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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 12

Episode 12!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
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Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice move Tony! You killed it last time! Your work last week was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. Well done. But now, he's a bigger target. And his allies are pissed. Like, Sarah wants to kill him and Ben wants Jeremy gone so he's mad at Tony for not letting him do that. But hopefully, Tony can turn it around. He's back to old Tony, hopefully it doesn't bite him in the ass. Maybe his spy nest and his telling his allies about his idol plan could work. Especially the spy nest, I love the spy nest LOL. And Kim is targeting him and everyone seems to go for it. So, the current war is Kim vs. Tony and this war is on. Kim's gaining allies to go against King Tony but Tony has his own bag of tricks. It'll be interesting to see who wins this battle of two of Survivor's most dominant winners, Kim Spradlin vs Tony Vlachos.

At the Edge of Extinction, a new hardcore task is up. Everyone there has to bring 20 coconuts, one at a time from one side of the island to the other. And the first six to finish get two fire tokens. I'm already getting flashbacks to what happened with Ethan and the logs. And of course, similar occurrences to that happen. Everyone's running, getting tired. People are slipping, Adam's unfortunately just failing at it and six get those spots. Natalie, Sophie, Wendell, Yul, Tyson & Parvati. Meanwhile, Danni gets 7th so she and the others won't get any tokens. But Rob keeps going, he doesn't quit. While the others that lost gave up, he didn't. He went for all 20, despite breaking an elbow, he kept going. Showing his pride and inner strength, he did it.

Meanwhile at camp, everyone wanted Tony gone. He's on an immunity streak, he made one of the biggest moves this season and his reputation proceeds him. Even his own allies want him gone. And Nick wants to play harder, so he made a pact with Denise & Michele to the end, wanting to especially side with Kim as #4. So now, this season is getting super interesting. But there's an idol on the loose since Sophie lost hers. And Sarah's definitely on the move since she's terrified that she's next. So is Tony and everyone else. Nobody could find it until Ben suddenly gets it. Nice job, Ben. Though, he fails at hiding it and now Tony knows Ben has it. But Tony's still enemy #1 so Ben better hope Tony's on his side.

At the immunity challenge, it's a Survivor classic. Stand on a small pole thing, holding your arm up with a chain with a bucket of water over your head, not even allowed to use your other hand to help. Move your chained hand, bucket falls, you lose. Last man and last woman win immunity and 2 tokens. It goes pretty quickly. Ben, Sarah & Jeremy lose early on. Then, the PB & chocolate cookies with milk come out. Kim drops, Nick drops for one of Tony's tokens, Michele drops. Tony & Denise win immunity and 2 tokens! Yes! Now my favorite boy, Tony is once again safe and on a 3 challenge winning streak.

Before Tribal Council, the plan of the alliance of Michele, Nick, Denise, Ben & Kim want Jeremy now, Tony after. But not everyone wants that. Michele wants to help her buddy Jeremy out. Ben tells Tony about the plan to take him out. Nick lies to Tony's face saying that he wasn't the original target but Tony sees through the lie. Nick tells Kim about Ben's betrayal. Tony begs Ben & Jeremy to go after Kim. Jeremy begs Ben. Ben doesn't budge. Michele offers Jeremy her 50/50 token while still planning on voting him. That coin is 50% chance idol, 50% nothing. But it's probably Jeremy's last chance. For a 2 million dollar game, I'm sure he's gonna use it. So much crazy going on, Tony wants Kim out to keep the threats in and lose the lower-tier players. Everything is going insane. Is Jeremy gonna go? Is Kim gonna get blindsided? Who knows? This is insane! I love it!

At Tribal Council, insanity ensued, as usual. Jeff asked questions and then, Tony and Jeremy whispered. And then more whispering. And then full on conversations. I am in love with this. Tribal council whispers and talks are incredible to watch. Suddenly everyone going haywire, Kim getting nervous, Tony blowing the game up, offering an idol to Sarah, Jeremy and his coin. Oh, the beautiful insanity. And then Denise with her "I'm done. I wanna vote." Followed by Jeremy's, "You sure you wanna do that?" Damn. Incredible stuff. I love this season so much. And then, the vote. Followed by offers. Tony didn't know how to use his idol. Jeremy was gonna use his coin. Tony almost played the idol for Sarah until she told him not to. Jeremy was close to using his coin but he felt safe enough not to. And since nobody played anything, I expected a Jeremy boot. Everyone votes Jeremy and he goes to the Edge. But I was wrong. Votes came in. 3 Jeremy, 1 Kim. Reminded me of Troyzan's failed attempt to get Kim in One World. But then, BAM. 4 more votes and Kim's out. Looks like Nick & Ben flipped. Yes! I am so happy right now. Bye Kim.

Overall, holy crap. What an episode of Survivor tonight. I loved every second it. Just incredible, as the season gets further in, I am in love with everything that goes on. This is amazing. I am so happy with this season and I can't wait to see what happens next week on the 2 hour episode when Natalie goes for some help on the Edge, Ben becomes a target and this war gets even crazier.

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