implored. “I’m 996-years-young! I need this sort of challenge if I am to prove myself a strong and responsible, mature Goddess.”

Vitality hesitated with a frown. “Adara, I—”

“Thine Grace, if I may speaketh my thought,” Flare paused as she stepped forward. Vitality caught the goddess’s gaze with a perplexed expression.

“State thine thought,” Vitality ordered with a nod.

Flare came close to whisper to Vitality as she cast Adara a warning glance. “This is Adara’s chance to prove her Independence. I approve of her wish, for she is right. She must prove herself,” Flare returned her full attention to Vitality, and her face turned grave. “I support any worthy Independent. If she can prove herself, I will reconsider thine compromise.” Vitality’s eyes flashed with interest as she raised an elegant eyebrow.

“Very well,” she muttered. Flare dipped her head to Adara tersely.

“Do not fail me,” Flare hissed under her breath as she circled back behind Adara and the messenger.

Adara spun around just in time to see Flare and the Dark Angel make eye contact and hold it for many long moments. Adara narrowed her stare on Flare. “Surely they’re not trossing? Why would they share each other’s thoughts? Flare hates all Agents of Demise… maybe she’s just threatening him,” Adara chuckled to herself at the very idea. “That wouldn’t be a surprise.” However, another thought crossed her mind that sent chills down her spine. “But why did she stand up for my plea to speak with him?”

“Adara,” a man’s voice whispered from behind. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized it was Blaze. As soon as she turned around, he grasped her shoulders and held her firmly in front of him. He pulled her in closer to his body as he pressed his lips against her ear.

“If he tries anything—”

“I can take care of myself,” Adara muttered. “I appreciate thine concern, but seriously… let me go; I can handle this on my own,” she demanded. He soon released his grip as he gradually shifted out of the meeting room.

“Come closer,” the Dark Angel darkly called. Adara slowly strolled over to stand in front of him.

“Maybe the best way to get the full truth is to shock him… then again, he might expect this from me… I’ve never done this before, ‘cept with Blaze,” she wondered anxiously. Just before she faced him, a presence swept into her mind.

“Adara?” a timid man’s voice cried.

Adara rolled her eyes. “What doth thou want, Anxiety?”

“Sister, please…” he paused. “He can’t be trusted, don’t do anything too crazy!”

“Oh, calm your senses, big baby,” Adara teased. “I got this, okay? Don’t doubt me.” She curtly retorted.

“I think Flare is in on something.”

Adara’s heart stopped. Her blood ran cold as she froze. “Wha-what doth thou mean?”

“Adara, I—” Suddenly, his presence vanished.

Adara’s heart pounded. “Anxiety? Brother? Brother! Answer me!”

“Oh, please, my love,” a man’s smooth voice whispered. “Don’t fret. I’m not going to hurt you… or at least, nothing you can’t already handle, right?” He seductively murmured in her ear. Adara felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and pull her in. She gasped as teeth met her neck as hands caressed her. Adara’s heart sped up as pleasure surged throughout.

The Dark Angel had managed to slip into her head and create a realistic fantasy with their combined imagination. As she turned to face him, their lips locked on one another, and Adara was overwhelmed with the rush. Adara pulled away and locked eyes with him, his crimson glare burning with desire. She suddenly thought of Blaze, and without another thought, she shoved the Dark Angel away as she cursed.

He only smoldered at her as he watched her pace back and forth in the darkroom they had mentally created. “Feeling a little… conflicted? Please, milady,” he paused as he grabbed her arm to stop her. Their eyes locked again, and he half-smiled at her. “Don’t try to stop something you knew you wanted.” He winked at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes. She huffed as she yanked her arm out of his clutches.

Adara stormed away as he chortled. “It’s cute that you think you can get away that easily.” His dark scarlet eyes flashed with a snap of his fingers. The next thing Adara knew, they returned to the real world, and he was out of the chair he was latched in. He towered over her, his black-feathered wings spread as he smirked darkly at her.

“Your little interferences with The Enchanter and Enchantress, not to mention your business in Flarein…” he trailed off. “They’ve caught his attention. He is not foolish like your silly mother.” He grinned. “Maybe they should listen to Flare more often.”

“What’s his message exactly? Spit it out,” Adara snapped.

The Dark Angel lifted her chin with his finger as he leaned in close. “With every positive, there is a negative. To maintain balance, they circle each other in an endless cycle. Life and Death, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness…” he paused as he narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. Right when he furrowed his brow, Flare walked into the meeting room with Blaze and Anxiety close behind her.

Her twin brother had a thin and slender build, and every move seemed nervous. He rarely spoke, and when he did, it was often words of concern. Anxiety’s fretful gray eyes and messy, short gray hair were blurred as Adara watched Blaze dart for the Dark Angel, but Flare held him back. Adara’s eyes widened as she glimpsed back into the Dark Angel’s eyes.

“My name is Norok. I was assassinated in the Year of 993…” he glanced over his shoulder to catch Flare’s alert glower. “Soon after my death, ordered by Queen Savia, her daughter, Katina La Flarein, also passed on…” he turned to face Adara again. “She was in love with me,” he smirked darkly. “Because of your Curse of Lost Love… she faded away, believing we would be reunited in Death…” his face turned grave. “She was wrong, for my paid assassin had summoned Dark Angels to drag me to Hell.”

Adara swallowed back the lump in her throat. “I—I’m sorry—”

“No!” Norok spat. She flinched, but soon he reached out and turned her to face him again. He half-smiled at her as he tilted his head. “Don’t be. It was an honor.” He jerked her closer to his face as he looked her deeply in the eyes. “Demise’s message for you is a mere little Omen of your Curse. He said: "The beginning… is her past. Their end… is her future. His eternity… is her Curse.”

Adara’s jaw dropped as her eyes drifted away into the distance; she fell into deep thought. “Her past…”

“Your past is gone, merely faded memories of your past mistakes when enduring the Curse of Lost Love.” He paused to let his words sink in. One more time, he leaned in to whisper in her ear as he brushed his hand through her long hair. “Once more, tears will fall, but in due time, they will heal your wounds. You will gain strength and rise above your broken heart for the last time. You will lock it up, and you will see that the tides will shift in your favor. Good luck, milady.”

Within seconds, he backed away from her with a spark in his eyes, soon bursting into crimson flames of desire. “We shall meet again, Adara,” he chuckled as he suddenly disappeared. Adara fell to her knees as she stared at the ground where he had stood. Soot and a single black feather rested on the marble floor.

“My Curse,” she breathed exasperatedly. Her eyes shed a single tear as she watched Blaze make his way to her side. She bit her lip as she fought back the whirl of emotions that twisted her thoughts and gut. “The Curse of Lost Love.”




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