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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 10

Episode 10!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
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First off, good choice voting out Adam. Good move. And immediately for this episode, starts off LOVED ONES VISIT. But wait, there's so much more than just your average loved ones' visit. That is because the castaways don't get just one loved one. But their entire families got flown in to see them by Fiji Airways. Tony, his wife and kids. Ben, his wife & kids. Sarah, her partner and son. Tyson, his wife and one of his kids. Sophie and her fiancee. Michele and her sister. Nick and his wife. Jeremy and his wife and kids. Kim and her husband and kids. And Denise and her husband and daughter. Wow, entire families have arrived. This is historic. And speaking of historic moments, there's also EVEN MORE.

First, NO challenge. Everyone gets their loved ones visit. Just a day to forget about the game and just be with your family. Enjoy good food and be happy and be with those you love. Then, the Edge of Extinction. Seems miserable as usual. But then, WHAT? Yes, even they get a loved ones' visit. From Wendell and his dad to Adam and his dad to Ethan and his wife to Parvati and her husband and child, even Rob & Amber got all of their daughters to see them. That's amazing! This episode so far is incredibly heartwarming and wonderful to see. Like, I'm in tears and I'm just watching the episode. Great job, Survivor. This looks to be the greatest reward that the show has ever had.

And now, the immunity challenge! The challenge where it's just pulling on a rope, stacking a block with a letter on it, going back, getting another block and keep doing all that until they spell Immunity and get back to the start all without having their blocks fall due to them being on a platform controlled by the rope. It was a close fight, or so it seemed but there was a clear winner in this. Tony, the guy who is known for his chaotic personality and wild nature lead and ultimately won a challenge all about taking things slower and being balanced. Nice job, Tony. His first individual immunity win in his Survivor career, Tony rules!

And now, the war rages on. First, Tony doesn't really listen too much to Jeremy about splitting up Sarah and Sophie. Then, Sarah talks him into voting Kim. But then, Jeremy talks with Kim about a plan. So, Tony talks with Nick & Ben about blindsiding Jeremy. Meanwhile, Kim, Jeremy & Tyson realize how they don't really have friends so they'll stick together with possibly Michele & Denise. Meanwhile, Tony, Nick & Ben are also with Sarah & Sophie. It's 5-5. So naturally, advantages are brought up by both alliances. Kim wants to use her idol, Jeremy is considering using his tribal council leave advantage if he absolutely has to, Sarah has her steal a vote that she would want to use. So many advantage, 5-5 split, alliance vs alliance. Question is, who will sink and who will swim? All I know for certain is that this will be a really interesting tribal council.

At Tribal Council, it was strange. Almost no questions. Just straight to whispering. Jeff didn't really know what to say. Everyone was just whispering to each other, making plans. Basically, Tony was the only one safe thanks to his immunity necklace. Things went crazy and then, there was a standoff. Right before the vote, Sarah & Jeremy both called for Jeff at the same time. And they just watched each other, waiting for the other person to go first to see if the advantages would just cancel each other out. It was a long wait but ultimately Jeremy used his tribal council leave advantage and then new plans were made. Jeremy basically ditched his group and now, the other group had to pick a new person to send to the Edge. And right before the vote this time, Sarah stole Denise's vote. So, it felt like Kim's alliance needed to play the idol on the right person now more than ever.

And so, the votes were cast. And when Kim went up to play her idol, she used it on Denise. Alright, makes sense. Until the votes actually got read. First couple votes, Denise votes that ultimately got negated. But then, Sophie's name came up. And after, that's when Tyson's name appeared on a vote. And another. And ultimately, Tyson was sent back to the Edge of Extinction. Wow. This was a crazy tribal council.

Overall, wow. This was a heartwarming turned crazy fun episode of Survivor tonight! I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to see what happens next week when Tony goes crazy and he tries to pull some big move off.

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