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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 13

Episode 13!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 9 min read
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Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice move blindsiding Kim. That was a brilliant move and Tony managed to pull it off. But now, Michele's scared. So, she chats with Jeremy who listens and understands her concern, even giving her back her 50/50 advantage, since he doesn't want his own game to be determined by it. So now, Michele & Jeremy are back on good terms, hopefully. Meanwhile. Denise is a little stressed, but she felt done with how she's been for a while. So, she wrote on a wood board a message for herself or "tattoos". Endure and Let Go. Endure the situation and let go of the stress, pretty much. Then, Cops R Us reminisces on old times. 6 years since they got together in Cagayan. Tony won once, Sarah won once. Now, this season should be the tiebreaker season as their plan is for them and Ben to get to the final 3 together. But, there's something else that could trouble them. Ben wants Jeremy gone, badly. And he won't budge. And that is bad, since if they take out Jeremy then Denise, Michele & Nick could team up and all they'd need is Ben to make it 4 and take out Sarah & Tony. And Ben can be sketchy at times.

As a result, Sarah Lacina came up with a brilliant idea. They take out Nick first. That way, they could take Jeremy at 6 and could have the numbers with Ben against Michele & Denise rather than risking a tie or even a flip from Ben after taking out Jeremy. And the best part of Sarah's plan? She convinced Ben that it was his idea. And strangely enough, it worked. She convinced him that Nick would be the best option in a way that made him feel like he's the one calling the shots. So he went to Tony and talked with him about the plan and he agreed, fully knowing how it was his and Sarah's idea in the first place.

At the immunity challenge, the castaways went through a small net area thing, while throwing a ball and making sure it went down a slide and making sure to catch it at the end before it falls. Once they succeed with their second ball, they work through digging under a pole, climb under it and build a slide puzzle. First to finish wins immunity. It gets close, Jeremy leads for a while and Tony doesn't have a great history with slide puzzles. But ultimately, the original vote plan fails as Nick wins immunity, guaranteeing himself to get a step further. This is where things went crazy.

The new plan is simple, at first. Everyone's going for Denise. But Ben doesn't want that, Denise is his friend and number. So, he puts some seeds in Jeremy's head to get the 50/50 back. Jeremy doesn't trust it. Then Ben tries to get Michele to question Jeremy's loyalty by telling her that Jeremy's gonna ask for the advantage. Jeremy & Michele don't trust Ben. So, they make a new plan with Tony & Nick, a plan to blindside Ben. Though, Ben is Tony's #3 so he's more of a number for Tony than Jeremy is. So now, Tony has a new plan. That plan is for him, Nick & Ben to vote Jeremy and for Denise & Sarah to vote Michele. So, if anything is played, the other person goes. But there's one issue. Nobody knows what Nick's thinking. He could just blindside Ben with Jeremy & Nick or he could vote with the alliance and take out Jeremy. It's really up to him. And that's scary for Tony & Sarah who need Ben. So, this is going to be an interesting vote.

At Tribal Council, the tribe spoke about multiple things. First it was Michele and failing at the challenge in front of everyone. Then, it became more of a talk about trusting and how their previous seasons affected their minds. From Ben not trusting his wife to Jeremy not trusting his fellow firemen. But then, we got to the vote. And Michele played her 50/50 advantage for........herself. Despite Jeremy's wide eyed expression that was a way for him to basically beg her for help. She played it for herself, it landed on safe. All votes against her didn't count. And sadly, he really needed it as Nick chose sides and Jeremy was voted out, sending himself to the Edge and giving Michele 2 tokens.

Back at camp, Michele grew angry, being on the outs, yelling at Nick who wanted to comfort her and cementing how she was clearly on the outs. The next day she even spoke to Sarah with this anger and told her how nobody could beat Tony at the end. Sarah then went back to everyone (including Tony) and told them of Michele's words, confirming that Michele truly was enemy #1. Though, Ben & Tony also wanted Nick out but it was clear, Michele definitely goes first. At the Edge, a new twist was on the loose just as everyone was having their one scoop of rice for the day. But now, everyone was searching for a stone throne. While some ran in the ocean, the real competition was between Wendell & Natalie. And while Wendell lead, he took a wrong turn giving Natalie the advantage to sell, a disadvantage for someone to use against someone else.

And they chose to try and shake things up, trying to sell it to Nick for 8 tokens. So, he needed help and to try and make amends, he asked Michele. She still has her resentment against Nick for what happened but at this point, she has nobody else so she needs Nick. So, this is a win for her. And with her 2 tokens, Nick had the 8 to spend on the disadvantage. The question is who to spend the tokens on.

At the immunity challenge, it was the classic stacking dominos without tripping and causing any to fall challenge. And the disadvantage was revealed to be against Ben, who had to stack 30% more dominos than everyone else. But despite that, he was still able to catch up and be one of the front runners to win the challenge along with Tony, Sarah and Michele. But, Sarah dropped hers, Ben still needed one more as did Tony. And ultimately, another vote changer happened. Michele won immunity making her safe from being voted out. So now, the vote shall get even more interesting.

And back at camp, the talking sure did get interesting. Denise offered herself up as next to go and bought the tribe a bag of rice as a way to dissuade Michele & Nick from the real plan. The real plan, at first was for Tony, Sarah, Ben & Denise to vote out Nick. But, Michele & Nick want to go for Ben. So, they brought it up to Tony who strongly considered it. Since Ben won his season due to the fire making challenge and nobody could beat him at that in the final 4. But Tony didn't know if he could get Sarah to do it. So, he put his spy nest to good use. He went up as Ben, Denise & Sarah spoke. And turns out, Denise wants to go to the end with Ben & Sarah, making a full offer as to why Tony should go at the final 4. So, Tony has a new plan. He wants Denise out, he doesn't want her to take his spot in that final 3 scenario. So, he told Michele & Nick he'd speak to Sarah but they should vote Denise just in case and surprisingly, they both agreed. But when he did talk to Sarah, he pitched voting Denise, knowing about how she wanted his spot and how great of a player she really is. She blindsided the queen, has won multiple immunities and is an amazing social player. So, she'd be a great target too.

At Tribal Council, the talk was mainly about how Michele saved herself, trust and about the vote. What could happen, Denise's rice purchase (which even the jury bought as a fakeout), who you want with you, stuff like that. But as it currently stands, who knows who it could be. It's still Survivor, could be Denise, Nick or maybe someone else in a complete surprise, you never truly know.

And ultimately, while it seemed like it could've been a Denise blindside, Tony & Sarah showed where their true loyalties lie, taking out the one person that tried to help Michele, Nick. So, Nick was voted out 4-2 and sent to the Edge of Extinction. Wow, great move! Amazing blindside.

The next day at the Edge of Extinction, everyone was emotional but ready to leave the Edge, spending all the tokens they had, especially Natalie who had 14 tokens! So now, the battle is prepared to be on. A few bought advantages in the challenge, as for Natalie, she bought 3 CHALLENGE ADVANTAGES as well as peanut butter and while she already has an idol for if she gets back in, she bought another one for Tyson, in case he gets back in. And now the war is finally on.

Overall, just wow. This has been one of the greatest seasons of Survivor. It truly felt like a battle of the best of the best with betrayals, big moves, hard decisions, many tokens spent and just amazing television. Oh my god, this season has just been so perfect to watch. While it has been sad to see so many winners get voted out, it has still been crazy, good fun. Just wow. So much has happened from Natalie's early boot to Sandra leaving the Edge to Tyson's return the first time, to Tony's comeback to his original gameplay. This whole season has been a mixed bag of insanity but nothing can compare to it. It's just been so good, the perfect season 40 for this great 20 year show. I cannot wait to see next week's finale when chaos further ensues, one person re-enters and we see who truly is the best of the best.

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