Nathan Miller

I am Nathan Miller, on this site I shall write about many different subjects, from rock music to video games to films to my favorite show, Survivor, maybe even other stuff. Hope you read my stuff and enjoy it.

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'The Sims—The Movie' - Cancelled
12 days ago
Well, as you may know, The Walt Disney Company has acquired 21st century Fox and its assets, including 20th Century Fox, the studio that was meant to be making many upcoming films, including a film ad...
Why I Love Rock Star Biopics
3 months ago
Recently, the film industry has released several films based on the lives of famous rock stars, most notably the films Bohemian Rhapsody, The Dirt and the upcoming Rocketman. Now, some may be upset, e...
Survivor: Edge of Extinction Finale and Reunion Show
3 months ago
Wow! Such an epic finale! First off, that beginning challenge, awesome! Watching those 11 fight to get back in was so epic all the way to the finish with Chris, who waited 28 days to return finally ge...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 12
4 months ago
Wow! What a great episode of Survivor tonight! First off, good job taking out Ron—it was a great move. Also, Rick, nice work on attempting to convince them that you got the idol from the Edge of Extin...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 11
4 months ago
Wow! Fantastic Survivor tonight! So first off, nice job getting WarDog out, Ron. But, now Devens is pissed. So, Ron gives him an expired advantage. Well then, that earned favor but unfortunately, Rick...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 10
4 months ago
Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice to see them have a previously part again. That comes and goes this season for some reason. Also, great job to Ron and WarDog on blinds...