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Survivor: Winners At War Episode 9

Episode 9!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
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Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, great work blindsiding Wendell, that was a great move. Though, naturally, Nick & Michele were pissed. Nick is officially out for blood and while Michele wanted Wendell gone, she hated being left out. Though, Tony lets Nick & Michele know not to let it get to them, since anger will put people off. But, this could be good for Adam, who uses Michele's anger to maybe gain her trust. He lets her in on the possibility that inside Jeff's podium at Tribal Council could be an idol. He sees something similar enough on the podium to Denise's hidden immunity idol. So, it could be or not be.

At the Edge, a note was given about history repeating itself. So, the castaways there initially thought to head to the top of the hill. Smart. Thinking about past clues given to them, good move. Then, everyone split up. Which Natalie was very happy about, since she didn't want Yul or Wendell to get any chance for food simply because they're too recent of vote outs that they haven't suffered enough yet. But then Danni & Parvati re-thought the clue out. A mention about being winners and fans made them think. What if it's a clue based on something from Survivor: Edge of Extinction. So, they checked the hole near the stairs where Aubry found a clue back in that season. And interestingly enough, they found something. A 50/50 coin advantage. Flip it at any tribal council and if it lands on safe, you get immunity. Fail and all you get is showing off your advantage to everyone only to fail and still not be immune. And, out of the goodness of their hearts, they told everyone else about what they found. And since she has the most tokens, they decided to sell it to Michele.

At the reward challenge, the tribe was divided into two teams. And three members swam through a course, collecting fish pieces and carrying them back to the beach where the last two finished a puzzle. Unfortunately, Denise wasn't chosen for a team so she had to sit out for this challenge. And what was the reward? Chinese take out. I know, amazing. And it was a close challenge but ultimately the team of Sarah, Sophie, Kim, Ben & Michele won the reward. But, out of respect for Nick's birthday the previous day, Sarah gave him the reward. Not in a human level, but a personal level. But of course, based on her record, most people won't see it that way.

Back at camp, the winners enjoyed their reward while looking for a possible idol. And all over the camp, people were discussing Sarah's move. Most people agreed, it was a game move, even Nick thought it was. But, Sarah mentioned through her confessional, it was an emotional decision. Tony even spoke with Sarah about it, telling her how it could've possibly hurt her game. Meanwhile, after the reward, Michele checked her bag and found the 50/50 coin. She tried to use it to figure out if she should buy it for all her tokens but the option still went 50/50. Then she remembered how her fortune cookie told her that emptying a purse leads to greatness or something similar to that and to not be afraid to take risks or among those lines. Point is, she bought the coin and Parvati & Danni are gonna get some tokens.

At the immunity challenge, the tribe balanced on top of the water beam type things, moving their feet onto different intervals every now and again. It was difficult, each interval got smaller and more difficult to stand on. Eventually, most people ended up slipping and falling off, especially Jeremy who fell off in humorous fashion. But ultimately it was Ben vs Kim on that final stage of the challenge and Kim won herself individual immunity and one fire token.

Back at camp, names were being spread like wildfire. First it was Adam or Nick. Maybe Michele too. Tyson's name. Nick decides to take fate into his own hands by going for Sarah. She finds out, word starts to go around that Adam was the hardest pusher for the Sarah vote. And Sophie's name gets mentioned. And more names, and more names. Then Adam doesn't answer Ben's question. And everything goes crazy, people keep talking to each other. Not a single main plan is known. Anyone could be going at this point.

At Tribal Council, chaos continues. More people talking. Whispering everyone. Nick wants to be more known as a player, wants to work with others. Everyone whispers still. So much talking, so much planning. Tyson, Nick or Adam could be targets. Or anyone else except for Kim, who has immunity. Adam's worried that it's him when Nick gets comfortable. Adam & Ben have a verbal argument at Tribal Council. Things go insane. Adam questions if anyone is voting him. Eventually it gets to a point where Adam literally shuts everyone else up. Nobody responds to him and finally, people go to vote. And as I watch, I put my face in my hands, seeing Adam dig his own grave more and more. And then, the final nail in the coffin. Adam goes to grab the thing inside of the podium. He fails. Jeff questions him. Adam requests to play it if it's an idol. Jeff reveals that...No, it is not a hidden immunity idol. Adam's idea was incorrect and then, Jeff reads the votes and surprise, surprise, Adam gets sent to the Edge of Extinction. Wow, sorry Adam but, you did make quite a few mistakes and you getting voted out, well, it was inevitable.

Overall, wow. This was an exciting, surprising and epic episode of Survivor tonight. I can't wait to see what happens next week when more targets get thrown out. Kim wants to make a big move, Jeremy wants to break apart Sarah and Sophie, Jeremy himself could be blindsided and one big decision could change the game. Just, wow. Great episode tonight.

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