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Sole Survivor: Chapter 2

The Study

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read
Sole Survivor: Chapter 2
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Dr. Z'las opened a door that led into a wide-open library with hundreds of bookcases and plants all around. An artificial sun floated above a massive transparent dome ceiling beneath the spaceship's center glass arched roof. Space opened up wide over their heads as Lithia followed him into the room, jaw dropped in awe as she held her breath.

Dr. Z'as smiled as he noticed her caught up in the beauty of the study.

"I wondered if you'd like this room," he grinned. He dipped his head and lifted a hand in front of himself as he stepped aside. "Explore as you wish. I have placed a calling device there on the desk if you need me. We will be arriving shortly at my homeworld. If you wish to stay, that's all right; I shouldn't be too long. After we leave, we'll be heading for a world in a nearby galaxy. If you find something in here that you want to visit and see with your own eyes, just ask, and we can go there."

Lithia's mind raced as he nodded his goodbye and departed. She felt excitement rush back through her as she noticed a flower dancing out of the corner of her eye. She titled her head as she cautiously approached it. The plant had a long blue trunk with red vein-like marks all along with its figure. The purple leaves shook as they swayed toward her. Lithia jolted back as she braced for it to touch her. The white and pink petals opened abruptly and faced her as they gracefully started to dance toward her.

Rapidly, the roots erupted from the soil in the pot and stretched out onto the floor. Lithia's eyes widened in utter shock as she watched the plant move. The strange living flower pulled itself from out of the soil in the pot and circled Lithia. Soon, other flowers joined. Lithia smiled as she felt their smooth touch brush her hair and her arms as they spun around her. Lithia grinned as they twirled together and soon exploded strange particles into the air.

Without warning, the plants scurried away and replanted themselves into their pots. Lithia's brow furrowed in confusion as she turned around.

"They always make such a mess when they do that," groaned a boy's voice. Lithia glimpsed up to see a male being that appeared to be her age, thirteen. He was a humanoid, his skin a light blue; it almost seemed to glow. His eyes were scarlet with cat-like pupils. He grinned as he rolled his eyes. "My name is Kytholus, but you can call me Kyth. I help Dr. Z'las maintain this jungle," he chuckled.

"Nice to meet you," Lithia smiled as she held his crimson gaze. "My name is Lithia," she paused as she hesitated to explain more, ripping her eyes away from his as she grew unsteady. "I'm new here," she shyly muttered; she stared at the ground.

"I just need to sweep up some of this soil," he paused. "After that, maybe I could show you around some," his voice shook.

Lithia's eyes locked with his, and her heart skipped. Her skin burned as she blushed. With a bright smile, she nodded, "I'd like that."

Kytholus beamed as he commenced to clean the floor and dump the dirt back into the pots. Once he finished, he rested the broom against a nearby bookcase and glanced at her with a smirk. "Follow me."

Lithia's heart pounded against her chest as her curiosity soared. Kyth walked down to a spiral staircase. As they descended, vines reacted to their presence with disgust as they recoiled from them. Lithia laughed as she witnessed Kytholus taunting them. At the bottom of the stairs, the room revealed multiple levels of archives.

"Wow," Lithia breathed. The bookcases shimmered with a brilliant blue light as her fingers brushed over the surface. Suddenly, a book in her hand appeared. Her eyes widened as she realized it was an old novel she had read a year ago. The book cover was worn and smelled musty. Lithia smiled as she ran her hand over the pages, skimming the words as she reminisced.

"Unbelievable, isn't it?" Kyth asked with a grin. Lithia jumped at his sudden presence and laughed as she shook her head.

"How is all of this possible? How could he possibly have had a copy of--"

"It's possible because of your mind. These bookcases were built to read your memories, thoughts, and feelings to create what you're longing for or want. Whether it be an old favorite book, a scroll you need to find, maps, images, whatever you can think. These bookcases are all connected, but they hold whatever book or scroll resting on the shelf when the power is cut off from them. If you wish to read ancient scripts, you can grab them. Just whenever you touch the bookcase, it will search your mind."

Lithia stepped away from the bookcase while staring at it with a narrowed glare. "Does it ever store anything involuntarily from an individual's mind?"

Kytholus shrugged. "I have no idea."

"Are there are bookcases here that--"

"Only the ones down here are all connected. The ones above at the main level are what you would call "normal," I guess," Kyth frowned. "They take forever to search through compared to these, of course, but whatever you prefer."

Lithia nodded and lifted the book to put it in the bookcase. Suddenly, the bookcase glowed, and the old book was sucked back in a flash of light. Lithia jolted as she felt the novel swiftly disappear. Lithia turned around and dipped her head to Kyth.

"Thank you, I think I want to see more of what's up there," she darted up the stairs teeming with excitement. Kyth smiled as he soon followed her. Lithia walked past several rows of bookcases and cabinets filled with all kinds of different things.

As she strolled down the long line of books and artifacts, her eyes shimmered with joy. "This is amazing," she breathed as she glanced up to see hundreds of stars glistening far away beyond the glass ceiling.




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