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The Road

On The Road Again

By Nathan MillerPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The Road
Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

Today, I conclude what has been this long journey. Here I am, back on the road. It was inevitable that my journey ends where it began. I walk along this path, cars pass me by, and a trail of blood haunts my memories. When I first began to walk, I encountered Margot. There she was, beautiful, enchanting, and some might even say, she shined brightly. So what did I do? I killed her.

As I first laid my eyes on her, I thought she was simply a vision. I hadn't touched a drop in the span of hours, maybe even days. Once I quit it all and walked on this road, my quench was a thing of the past. But as I met Margot, the rain drops found their way back to me. My tongue salivated with a desire to feel something. My heart pounded as Margot watched me and a line of white line guided me to her, as if to tell me that she was mine. But little did I think I would be leaving with whats left of her in my hands.

My heart had been broken by many before. Margot was not the only, or the first, but maybe a reminder of what had come before. I had my fair share of Margots find their way into my life. Each one was desirable as the next, with each of them having one thing in common.... a lust that fumed by brain but little to no true passion other than darkness. They brought me into the depths as their true colors revealed to be simply manipulations meant to fool me. As I crawled away to earn my power back, I cried as they pulled me and used me for their own selfish needs. With all of the times they were mine, it ended with not a touch to soothe, but a yank of torment.

I thought this journey was the end...or a beginning. Maybe this Margot was different. She glistened and called my name. None of the others even bothered to learn who I am. Perhaps I was wrong for what I had done to her. Maybe she didn't deserve it. But my skepticism drew me from reaching her. I saw her as a potential to be just like others. It was never about being a companion, only an object to manipulate me and ruin all that I could accomplish. But my mind had other ideas, a struggle, a passion, a want to earn my place.

My life has always been a challenge with the intensity of Margot unleashing it further. I was blind by hatred, but I felt the need to rise above her. I crawl like it once had to run away, but this time, I move forward. I found Margot standing, always waiting for me. Holding out her hand for me to take. Don't I remember all of the good that comes with her? I just wished for a lifetime of happiness, but with Margot, perhaps, it was never about permanence in love, but components of hiding the pain. But to destroy her, to crush her to pieces, it was the only way to end this madness.

As I continue on this road, I think of what had been done. I have climbed the tallest mountain, and am back on this path of glory. The cost, to some may be very little, but to me, I would pay full price. Without any hesitation, I had reached Margot. But instead of grabbing her hand as always, I crushed it. I took the idea of every Margot and this one and destroyed its very existence. Her blood covered me as I tore her to pieces. My quench was never about Margot, it was about my pain. Without using her to improve my life, I simply walk along this road. I end my journey as I say this. Margot will never touch my lips again. She is the reason for this path and my journey ends with her out of my life forever.

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Nathan Miller

My name is Nathan Miller and I am a fan of writing in all forms from screenwriting to writing short stories to nonfiction pieces about the things that I love. I hope you enjoy reading my pieces as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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